FNC’s Napolitano: Whistleblower Lawyer’s Call For Coup Not A Big Deal — ‘Attorneys Have Biases’

(Breitbart) – On Thursday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends First,” network legal analyst Andrew Napolitano commented the attorney representing the whistleblower Mark Zaid’s tweets that called for a “coup” against President Donald Trump.

Napolitano said, “Well, it is decidedly un-lawyer like comments. I’m sure he is going to end up eat his words and wish he hadn’t said. I don’t think it is a big deal in the ultimate impeachment. Obviously, attorneys have biases like everybody else was the attorney doesn’t come in neutral, he comes in defending or advancing the cause of his client. But it is somewhat of an embarrassment for him, particularly harsh language and use of the word coup. Coup implies an illegal overthrow. The impeachment process is not only lawful it’s constitutional.”

He added, “The lawyer himself whatever his political biases is one of the leading experts in national security law, representing people who work in the intelligence community when they have a beef with their bosses.”

Flashback: 5 Times Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano Said Trump Committed A Crime — And Was Wrong

Judge Andrew Napolitano told Shepard Smith on Fox News on Tuesday that President Donald Trump had committed a crime in his conversation with the president of Ukraine about alleged corruption by Joe Biden’s son.

“It is a crime for the president to solicit aid for his campaign from a foreign government,” Napolitano said.

“That to which the president has admitted is, in and of itself, a crime,” Smith responded. “Yes,” the judge replied.

It sounded rather damning — except that Smith and Napolitano do not seem to have considered that there might be independent justification for re-opening an inquiry that Biden had ordered closed (with the threat of losing U.S. aid).

Moreover, Napolitano has said many times before that Trump has committed crimes — and he has been wrong:

1. December 2018: Napolitano claimed that Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, had implicated him in a “felony.” (The Southern District of New York investigated and declined to initiate any further prosecutions.)

2. January 2019: Napolitano told Shepard Smith that Mueller would be able to show “collusion” and “conspiracy” because “the campaign had a connection to Russian intelligence.” The Mueller report found no collusion.

3. February 2019: Napolitano claimed that a phone call by the president to Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker was “obstruction of justice.” Mueller’s report, released a month later, did not allege any obstruction.

4. April 2019: Napolitano went on an extended rant claiming that Trump had obstructed justice many times — claiming, falsely, that Trump had ordered his aides “to break federal law.” Napolitano called President Trump’s conduct “immoral … criminal … defenseless … [and] condemnable.” In fact, Trump complied fully with Mueller.

5. May 2019: Napolitano claimed that Mueller’s press conference meant that he believed Trump committed crimes and would have charged him if he were allowed to. Mueller clarified in July that that was not, in fact, the reason.

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