Former CIA Chief John Brennan Makes Sick Call For Communist-Style Public Humiliation For Trump Supporters To “Eradicate Any Remaining Malignancy”

( Exclusive) – It’s absolutely extraordinary how often the radical left tries to downplay their tyrannically totalitarian tendencies while walking around and saying chillingly despotic crap like this.

Former CIA Director John Brennan hasn’t exactly quietly bowed out of the limelight since leaving office.

The man who played a major role in the subversive plot to overthrow the Trump presidency has spent the last four years frothing Russia hoax conspiracy theories and saying crazier and crazier things in clearly increasingly feverish anti-Trump rage.

Now that it appears Trump is, in fact, leaving office, Brennan is simply beside himself.

In fact, he’s so excited, he’s released his inner Marxist dictator and didn’t even know it.

On Twitter, Brennan called for public repentance and humiliation for Trump supporters if they are to expect “redemption.”

I don’t know who exactly was looking for redemption from John Brennan, but I assure the One from whom redemption comes is nowhere near the actions of this chief architect of the Deep State coup.

Brennan should be very concerned about what Trump has on him—and what he might do before leaving office.

No wonder he’s unleashing his inner Mao.

He’s freaking out.

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Copyright 2020.

Prayer for President Trump


  1. Go ahead. Send out your Red Brigades. This ain’t 1949 china, mother fucker. We will eradicate YOU. Trump supporters have nothing to be ashamed of, either in voting for or supporting the first decent president many of have seen in our lifetimes. YOU and your ilk, however, have denigrated and falsely accused a sitting president, refused to police your own or actively encouraged their violence, and sat back hoping for a return to a status quo that NEVER should have been. A day of reckoning may indeed be coming, but it won’t be ours…

  2. One fact is for sure if Trump had anything on anyone who did not agree with him he would have had them charged by DOJ, Barr the man who was Trump’s lap dog until he was put in a spot where if he lied he could have seen serious jail time, then suddenly Barr was a traitor or turn coat. Trump in his position had a perfect right to fire anyone he chose who was in an administration po0sition not protected under the General Services Commission employee program then he has to have proven cause to dismiss anyone and in only 3 cases was that the case.
    The fact is I do in many ways feel sorry for Trump what he is facing once he is no longer under the can not prosecute a setting President, and when trump leaves office ther are no less than 17 unopened Federal Indictments where Trump is person number 1, all generated from the Mueller investigation where the knew they could not prosecute Trump while in office, so they sealed the indictments, for when he left office, and that day is near at hand. The hard evidence will be there to support all of those indictments also.

  3. The Rep. party are a bunch of wimps. No one did what they said they would. For what Nancy (witch)did ripening the president speech, there should have been charges against her. And the Rep. should have requested for her to step down. Brennan and lots of others should have been charged and put in jail, but no, the Rep. party should by and let this happen and now all Americans are going to pay. Now the Rep. are turning against Trump after he help get them elected, WHY because there afraid of the WITCH (Nancy). The Rep. party needs to get some balls and wake up. STOP REP. TRYING TO SAVE YOUR OWN ASSES WHILE THE REST OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DIE. I FOR ONE WILL NOT VOTE REP. AGAIN BECAUSE THERE THE PARTY OF LOSERS.

    • The Durham report will include many sins by Brennan. The question is whether or not Biden’s A.G. will allow it to go forward with numerous indictments, probably including Crooked, her husband, the Foundation, Clapper, Strzk, Comey, and the other FBI cronies. If it’s allowed, justice. If not, we live in a one party state with huge censorship. If so, will the last conservative to leave please bring along their constitution so others in whatever country we must go to might read it for possible exercise. Hardly anyone reads it here–even Justice Roberts.

  4. I had originally intended this to be fiction in 2012 but the way events are unfolding it comes a lot closer to prophecy!

    2020 with increasing use of robotics for manual labor, the need for it preformed by humans is all but becoming non existent. With robotics now moving into more complicated tasks, even administration the human work force is becoming redundant and obsolete.
    To the giobal elite the masses of poor unemployed humans are becoming a burden, with no work available they no longer are valued as paying consumers. Viewed as unnecessary, the lower classes are plagued by a growing number of previously unknown diseases and encouraged wars in an attempt to limit if not decimate their numbers. For decades there has been a plan in place to gradually reduce the population so as not to alarm the intended victims into fighting back but a few of the hidden global elites are growing tired of waiting and are hatching a plan to eliminate the problem once and for all while they sit in their bunkers and await the dawn of their enlightened humanity. A new society, built on the bodies of billions and all they have to do is carry out their END GAME.
    Covid19 anyone?
    12/27/20 Now it all comes into focus, just reported a side effect (benefit) of the vaccine is male infertility! Now they have terrified the world with a cultured virus, spread fear in every conceivable way just to get you to demand the vaccine and end a big chunk of the human race! We also know why Bill Gates won’t have his own family vaccinated!

  5. Why doesn’t TRUMP appoint someone to investigate the Biden crime family .If he did the Bidens would be found to be the scum they really are . Trump needs to act now before his time is up .

  6. America watch the History Channel, America’s Book of Secrets, Season 3, Episode 7. The Billionaire Agenda. Watch on demand. The Billionaires have been setting up the American people for years. They regard themselves as “Gods”. 1. Buy and control the Media and the Politicians.
    (Censorship and putting inept politicians into major cities)
    2. Control the world population. ( Co-vid 19)
    3. Control the Presidency ( Biden)

  7. CIA…..that’s all one needs to know about Brennan. He’s running scared. When and if Trump invokes the INSURRECTION act, he will defund the CIA and former CIA official Brennan will be facing a military tribunal….and summarily hanged.

    • Yep, big tech has canceled Parler. Go join “Gab”. They are a Freedom of Speech platform with their own server. Big tech can’t touch them. People are dumping FB and Twitter by the 1,000s and jamming them up with requests to join.

  8. Brennan is only the tip of the iceberg of corruption and crime. It goes deep. It is interesting to know that in the end these corrupt people throughout history end up destroying or hanging themselves in the trap they set for others and meet a bad end.

  9. The islamcist Brennan and Obama’s peeps are like Andrew Morgan Robert’s cases of her pes, syph illus and aids….they just don’t go away…

  10. The Swamp is freely swimming out in the open now as they taunt & try to destroy private citizens they know nothing about. The issue is none of these Tyrannical Turds has ever had to bring receipts for their babbling comments. Racist, Hitler, Fascist, Tyrant, etc, etc has no meaning because they are such empty words since they just label everyone this disagree with as,such. Not one Leftie has ever told me how they came to conclusion that “Trump is literally Hitler”. As they openingly embrace Tyrants & Cheats.

  11. If we had a DOJ worth the time to write this Brennan would have been in prison for treason long ago and the country would have been safer now. We commit Brennan into God’s hands.

    • You are absolutely correct, Miller. And it wouldn’t only be him – it would be the entire Obama/Biden administration!

  12. What else CAN be said. This scumbag belongs behind the same bars he’d have put Trump and others in. Only Brennan’s would need padded walls. On second thought w/o padded walls so he could beat himself to death. Save us taxpayers, aka “We The People” money dig?


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