Exclusive Video: Unarmed Woman Carrying Trump Flag Executed In US Capitol Building

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Wednesday saw riots and even some acts of violence break out at the Capitol after a rally held by President Donald Trump drew large crowds of supporters, many of whom are super angry with how the left has managed to steal the presidential election through massive voter fraud.

During the chaos and mayhem that ensued, a female Trump supporter was shot by Capitol Police.

Later on in the day, it was reported that the woman passed away from her injuries. The whole incident was captured on video. Be warned, however, that what you are about to see down below is extremely graphic.

According to Gateway Pundit, the woman in the video appears to have been standing behind a group of individuals who were trying to get into the chamber. Police had the doors barricaded in order to keep the protesters out. Not long after, they drew their weapons, ready to defend the chamber.

A witness described the situation after leaving the building.

The woman was later wheeled out of the Capitol on a stretcher, covered in blood. The scene is rather gruesome and the whole scene is absolutely tragic.

Why did this happen? What in the world caused all of these folks to suddenly spark up and get so violent? That’s the question we should all be asking right about now. It’s horrific to see these videos and watch this young woman’s life pour out of her.

One of the big questions many conservatives are wondering is what kind of role Antifa may have played in starting this whole mess. There have been a number of photographs pop up that seemingly show members of the radical left-wing group taking part in the protests inside the Capitol. Could this whole thing have been started by these individuals?

It would make sense. Perhaps the left wanted to ensure that Biden’s electoral votes would be certified and the challenges to the election cast aside? What better way to do that than to be disruptive? What better way to be disruptive than with a riot?

Really does seem to fit the group’s modus operandi, doesn’t it? I don’t think anyone would be surprised to find out that Antifa was responsible for some of the violence. However, that doesn’t absolve any conservatives who may have participated in the mayhem. The whole situation was unnecessarily out of control.

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  1. Poor woman was murdered by the capital police and the queers and derelicts like mitt, and LOW iq only think about another man’s income and pecker .
    That’s today’s progressive liberal trash for you folks .

  2. Had this murdered woman been unmarried black with umpteen children on welfare and food stamps the press would have this rogue police officer executed before midnight.

  3. To all you lefty’s that are feeling bubbly and drinking champagne and celebrating your so called ligitimate election. Your worlds are about to be turned upside down here shortly.

    • No question but they won’t disclose this murderers name for some reason . Had he killed some colored obama worshipper all hell would be upon us ..

    • Raymond and Chopperpilot, you do realize that BLM supporters were shot and died, and their murderers weren’t found guilty. George Floyd was killed in an equally brutal way, and Trump supported George Floyd.

    • Liberal POS , you realize George is just another criminal nigger who refused orders . This women was murdered in cold blood by a federal officer and you bring up some lifetime criminal .. Jeez .. pretty stupid comparison.

    • Kinda Long reply, but sonething isnt right with all this….I have a feeling this was meant to be a “Catalyst Shot”.
      What I think is this was a trained agent & not just a police officer by the first video of the gun being shot. Another reason I don’t think he was a DC officer is because the other armed officers that is trying to “clear the area” of the woman to render aid seems a bit confused. If he was with other “agent”, they could immediately talk with each other & would had heard first agent declare he fired his weapon. This was beyond normal. The woman wasn’t even inside (breached) the inner door and even the BLM Activist that was 3 persons away from her was shook up & questioned why she was targeted with so much other chaos going on. It was a woman among men in immediate area…and it was meant to set more violence off. One “black cop” did an interview with Leftwing Media & said that all the MAGA supporters was running around screaming The N Word & “it made him cry”.
      If this was true, then it was not everyday hardworking Conservatives inside the riots. And why would a man with such Thin Skin & easily hurt feelings be working as a Police Officer? I’ve seen Antifa & Blm harass,spit on & degrade black officers.
      Another report was almost all of the people who stormed at first was retired & off duty police officers.. And thats why DC cops eagerly let them in & was friendly. One officer there that day has committed suicide. If it WAS ex cops & retired cops, why would they “pummel” their fellow officer on duty with a fire extinguisher as media is reporting?
      So much of this is not adding up.
      Another thing that I heard said was that one or two Leftwing Media had started reporting a Uprising & Breach at 9:30am, which was a few hours earlier than when it happened. I’ve been trying to find the YouTube video they were talking about that & seeing if I can put timelines together.
      I’m now keeping notes of what is being said & screenshoting everything before proof of dirty dealings going on. Things are not adding up.

  4. An unarmed peaceful protester woman was murdered in the capital by the police and the queers will claim its her fault she was MURDERED..

    Had it been one of Obama’s butt buddies like Low iq or Andrew Morgan Roberts, it would be whole different spin …


    • If you watch Biden talking & think “oh how awesome..he’s such presidential material & gives me hope”…then you need some serious therapy. Biden didnt win fairly & both you & I know that. What’s sad about your comment is you are so naive that you can’t grasp the reality of what is being done to America. But you are probably a basement dwelling Troll that screams Racist at everyone & thinks bread lines are awesome. Now.. Shoo Troll, no one gives a shit what you think. Go hug your Hillary Dolls in your Cry Closet.

  6. Chopper once again you seem to be 100% WRONG she was killed because she supported that buffoon tRUMP who is 100% RESPONSIBLE for her death

    • If your boyfriend had been murdered that day by a black man you wouldn’t be claiming this same nonsense now would you little queer man ?

      Of course not , he’s your Obama, your dream queer of all queers.

  7. Really people? You all are still hung up on being called deplorable? What are you 12?

    Right wingers, like Newt, Rush & Mitt have been calling democrats far worse since before you even had a political opinion. You probably believe that radical socialists have overthrown your government just like you believed that Obama was taking your guns, Republicans will balance the budget and Trump would build a wall. I literally heard an aggrieved tea party rioter say to a reporter that “they” have taken away my rights and when asked which ones, he did not have an answer. Quit parroting stale slogans and tired chants. Hillary will not be locked up and Pence is not a traitor. America is great, end of story.

    Learn some history, try some new recipes, get a hobby, join the military, read a newspaper. Be happy and quit behaving like you own buildings you don’t. Next time it could be you or one of your loved ones who gets shot and nobody wants that!

  8. There is a big difference between breaking into and taking over a government building that is closed to the public and occupied by politicians under armed guard vs. breaking out the windows of a liquor store and stealing booze, etc. The laws say as much.

    A USAF veteran has the experience of going in and out of military bases, so she knows the ground rules of a secured perimeter. If she thinks she wants to have fun and play games with armed guards, then she is a fool and deserves the consequences. Furthermore, none of these people are patriots; they are entitled angry white people who got caught up in an act of terrorism because of irrational beliefs fueled by the tea party, fanatic religious leaders, pretend military leaders and white nationalists, all of whom are driven by the delusions of a narcissistic sore loser whom you all have given rock star status for reasons far beyond my understanding.

    Look around people, the walls of Jericho have fallen and the truth has been revealed, you all have been conned. Quit sending these groups your money because God, the political winds and bad interpretations of the constitution are not going to change the results of this election.

    • Look around deShawn , peoples be workin, food stamps be down , and you’re out of jail for the weekend..
      Now go get a job DaShawn …

  9. Interesting, a comment I left earlier was taken down, because the tea party clearly does not support the 1st Amendment Rights of others or criticism about their involvement in the rioting and deaths in our nation’s capital.

    This coupled with their insincere beliefs in small govt & responsible budgets is reflected in their support for a president and administration that have run up the nation’s debt by nearly 40% in 4years. The tea party is nothing, but a grift on the coattails of Trump’s incompetence, corruption & lawlessness.

  10. I’m so fed up with this shit if this would have been BLM or Antifa they would have invited them in to have a Groupie with them God Blessings to our elected President love you Mr Trump so tired the gays and the fashist bastards in congress and the Senate Romney kiss our Ass you switched parties a long time ago fraud God Blessings to all my patriotic Brothers and Sisters out there

  11. Anyone who supported this fraud of a president , should shamed beyond measure America’s own Mussolini !!!!
    He manipulated , deceived , and abused his office , a threatening authoritarian willing to take the country down a path of no return . His base is that of grievance-addled conservative whites readily susceptible to evidence-free paranoia.
    America is a country that’s fueled by Hate , incomparable to any country in the western world , it needs to move on from , crude and hateful propaganda , and tenuous online conspiracy theories , otherwise it’s going to tear it’s self apart
    End of story , those are immutable facts Amen

    • How many times did Grandma Pelosi call for action when Antifa was tearing Portland up every night? I never once heard any Democrat ever once call for a halt to the “peaceful” protests that went on in Portland and Seattle. And that cr$p went on for months. The Democrats are just as much to blame as any other. I saw the guards LETTING moving the barricades and stand aside. With that many people there should have a lot more security. Blame the Democrats that want to defund the police. This could have been prevented!

    • Have you looked into Why “America is full of hate”? Tell me who is throwing RACE into my face everyday? I was born and raised on the East side of Detroit, and I can tell you why! I have never been a racist and still am not, but this BS or kneeling fully disrespecting our Dead Brothers and Sisters that died during our Wars, yes my Brother and Sisters were killed during WWII, in fact my Brother who served with General Patton was killed in April 30 days after the Armistice was signed. So don’t get in my face about Race, or being mistreated. In addition to that my parents on my mothers side came to this country through Canada, poor people just looking for a place to live, and grow, when you consider what it cost in lives, and what really matter, I could argue that any slave who made it here should get down on their knees a praise good that they were, even thought they were slaves.

      Poor me Bull chips, as a kid, I can remember what true sacrifice was when shortages were necessary, when people, black, white, yellow Americans rolled up their sleaves and went to work SOLVING the problems of the times, not calling others names, “White Supremos”, Things change, but Socialism is not my way of change, actual Communist in my Government is not by my vote, and I question ANYONE WHO WOULD EVEN CONSIDER VOTING FOR ONE. This country has always been kind and considerate for those in need, and those being mistreated, but the people were also independent, striving to themselves better, even those coming out of the Getto’s, in the 1950’s the Family, even God was what was building this country, now the families of both Black, White, are deteriorating, WHY? Because the Democrats found a way to get Political Power while the GOP, looked on as usual, and now it has reached it panicle, people like Pelosi, who say one thing promoting it to the hilt while they are doing the most to undermine those in need, increase their power and move more people to rely, or be obligated, controlled by the Government. I ask you a question! Do Black people really want to be controlled by a Socialist Communist ruled, yes RULED, by self-centered power hungry professional politicians? I don’t think so, but that makes me a “Racist”.

      What will now take place in our Republic will blow your mind, just wait and see! Pelosi will come out with her peanuts for the so called needy, keeping them happy, while selling the country down the tubes and a “World Order”, who knows it could even be run by China, Russia, UN, THEN LOOK AND SEE WHAT YOUR OPTIONS ARE.

    • You forgot awomen ….you people are a very special breed…nothing but liars… thiefs and above all cheats…don’t you have to go tell your local authorities the neighbor isn’t wearing his mask…in his house!!

    • Bring your Facts with you troll. Your babbling bawling is amusing but obviously you don’t care too much for Facts. Anyone who embraces corruption as they Fanboy over Pelosi & Schitty Schiff has some deep issues. I’m still waiting on all that proof Schitty Schiff & Oompa Loompa Nadler kept promising. Sit down before you hurt yourself.

  12. If the author had done any homework, he or she would have seen this woman ranting on social media in a full blown mental health crisis. She specifically mentioned CA politicians in a rage filled rant. Her twitter and Instagram accounts show that she was a Qanon conspiracy theorist and whackadoodle. It is sad that she was not able to get the mental health care she obviously needed. It is sad that her military experience did not teach her that the actions she chose to engage in would be viewed as domestic terrorism by the USAF, the opposite of a patriotic act.

    It is even sadder that there is a person named Q who preys on highly persuadable or vulnerable people to help spread outrageous lies and that persons in our politics, including the dishonored Mike Flynn and the impeached, Don Trump, promote these idiotic theories. Sadly, even conservative news outlets support & spread this idiocy. Q is a danger to the mentally weak and our society as a whole and true patriots should be condemning it as nonsense and discouraging anyone from engaging in or spreading Q idiotic theories.

    Finally and most importantly, this supposed non profit organization or political grift ofJenny Beth et al, is partially responsible for the hateful rhetoric and loss of civility in our public discourse. It has fanned the flames of division and hate for far too long. Take a long look at your part in the situation in which people lost their lives & minds & possibly their careers, yesterday, because the tea party has blood on its hands and has done nothing but destroy the ability of our legislators to accomplish anything. The supposed tea party legislators have been present under Trump, while our nation’s debt has increased by nearly 40 percent. They approved it all. This proves that the tea party as politics is a lie and in its support for Trump is a con.

    • Never mind that Obama hates conservatives and hates Trump for destroying his “legacy”. Never mind that Hillary called us all “deplorables”. They and others insulted and hate conservatives. Apparently from your post, you do as well. Thank you for your post….you may now return to CNN….

    • The issue is that illegal votes that elected an illegal “president “was and has been forced on us in violation of the former rule of law that this former congress enabled to be forced on us.We no longer have a country by the people for the people but a government elected by dead people, non citizens . . . .an illegitimate government that has NO authority under our constitution. This has been a coup. they will rule us by force because they do not have legitimate authority. A false, pretend government which fits the corrupted pretend reality of the democrats and their mentally ill president and the morally corrupt VP that dead people elected.

    • This could have been averted so many different ways. Barr stabbed Trump in the back by not doing his f$cking job. All they had to do is look how many registered voters and then look to see how ballots were counted and you get a revelation that more people voted then you have voters that could have voted. The people he sent out to investigate couldn’t find their a$$ with both hands if they tried. Another lazy ahole is Justice Roberts – oh but god forbid they do any work. SCOTUS could have taken the case and let the clock run out and then give some BS ruling. I’d like to know who is threatening all these people to the point NOBODY wants ANYTHING to do with this hot potato. What about all the turn around judges that catch and release? Oh and you got somebody named Harris belongs to an organization that bails out “protesters”. What about all the Soros bought DAs that try to prosecute law abiding people? Speaking of Hilary, I think this started going down hill when Soros paid for the Steele dossier that no judge read that lead to illegal FISA Warrants that should never had been issued because if anyone would have actually read the dossier the warrants would probably never have been issued. Then there was the fake impeachment. Nancy knew she would NEVER get the votes in the Senate and She went ahead anyway. This has been festering before Trump took office. Hilary was supposed to win 2016 election but her arrogance (and being a bad Secretary of State) cost her the election. Now she owes Soros big time and still hasn’t delivered. And of course there’s the quid pro que that Biden did while in the Ukraine. If that wasn’t for personal gain I don’t know what you would call it. I believe it started if you don’t fire the DA that’s investigating my son – I don’t know how much more personal it could get. The Democrats NEVER condemned the “peaceful” protests. Nadler said there wasn’t any. Nancy sure didn’t put the “protests” down. How many months did the “protests” go on? But that was a distraction that worked for the Democrats favor. The Democrats had TDS so bad they couldn’t see the valcano about to blow. After you look at the four years that this has been building up there is plenty of blame to go around. If only the politicians went to congress and did the job they are paid to do then maybe this would not have happened.

    • Then I ask you to honestly answer one question for me! If the Democrats can spend 40 million on the Mueller bias coup investigation, deliberately designed to overturn a legitimate elected administration. Leaders of the Democrat party calling for “not my president”, Hillary herself, calling for people to resist and whatever, and no apology or call to stop the billions of dollars lost with riots all summer, which just happen to continue in Oregon. Resulting in 4 years of complete cause a bogus impeachment, and lies, fake theories every day just to obstruct the government. What’s wrong with having by partisan commission check into the legitimacy, as well as the methods used obtaining all the so-called legal new democrats sighed up overnight. If I am correct the number in Georgia alone was a half a million new voters. When 40% of the people in this country think or feel our election process is being abused, manipulated and personally, I feel it is being used by the Democrat party far greater than the GOP. Voting to me is a sacred duty and even one fraudulent vote is too many and when states like CA are even allowing illegals to vote in local elections, it’s pastime for Oblaimer’s “CHANGE”!

    • Every time you make a key stroke LaShawn,your ignorance is exponentially more evident,your teacher is calling you back to your special ed class. Go on now!

  13. The Capital Police are probably just a group of Democrats who were looking to kill someone. (You would have a hard time convincing me that anyone in Washington D.C. was anything but a Lying Democrat!) No one fires at head unless they are trying to kill! However, I bet there will be no rioting over the loss of this innocent person’s life. From what I heard, I believe she was a veteran. That makes it even more tragic.

    • she was a domestic terrorist she deserves no tears shed she died for glorious leader her death is 100% HIS FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I read that she was standing behind some ppl that were trying to get thru a door. Don’t know if she got hit accidentally or what.

    • Low iq….what did you call the rioters and looters of this past summer in (surprise !!) liberal cities and states ?? Heroes ?? Freedom fighters ?? If THAT wasn’t domestic terr0rism at it’s worst…you have NO iq. ZERO !!!

    • Anyone who supported this fraud of a president , should shamed beyond measure America’s own Mussolini !!!!
      He manipulated , deceived , and abused his office , a threatening authoritarian willing to take the country down a path of no return . His base is that of grievance-addled conservative whites readily susceptible to evidence-free paranoia.
      America is a country that’s fueled by Hate , incomparable to any country in the western world , it needs to move on from , crude and hateful propaganda , and tenuous online conspiracy theories , otherwise it’s going to tear it’s self apart
      End of story , those are immutable facts Amen

    • Hey low iq,, as you were back a year or so ago,,,, your trying to get us conservatives to believe ANYTHING you post. People that know you when you were posting using a different name know that you are just a liar and propagandist. Your posts are STILL lies and propaganda…. How does it feel to be recognized here on this forum as nothing but a lying propagandist ????


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