Florida Latin Restaurant Owner Slams Kamala Harris For Showing Up Unannounced After Visit Sparks Major Backlash From Latino Community (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Kamala Harris made a surprise visit to Miami last Thursday as Joe Biden hid in his basement bunker.

Harris met with Venezuelans at a local restaurant in Doral, a city just outside of Miami with a large Venezuelan population.

It turns out Kamala Harris was never invited to the Latin restaurant and the owner is furious after her unannounced visit sparked major backlash from the Latino community.

Andres Garcia, president of the board of directors of Amaize Latin Flavors restaurant slammed Kamala Harris after the Latino community called for a boycott of the restaurant.

Garcia said his organization does not use the restaurant for political reasons and he respects every individual in the organization.

“I will never take a political position,” Garcia explained.


Latinos for Trump came out and lined the streets of Miami last Thursday to make it clear they reject Kamala Harris.

“No Communista. No Socialista” one sign said.

The conservative Cubans and Venezuelans in Miami were not impressed with Kamala Harris’s pandering.

Joe Biden is currently in Florida pandering to the Latino community as he loses support among Hispanic voters.



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