Fighting Dirty: Dem Handles Tough Questions By Calling Cops On Reporter

August 12, 2018 11:05 am  

(Conservative Tribune) – There’s a certain level of toughness that’s needed to be a politician, as virtually every action taken will leave someone dissatisfied.

Some politicians just take the barbs and run with it. Others, like President Donald Trump, will defend and stick up for themselves.

Then there are politicians like Florida state Sen. Daphne Campbell, a Democrat running for re-election in the state’s 38th district.

She is also, apparently, such a thin-skinned politician that she preferred to call the cops on a law-abiding citizen rather than deal with a tough question.

Campbell and her opponent, Democrat Jason Pizzo, were engaging in a Q&A and discussion about charter schools in the Miami-Dade County area on Thursday. It was the latest event in the Florida Senate district race.

That’s when Miami Herald reporter Sarah Blaskey had the audacity to … ask Campbell a question. Apparently, it was a question Campbell didn’t like — a question so heinous and such an affront to her that she called the police on Blaskey for “threatening behavior.”

“Last I checked, asking questions at a public forum was allowed,” Blaskey tweeted after the ordeal. Campbell has yet to explain exactly what was Blaskey’s “threatening behavior.”

This isn’t the first time Campbell has resorted to calling the police for no reason at all. Rise News documented a similar incident in which Campbell’s response to a reporter filming a public meeting in a public place was to call 911.

Thankfully, it appears the police took neither case particularly seriously and no arrests resulted from Campbell’s petulant whining.

Blaskey also stepped up and refused to be intimidated by Campbell’s cowardly tactics.

Campbell has grown so unpopular that even her own Democrat constituents have insinuated that she’s a Republican mole.

Campbell’s current political opponent, Pizzo, has rightfully taken advantage of Campbell’s cowardice in heated debates.

“The officer said something like, ‘We have a lot of real stuff to deal with and yet we had to respond to this,’” Pizzo said, needling Campbell.

Thank goodness the officers realized that “real stuff” does not include the paranoid, cowardly ramblings of a Democrat afraid to handle one iota of tough questioning.

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