Flashback: The Federal Judge Overseeing Epstein’s Sealed Records Found Dead In March

(TeaParty.org) – As we sort through the many details that have arisen surrounding the death of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who is said to have taken his own life Saturday morning at the Metropolitan Correctional Facility in Manhattan, it is important to take a look at the many details of his depraved life.

Most particularly, his final days, during which a very old case against the convicted and newly alleged child sex trafficker had been reopened.

Very worthy of note is the fact that Robert Sweet, a federal judge who presided over a key lawsuit relating to Epstein, was found dead in March.

Sweet, who was appointed by President Jimmy Carter in 1978, died at his home in Ketchum, Idaho while on vacation, according to the New York Times.

According to Politico, he had been presiding over the lawsuit that followed the notorious sweetheart deal Epstein struck with prosecutors in Miami in 2008.

Former US Secretary of Labor for Donald Trump, Alexander Acosta, negotiated the deal for Epstein when he was serving as the US attorney for the Southern District of Florida. Acosta resigned earlier this year after the role he played in this deal came under fresh scrutiny.

Epstein was required to pay restitution to dozens of victims, but was given an unusually high amount of concessions for his unusually short sentence in jail, from which he was released daily for work release.

The deal quietly ended a federal sex abuse invesigation which involved at least 40 underage girls and could have, rather, should have, landed him behind bars for life. Instead, he pled guilty to state charges, registered as a sex offender, and spent 13 months in jail–at least, half the time as he was allowed to spend the day in his Palm Beach apartment and only report back to jail each night.

At the time, Politico reported that Judge Sweet was overseeing a suit brought forward by one of Epstein’s alleged victims against one of his longtime friends:

Sweet was assigned to a lawsuit that emerged from the aftermath of Epstein’s controversial plea deal a decade ago, in which he escaped federal charges by pleading guilty to two prostitution-related offenses in state court. Epstein ended up spending 13 months in jail, with daily furloughs that allowed him to work in his office.

Critics have denounced the plea deal and the government official who negotiated it: Alexander Acosta, then the top federal prosecutor in south Florida and now U.S. secretary of Labor. The sentence, critics say, was excessively lenient for a man who faced allegations of procuring dozens of teenage girls for sex acts.

Sweet was an elderly man, well in his 90s, but according to the New York Times, he was also an avid figure skater.

Sounds like someone who would have been very easy to quietly dispose of, no?


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