Flashback: Michelle Obama’s Christmas Decorations Honored Mass Killers And Drag Queens

December 3, 2018 11:13 am  

(TeaParty.org) – Because she has the last name “Trump,” First Lady Melania’s beautiful, classy Christmas decorations are being scrutinized and bashed for no good reason whatsoever than liberals can’t even take a break from hating the President long enough to enjoy some sparkling lights and pretty trees.

For some reason, social media haters zeroed in on the red topiaries included in Melania’s decorations.

“These 40 meme-ready trees were compared to car-wash brushes, juxtaposed with iconic blood waves in Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’ and photoshopped to don white bonnets — a clear reference to the long-suffering women in Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’” the U.K. Guardian wrote of the social media reaction.

“While much of the lampooning was surely prompted by disdain toward her husband’s policies, several psychology experts told the Guardian that Trump’s holiday aesthetic may just be inherently jarring for the human psyche.”

Ugh, seriously?

Yes, seriously. They brought out a real-life psychologist to illustrate, too.

The trees “have the association of not just being different, but blood or rage, shock,” says Dr. Toby Israel, a “pioneer of design psychology” (whatever that is.)

“So, for example, we have a green Christmas tree, that’s about nature – and the best that nature has to offer,” he continued. Meanwhile, the red trees, “I’m not going to recognize that is a tree, (as) something that connects us to the universe.”

Well, one would expect such over-analysis from an analyst, I suppose…

What these folks fail to notice is that, despite the inexplicably controversial red trees Melania incorporated into the holiday decor, the theme of the decorations is completely universal.

The theme is “American Traditions” and pays homage to some of our most well-known cityscapes, monuments, and national commodities.

They also seem to have completely forgotten that when their beloved Obamas were in the White House, their decorations literally honored a mass-murderer, who also just so happened to love the color red.

That’s right. We’re talking about Mao Zedong, whose brutal dictatorship in communist China led to the death of 45 million people.

The Obama’s brushed off the ornament featuring the dictator’s face as the fault of the community organizations that decorated the tree, but they certainly didn’t see it worthy of removal.

So tell me, what’s more, symbolic of death and violence, a Christmas ornament honoring one of the world’s worst mass murderers of all time…or red topiaries? You tell me.

While significantly less shocking, the decorations also featured an homage to drag queen Hedda Lettuce. For some reason.

Once again, Melania reminds us how much class, taste, and self-awareness the Obamas and their acolytes lack.

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