Former Hunter Biden Business Partner Exposes Damning Text Messages About “The Big Guy”

( Exclusive) – The media is a completely corrupt enterprise. While they ran wild with a completely fictional story from far-left The Atlantic that claimed President Trump called veterans “losers” and “suckers” and was only backed-up by 4 anonymous sources, they completely ignore the stories coming out of Hunter Biden’s laptop. The emails implicate Hunter and his father Joe Biden were involved in foreign business dealings to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and are being confirmed by actual former business partners of Hunter’s, yet, radio silence from the crooked media.

Every day brings about new revelations from the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell.” Most recently, former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski released a full statement to the New York Post Thursday morning in which he confirmed the involvement of Joe Biden in his son’s corrupt foreign business dealings. Bobulinski’s statement confirms that Joe Biden is, in fact, “the big guy” referred to in emails indicating the sharing of future earnings from a now-bankrupt Chinese energy company CEFC.

According to one email, “the big guy” was to get 10% of these profits. Bobulinski also identified the person identified by the initials “JB” who was also set to get 10% was his brother, James Biden.

Bobulinski reported that he had been contacted with a request from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs and the Senate Committee on Finance to hand over any related documents. Bobulinski said he planned “to produce those items to both Committees in the immediate future,” and he did, in fact, do this.

Fox News obtained a May 20, 2017 WhatsApp text message exchange between James Gilliar, another business associate of Hunter Biden’s, and Bobulinkski in which Gilliar wrote, “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face. I know u know that but they are paranoid.”

The text message was shared by reporter Mike Emanuel on Twitter:

As these messages seem to indicate, the parties involved were aware of and benefitted from the corrupt involvement of the Vice President of the United States in their shady foreign business affairs. It also shows they knew it was imperative that his involvement be kept quiet. They also prove that Hunter Biden was very much aware that the only reason anyone in the world wanted to do business with him was because of his father’s influential role in United States politics.

How many times has Joe Biden denied even knowing anything at all about his son’s business dealings abroad? He has said it countless times, on record. Yet, as these text messages and the surplus of evidence from the laptop indicate, not only did he know about Hunter’s business dealings, he was directly involved and profiting from them.

How much more evidence is needed before the DOJ brings in Joe and Hunter Biden? Where are the indictments.? Americans are growing tired of the constant barrage of information and evidence with no action. If everything from the laptop is authentic and former business partners are confirming the emails and the narrative that Joe Biden was involved, what else is needed to bring the Bidens to justice?

The evidence is mounting. It’s time to move.

Video: Tony Bobulinski: Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s business deals

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  1. I hope this whistleblower had good security and not provided by fbi DOJ or cia. But bikers or some retired special forces. Someone who isn’t a betrayer to our country and protecting these commie/ Dems

    If anyone read police k9 protecting Hillary and for officer to get fccking dogaway from her and this venue “. Remember the Clintons two pets in whitehouse that they got rid of when they left whitehouse. Excuse was they didn’t have room in their mansion for dog and cat. No the reason was they didn’t need them any longer for photo ops. Does Obamas still have their pet…

  2. More verifiable evidence implicating Obiden and his former boss Hussein ain’t gonna sit well with the democrat party and their lowinfo ,bottom feeding progressive liberal trash voters folks .
    They’ll continue to deny the truth as they did with Hillary, and they’ll lose again , as they did with Hillary.

    And they claim their hero Hussein Obama was scandal free …..

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