Florida College Students Test Positive For Coronavirus After Spring Break Trip

(Breitbart) – Five college students from the University of Tampa tested positive for the coronavirus after coming back from a spring break trip, the school announced.

WFLA reported that the students were traveling together with other University of Tampa students before testing positive. The school did not state where the students went during their break or whether they lived in the dorms or off-campus.

The students are currently recovering from the disease and are in self-isolation, WFTS reported.

The university sent its well-wishes to those students recovering from the coronavirus in a Saturday tweet.

“We sincerely wish our students, and any others who may be affected, a full and rapid recovery,” the university posted on Twitter Saturday night.

The university moved all classes online on March 17 and had canceled in-person commencement, according to the university website.

The news comes as many college spring breakers had partied on Florida’s beaches despite social distancing orders from officials to limit groups to ten.

Miami Beach shut down its beaches in response to the growing coronavirus pandemic after spring breakers defied officials’ social distancing orders to party on the beach.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis put the final nail in the coffin for many spring breakers’ plans when he said Thursday that “the party’s over in Florida” because many of the state’s beaches and bars are closed.



  1. WHY: Did Florida have Spring Break during a National Emergency?!

    WHY: Did parents Allow their kids to travel and participate in that Hot Mess called Spring Break?!

    WHY: Don’t these kids have even half a brain, a lick of Common Sense or Any Forethought whatsoever?!

    • I hate to tell about reality – the colleges and high schools are not having class on campus (so that amounts to Spring Break). Many college kids don’t live at home – remember?

      As for common sense, on that point you are right. That is the reason why I have said for a long time that Nancy Pelosi’s idea to lower the voting age to 16 is not only idiotic, it might be the reason to remove her on grounds of criminal insanity (caused by too much Botox?). Not only should we restore the voting age to 21; maybe we should even consider at least 25. Only the Founders and a small number today had/have a real sense that the act of voting is very important as it is something that can affect the entire country. Today’s it is too trivial; too many people vote for their own gender or race or other trivial factors (We want our guys to win!).

  2. Im sorry they are now sick, Buy they chose to ignore the warning, and it seems they cared even less about others than themselves, even if they did not contract the Virus they may have helped spread it to others ( I guess they could be considered self centered BRATS)


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