Finally! Top Dr. Ramin Oskoui On Crazy Dr. Fauci: “I’m Hearing Someone Who Frankly Is Very Manipulative And Dishonest” (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Laura Ingraham had on two medical experts tonight to discuss NIAID Chief Dr. Anthony Fauci’s testimony today in front of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus.

During his testimony Dr. Fauci AGAIN downplayed another successful hydroxychloroquine coronavirus study.

As we reported earlier today — There have been over 70 global studies examining the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine in treating the coronavirus.

** 51 of the global studies showed positive results.

** 16 of the global studies showed negative results — but 10 of those studies were late stage cases of coronavirus.

But Dr. Fauci still talks down these studies.

It is incredible to witness the top US “expert” pretend these studies never occurred!

Dr. Ramin Oskoui BLASTED Fauci tonight for his dishonesty!

Laura Ingraham: Dr. Oskoui, it turns out Dr. Fauci doesn’t believe these randomized controlled studies are always necessary but for some reason they’re necessary in the middle of a pandemic where we have hundreds of thousands of people dying in a situation where people want answers and realistic hope… But what did you make of that testimony today specifically on that.

Dr. Ramin Oskoui: Well, unfortunately what Steve (Dr. Smith) has eloquently pointed out, lying by omission is still lying. It’s very important to understand that that study did correct for steroid use. But it also pointed out what we seem to see in COVID which is a steroid paradox… What I’m hearing is someone who frankly is very manipulative and dishonest.

Via The Ingraham Angle:


  1. he is supporting big pharma…how else can everyone make a ton of money on some fake vaccine. check his ban k account im sure there is or will be a large deposit from big pharma or soros or gates. something nefarious is definitely going on.

  2. Looking into Dr. Fauci’s past, he was a great fan of Hillary (probably still is). He is a political animal, regardless of what he says.

  3. I’m not getting into the political side as he side stepped a question about protesters….my God this Fauci guy is in on this game…just another pos on the loon side of things…people remember to vote!…Trump 2020!!!!


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