FNC’s Pirro: James Comey Has Now Surpassed J. Edgar Hoover As The Most Corrupt FBI Director In History

(Breitbart) – Fox News Channel host Jeanine Pirro issued a scathing criticism of the so-called “deep state” Saturday, during the “Opening Statement” segment of her program, “Justice.”

In that monologue, she also took aim at former FBI Director James Comey, who she declared the most corrupt FBI director in history, surpassing the infamous J. Edgar Hoover.

“[T]hey were willing to lie and cheat in a way that America has never witnessed before,” Pirro said. “It was an all-out effort by what was once the most-esteemed law enforcement agency in our country to take down the man 63 million Americans put in the Oval Office. Why? Because they think they know better than we do. Because in their sanctimonious, condescending world, we know nothing. Their arrogance is only surpassed by their ignorance.”

“They thought they could get away with it,” she continued. “They have not, and they will not. History will not look kindly on ‘Cardinal’ James Comey, who has now surpassed J. Edgar Hoover as the most corrupt director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations in history. And might I add — no one deserves this more.”

Flashback: Whitewashed IG Report Still Exposes James Comey As A Dirty Cop

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz released an 83-page whitewash and former FBI Director James Comey is still exposed as a dirty cop.

Only adding to his disgrace is that almost immediately after the release of the report, this dirty cop took to the pages of the far-left Washington Post to falsely and arrogantly claim vindication.

What a monster. What a sick, twisted, narcissistic swamp monster this man is. The fact such a creature was allowed to lead the FBI is just another reminder that the entire System is corrupt and must, for the sake of democracy, be figuratively burned to the ground.

All Comey could bring himself to acknowledge about his many, many, many venal sins, which I will get to in a bit, is “human beings make mistakes.”

Hey, fuck you, pal.

Yeah, sure, human beings make mistakes, but decent and honorable human beings, people whose job it is to be objective, whose bottom line responsibility it is to safeguard the civil rights of his fellow citizens, don’t make every one of his “mistakes” in the same direction, which in this case was to spy on a rival campaign and then overturn a national election you were unhappy with.

Oops, I did something wrong that damages Donald Trump!

Oops, I did something wrong that damages Donald Trump again!

Oops, did that hurt Trump again?!? My bad. My bad.

Seriously, fuck you. You can hide behind your corrupt media friends all day long, but the rest of us see the truth.

Come on, you nine-foot-tall peacock, point out just one mistake you made in Trump’s favor.

I’ll wait.

Yeah, didn’t think so.

Even though this report is the product of a Barack Obama appointee who is obviously covering up for the Deep State, even though the only report that will matter is the one coming from John Durham, who has already said he disagrees with this whitewash — still, never in my life have I seen such despicable behavior exposed in the FBI.

James Comey makes J. Edgar Hoover look like a choir boy, because for all of his many, many sins, Hoover never tried to rig a presidential election or overturn one, and Comey’s attempt to do both is not only an act of treason against our Constitution, it is an act of treason against the American people.

This pompous, preening, piece of garbage betrayed the fundamental rights of tens of millions of Americans who are guaranteed the right to choose their own government, their own leaders.

This insufferable, serial lying, dirty cop betrayed his oath to the Constitution and our social compact to plant evidence against we the people’s choice for a presidential nominee with a fraudulent warrant application, to undermine the agenda this country voted for with illegal leaks, to stick an iron bar in the spokes of our democracy by withholding the information that our president was not under investigation while working overtime to make us believe he was.

Even this whitewashed IG report describes Comey’s behavior as “dangerous.” In relation to his leaking of classified FBI documents to the far-left New York Times with the expressed purpose of forcing the Attorney General to sic a special prosecutor on Trump that would, at best, slow down his agenda, and at worst, overturn his election, the IG said this:

Former Director Comey failed to live up to this responsibility. By not safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his FBI employment, and by using it to create public pressure for official action, Comey set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current FBI employees—and the many thousands more former FBI employees—who similarly have access to or knowledge of non-public information.

The IG also pointed out that Comey’s self-serving, pious and poisonous definition of patriotism undermined, not only the idea of the rule of law, but the very oath he swore to uphold:

Comey said he was compelled to take these actions “if I love this country…and I love the Department of Justice, and I love the FBI.” However, were current or former FBI employees to follow the former Director’s example and disclose sensitive information in service of their own strongly held personal convictions, the FBI would be unable to dispatch its law enforcement duties properly, as Comey himself noted in his March 20, 2017 congressional testimony. Comey expressed a similar concern to President Trump, according to Memo 4, in discussing leaks of FBI information, telling Trump that the FBI’s ability to conduct its work is compromised “if people run around telling the press what we do.”

There’s more:

In a country built on the rule of law, it is of utmost importance that all FBI employees adhere to Department and FBI policies, particularly when confronted by what appear to be extraordinary circumstances or compelling personal convictions. Comey had several other lawful options available to him to advocate for the appointment of a Special Counsel, which he told us was his goal in making the disclosure. What was not permitted was the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive investigative information, obtained during the course of FBI employment, in order to achieve a personally desired outcome.

There’s still more:

We conclude that the Memos were official FBI records, rather than Comey’s personal documents. Accordingly, after his removal as FBI Director, Comey violated applicable policies and his Employment Agreement by failing to either surrender his copies of Memos 2, 4, 6, and 7 to the FBI or seek authorization to retain them; by releasing official FBI information and records to third parties without authorization; and by failing to immediately alert the FBI about his disclosures to his personal attorneys once he became aware in June 2017 that Memo 2 contained six words (four of which were names of foreign countries mentioned by the President) that the FBI had determined were classified at the “CONFIDENTIAL” level.

Comey lied to the FISA court, lied to the American people, lied to a willing media, spread what he knew was the massive Russia Hoax, let Hillary Clinton off the hook for legitimate crimes because he wanted her to be president, leaked classified information, violated his employment agreement, lied to the president, and did so all in a demonic effort to rig a presidential election.



  1. Let’s add to me and so many people being tourtured because we are on his watchlist. If I survive the rest of the year alive it will be a miracle. But to my understanding I should be severely brain damaged. Im targeted 24/7 they have torn our house up. They have put chemicals and equipment all thru my home. Cameras and all types or surveillance in my home my car. So much more. Research the thousands of people right here in the United States being donee just like the ones in Cuba. Why? I turned a drug dealer in so now im being framed and lied about to the world as a child abuser with a tape of the privacy of my home that’s illegal. Now I have to be tourted . They hired a computer hacker for a year to fix the video. Dss,the law ,and family in on it ,that being my family threatened to help or it will be them and there kids all because of a dirty corrupt FBI,Sled and law enforcement. Im a mother of 6 children and 11 grand’s and I have to give it up because of evil.

  2. continuous wanton corruption, is not done by mistake, accident, or in ignorance and is unforgivable.

    their illegal political interference in the pre/post election, was/is far more damaging than any russian or chinese interference done.

    it, was/is an unforgivable treasonous conspiracy.

  3. Jim comey is bad bad bad but next to J Edger Hoover he is a Saint. The only difference between the two is that Comey tried to unseat a sitting President by Political Means using the FBI to use false information to try to unseat a sitting President and ultimatly Failed J Egar Hoover was involved in a sucsessfull plot to assasinate a sitting president with the help of Lyndon Baines Johnson and George Herbert Walker Bush. And they all got away with it right to this very Day. The only sucsessfull Coup De Taht in American History.


  5. Like give our gold to the enemies in the airplane full of gold Mr Obama that money is for the Americans not for our enemies He should be in prision, and Hillary who the Rusian give to the Fundation 120.000.000 why and they should investigate what charity benefits mavis her.

  6. Most corrupt and apparently the one with the worst memory …. oooops, make that second worst next to Hillary Clinton. She answered under oath during the congressional investigation into Benghazi … Repeatedly and repeatedly all day long, “I don’t remember, I don’t recall.” And when Comey was under oath in Congress testifying about the FAKE DOSSIER collusion, he answered those same two lines over 250 times. Both of them apparently have an elevator that STOPS SHORT! It’s really more about LYING through their teeth!

  7. Pirro, I love this write. I thought I was the only one to feel this angry toward the top LEA, the FBI. As a kid in the 60’s I grew up admiring these guys through tv. The FBI were gods in the law enforcement world. I have had the honor to work with some very good, patriotic folks of the FBI in the field, and I am certain they are as upset as other Americans. I retired after a 40+ year law enforcement career. I voted for President Trump, and will again. I have followed the news and other reports since retirement and have seen so much that can only be explained as corruption on the dem side, it is so disheartening. Your heated write up was such a powerful help to release many of my pent up feeling toward politics, god bless you.

  8. If you watched this interview you know this ash whole is so incompetent he just qualifies to be a lying demoncrat. Just watching his interview was so disgusting you wanted to puke on him. He did himself no favor.

  9. As corrupt as Comey so obviously is ; it is still possible to reverse his effort to let Hillary Clinton “off the hook.” A new and far more ADEQUATE investigation of Hillary will be entirely legal, as Comey’s announcement of not indicting and prosecuting her IS NOT EQUIVALENT to a decision by trial, to either acquit Hillary or to render a verdict of “ not guilty.” She possibly has a few hundred other crimes which she committed, through use of proxy people, such as perhaps by “hit men !”

  10. This course of action by the Democrats is well explained in the following two resources. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government (our Country), I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory. If you agree Glenn’s information is correct, you can do your part like I am by spreading it around. Do as others have done, copy this entire comment and paste it in your social media networks. Yes, I keep posting this in hopes to reach new readers. We need to do something, not just talk about it. This is a well organized strategy by the Deep State and there is proof if you are willing to research it.


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