Filled With Hate: Pelosi Announces Sham Impeachment Managers Same Day As President Trump Signs Historic China Trade Deal And Dow Hits Historic Highs!

(Gateway Pundit) – On Wednesday at 11:30 AM Eastern President Trump will sign the new US trade agreement with China.

President Trump is THE ONLY PERSON to confront China’s devastating trade practices that has cost the United States hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs and BILLIONS in stolen technology.

Only President Trump could do this — And WOULD do this!

The Dow reached record highs on Wednesday morning on the news.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats held a press conference where they accused the US President of colluding with Putin — something that was proven to be a complete lie months ago.

Pelosi also announced the managers for her sham impeachment of President Trump.

On the same day of President Trump’s historic agreement and record market gains.

This was after Democrats blocked a motion to support the brave Iranian democracy protesters on Tuesday.

Democrats hate this president more than they love their country.

Video: Pelosi names Adam Schiff as lead impeachment manager for Senate trial


  1. this whole debacle is a sham , paid for out of our social security which is into the millions , and senitors being paid 175,000 + a piece.this should be paid out of the democrats funds for reelections after all this is what it is about

  2. The GOP had better run these traitor’s out of town, and SOON! These treasonous bast_ard’s will lie, cheat, steal and even kill just to get control of the USA and bring it down to Hell!
    They have zero regard for the people of America and they have their hearts set on power and corruption that makes the Sicilian Mafia, Purple Gang, Cosa Nostra and other syndicates look like child’s play when it comes to stealing from the common workers and citizen’s!
    These people need to be tried, convicted and hanged!

  3. This idiot was merely trying to overshadow a great moment in history as Our President was signing the most important trade deal with China that this country has ever had,,,,Pelosi is so friggin useless and dumb,,,,she needs to get a broom and sweep the shit off the sidewalk in front of the WALL surrounding her property in California,,,,what a waste of taxpayers money conducting a sham impeachment simply because you can’t beat our President at the polls,,,,,run scared you friggin asswipe,,,,,maybe you‘ll fall off the edge of the envelope,,,you have bee traveling very close to the edge your entire political career,,,

  4. They are staring to move on Pence. Next in line for POTUS is (you guessed it!)-PELOSI. Hmmmmmm, funny how this is all working out.

  5. pelosie is a hate monger-out of her mind with power-she is a witch of the worst kind ever seen-with an attitude like that how can she stand herself-she is probably filled with worms and maggots which will eat her up from the insidse of vtha hideous body and face!! uugghhhh!

  6. I wish she will swallow her dentures when she opens her lying hateful mouth. I thought Killary was evil, but Nancy is right up there with her. All they (Demrats-Liberals) cares about us power and getting rich off the taxpayers.

  7. While America is celebrating the USMCA deal today, the liberal hatred filled Dems, represented by Pelosi and the rest of the ridiculous corrupt individuals posing as political representatives, are walking directly toward their embarrassment, carrying two ridiculous no-articles-what a Joke! What happened to the Democrat Party?

  8. HATE IS SO CLEAR WITH ALL OF THEM. PELOSI IS THE QUEEN OF HATE WHEN IT COMES TO DONALD TRUMP. Nadler’s voice and expressions when he spoke at the House and his eyes spelled just how much hate he has for our President and those who voted for him. Schiff with all his lies and his pathologic hatred of President Trump is on full display. Here is what I say: LET THEM HAVE THEIR SHAM IMPEACHMENT TRIAL AND EXPOSE ALL OF THEM WHO THEY REALLY ARE. BRING BIDEN AND HUNTER IN AND PUT SCHIFF ON THE HOT SEAT AS WELL. THEN LET THE FULL COUNTRY KNOW JUST HOW EVIL AND DESPICABLE THEY ALL ARE.


    • The main Democrat circus actors of this political farce should be in Leavenworth TX Hotel, not in the US Capitol.

  10. Pelosi, a pathetic individual full of hatred, an individual driven and guided by hate, continuous to demonstrating her resentment for America and the American people. While our leader, President Donald Trump is gloriously directing the bright light of the sun on our country with his multiple outstanding successes, especially this day of USMCA signing trade deal, instead of celebrating, these liberal left anti-American political losers are trying their best to not celebrate this success but to walk in a funeral formation including Schiff, Nadler and the rest of the miserable low life political caricatures. Shame on all these corrupt political “nothings.”Their political career will soon come to an end, as they represent nothing less but the ultimate of hate for America and its people.

  11. Pelosi and her fellow Democrats just don’t like Trump period. If any other President did as well as Trump they would be happy. They don’t want a wall but most have walls around their homes. She is from California and what has she done for her state but allow the homeless to live on the streets with their waste. The working class has to put up with this non- working class. She allow immigrants into her state whether or not they have a criminal record or not. When they kill , rob or rape someone the is here legally. They get sent to prison and then released soon after to do it again. What kind of a person would do that? I’m believing the “do nothing Democrat’s “ are exactly that. There are just too many things to list. I wish the elected people would work together for the American people like they are suppose to instead of spending billions of dollars on petty things. God Bless America

  12. This impeachment is bordering on BOORING! The Democrats will never, never let up until they have thrown everything they can dream up to try and make it stick.
    They said months ago they had positive evidence that they had enough to impeach and yet they have changed the reason several times and still want more hearings. Now does that make one ounce of sense? It does not and neither do the stupid Democrats.

  13. I want to see this circus third ring…for them fall on their faces in this last act. Evil cannot prevail. And maybe it had to come to this for the whole world to see.

  14. Between her and Schumer they are trying to destroy the country because of their hatred of Donald Trump. They are actually willing to send us down the tubes just to take him down! This entire group of libraturds need to go!!! Are there any CREDIBLE dems left in any of their leadership roles??? I think not. Hopefully this TDS impeachment garbage will take them down for a long time!!!

  15. All are Crooked Trump Haters and already have their minds made up or they have beed ordered by Pelosi on how to vote. This entire SHAM is a crooked circus

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