Female Southern Baptist Minister Urges Faith Leaders To ‘Repent’ For ‘Sins Of Nationalism’ And ‘White Supremacy’

(Big League Politics) – Beth Moore, the Christian evangelical minister who founded Living Proof Ministries and is popular among Southern Baptists, wrote a post on Twitter yesterday urging fellow Christian ministers to repent from the sins of “racism,” “white supremacy,” “sexism,” “nationalism,” and other leftist tropes.

Moore is injecting noxious leftist social justice politics into her evangelical ministry:

Earlier in that day, Moore explained how she was dazzled and mezmerized with serial pervert and frequent Jeffrey Epstein collaborator Bill Clinton when he was elected President, but she was shocked and horrified when Donald Trump was elected to the same office 24 years later:

Moore also recently criticized the President for allegedly advocating violence when he said he doesn’t want law enforcement to be politically correct during a recent rally. She demands for divine intervention to stop Trump from exerting his influence on America.

Moore has received frequent praise from the fake news media for being “the evangelical superstar taking on Trump.”

She received a gushing profile in The Atlantic in 2018 for being a useful idiot to the Christ-hating globalist agenda:

In the past few years, however, she has felt out of step with the evangelical community. During the 2016 campaign, many of its leaders not only excused Donald Trump’s boorish behavior but painted him as a great defender of Christianity—evangelicals’ “dream president,” in the words of Jerry Falwell Jr. More recently, a series of high-profile pastors have been toppled by accusations of sexual misconduct. The deferential reserve that defined Moore’s career has become harder for her to maintain.

On a chilly Texas evening recently, Moore and I sat in rocking chairs on her porch. It was the first time she had invited a reporter to visit her home, on the outskirts of Houston. Moore, who is 61, was the consummate hostess, fussing about feeding me and making sure I was warm enough beside the mesquite-wood fire. But as we settled into conversation, her demeanor changed. She fixed her perfectly mascaraed eyes on me. “The old way is over,” she said. “The stakes are too high now.” …

Whereas her criticisms of church leaders were once veiled, she now speaks her mind freely. She blogged icily about meeting a prominent male theologian who looked her up and down and told her she was prettier than another famous female Bible teacher. She has castigated the evangelical movement for selling its soul to buy political wins. Moore is hopeful that a reckoning is finally under way. “There is a very strong saying that Peter used himself, that judgment begins in the house of God. And I do believe that’s what’s happening.” …

Moore believes she is focused on God. The target of her scorn is an evangelical culture that downplays the voices and experiences of women. Her objective is not to evict Trump from the White House, but to clear the cultural rot in the house of God.

Moore is apart of a heretical movement within the Southern Baptist movement to replace the teachings of Christ with leftist dogma.

It is no surprise why Moore did not include abortion among the sins that her fellow Christian leaders desperately need to repent for in her tweet. This fragile woman has let her case of Trump Derangement Syndrome turn her into a false prophet.



  1. Time of the leaders of the Southern Baptists Council to call Ms. Moore in and strip her of all accreditation until she has redeemed herself from the influence of the great deceiver.

  2. This Christian Pastor doesn’t represent my view point. She may have things to apologize for and that ok, however don’t paint everyone else in her corner.

  3. I’m a Baptist an I believe all the Bible as written and it states very clearly that a man has to be pastor of Christ’s Church so if she a so-called Southern Baptist the devil is taking over the Southern Baptist. When the church starts becoming politically correct that when the downfall of the church begins

  4. She’s a disgrace to real believers. Since when the Southern baptists give us lessons on racism? if she’s not challenged by that branch of Church she must represent them… The southern American Christians (baptists often) were owning slaves before the American revolution, and yes, they, the southern Baptists need to repent themselves for those years, if they find it to be offensive; repent including this women.

    • Where in Scripture does it support this anti-Christian woman??? Baptists should be very ashamed of this obvious hate monger in the name of God’s Church.

  5. That’s what happens when you put a women in charge over a church, especially in the case of Jezabele. The Bible doesn’t support hat a bit, because the Soorit if God through the Word of God that cuts la a double edged sword exposes her intent as being plain hypocrisy and political exaggeration sponsored by a satanist called George Soros. This women needs to face real pastors, those not sold to the devil and his bidding.

  6. She seems to be a racist too. Why didn’t she say anything about black supremacists or muslim supremacists. She has not followed her own dictates that she account for her sins. How does a slug like this become a minister? She is obviously a leftist and doesn’t care about what the bible teaches.

  7. You’re not a preacher . . .You are a Left Wing Communist. You’ve just proven to me that you are only leading people to the altar of Socialism/Communism and NOT to Jesus, who is the ONLY one who can “save his people from their sins”. You, my friend, need a touch from God and a “dose of the Holy Ghost”. Come back to The Faith, NOT Politics.

  8. THIS WOMAN MUST BELIEVE IN KILLING HEART BEATING BABIE, it is true that the woman has the right to do with here body what she wishes, but so does a man, but that does not give use the right to kill a heart beating human to tear apart and sell parts, JESUS SAID, LET THE LITTLE CHILDREN COME TO ME, BUT, HE DID NOT SAY IN LITTLE PIECES.

    70 million Black babies and millions of other races have been killed, in fact in 4 years alone, 2 million 800,000 were killed, 2011, 14, 16, 17. I CANNOT BELIEVE, that any Christian could vote or work against a person that has helped GODS work as Trump and Pence has could do what this woman has done. A lot of people claim to be a Christian, (OBAMA DID AND HE WAS A MUSLIM, YOU CAN’T BE BOTH), to further there career. IS THIS WHAT THIS WOMAN HAS DONE?

  9. What in the wide world of sport would the world be like without whitie??

    a lot worse off….no radio, no ac, no planes, no to a lot of things we take forgranted!!

  10. I believe pastor Beth Moore is being financed by the devil himself- Soros- aka The Antichrist— it wouldn’t be surprised in the least.


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