‘F*cking Cities Will Burn If Trump Gets Reelected’ – Watch – O’Keefe Releases Teaser Of First 2020 Bombshell With Hints Of Crazy Bernie And Soviet Dissident Solzhenitsyn

(Gateway Pundit) – Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe taunted Democrats on Sunday and revealed he will be releasing the ‘first bombshell tape’ of the 2020 election this week.

“You aren’t going to want to miss what we expose in 2020,” O’Keefe said reminding Americans that his undercover videos exposed “bird dogging” and other schemes cooked up by the Democrats to start fights at Trump’s rallies in 2016.

O’Keefe released a teaser of his first undercover bombshell video exposing 2020 Democrats and it looks like Bernie Sanders will be O’Keefe’s first target based on hints in his vignette.

In the teaser James is seen reading the classic Gulag Archipelago by famed Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The three-volume non-fiction series covers the life in a Soviet gulag, a Soviet forced labor camp.

Obviously, it is common knowledge that Bernie Sanders spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union.

There is even video.

Project Veritas will be releasing the undercover videos on their website Expose2020.com this week.

The first video will drop Tuesday, January 14 at 12 noon ET.

At the end of the video, a Project Veritas journalist asks a (Bernie Sanders?) worker, “So, if Trump gets re-elected, what?

“F*cking cities burn,” the person responds.


“Project Veritas Action has just announced #Expose2020; the investigative series that will expose corruption within the 2020 Presidential Elections and hold Presidential candidates and their campaigns accountable.” the website says.



  1. I can’t believe that cities will burn if Trump is re-elected. More likely it will be a whole lot of Marxists and other shitasses who get burned! Forewarned is forearmed, and any American patriots worthy of the name are not gonna put up with the same shit during President Trump’s second term that they had to put up with during his first. That goes for any and all Democrats who may still be in Congress at the time.

  2. …..less than a year away & everybody knows that the Democrats couldn’t win if
    ALL their candidates were on the ticket! Throw Pelosi in for good measure.


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