First Transgender Couple To Allow Their 5-Year-Old Child To Begin Transition

Claim they didn’t encourage the transition.

(Infowars) – Britain’s first transgender couple have stoked controversy by revealing that they will allow their 5-year-old child to also begin gender transition.

Jody, 21, and Greg Rogers, 27, from Glasgow in Scotland went public with the announcement that their son Jayden has begun transitioning into a girl.

The couple claimed that they were subjected to abuse since making the announcement and that they had also been reported to social services.

The couple denied claims they had encouraged the transition, with Greg Rogers telling the Daily Record, “We’ve had people saying we’re using Jayden for attention and that she just wants to be a girl because I changed sex…It’s ridiculous. Jayden knows nothing about my past. She just knows me as dad.”

According to the couple, Jayden is adamant he is a girl and loves dressing up as Princess Anna from the Disney film Frozen.

“They say it’s cruel we let her wear a dress but is it not more cruel to do nothing when you’ve got a kid who’s so adamant she’s a girl she’s ripping her hair off and banging her head off the walls?” said Rogers.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that five people working at Britain’s only NHS transgender clinic had quit after children as young as three were being through unnecessary gender reassignment treatment.

“Referrals to the clinic risen in recent years, with 94 in 2010, rising to 2,519 by last year, with the youngest patient aged just three,” reported the Daily Mail.

You can’t stop progress!


  1. If the “dad” is transgender – who had the kid? 2 women can’t – even if “dad” is now thinking he is a guy. Where did this kid come from? Pretty strange….

  2. This is the only way to make more faggots. They have no other way to reproduce, so they teach their sick shit to a little kid who doesn’t know any better and turn him into a faggot too

  3. Very sick situation. The child is 5. If the parents have changed their own situation, it’s their adult choice. What a f world thus has become

  4. This is the reason that they shouldn’t have children as they force their personal sickisms onto others that may or may not want to be transgender but we will never know!


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