FBI Pays Black Republican Candidate A Visit — The Reason Why Is Absurd

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Three FBI agents paid a visit to the home of Shekina Hollingsworth last Friday, where they interrogated her about her actions on January 6th. The reason for the visit? She was in Washington, D.C. on the day of the siege at the Capitol building.

According to Infowars, Hollingsworth was not at all a part of the siege. In fact, she actually left the area before any of the civil unrest started. However, despite these clear facts, she was interrogated for over 20 minutes by federal authorities.

Now, just imagine if a conservative president had allowed the FBI to interrogate a black liberal after being in the same city, on the same day as a Black Lives Matter riot? The news would be calling that particular president a raging racist and would be making all sorts of accusations and demands related to seeing someone pay for this horrific slight.

However, Hollingsworth is a conservative. Therefore, the propaganda machines that work for the Democratic Party aren’t touching the story with a ten-foot pole.

Hollingsworth, who announced she would be running for office to become a State Delegate in Maryland, recorded the interaction with the FBI agents that were sent to her home. Her dad, a military veteran who accompanied her to D.C., along with other members of her family were present for the recording.

While the female agent started the interview with a few harmless, disarming questions about the family’s pets, a fish and a dog, the tone suddenly changed when one of the male FBI agents started doing the questioning. The man then conducted most of the interview as the female agent wrote down notes. A third agent present, also a man, remained mostly silent, observing.

“Okay, like I said on the phone, your name got submitted,” the FBI agent said. “You’re not in trouble right now, if you were going to get arrested, we would have already done it.”

Hollingsworth’s father went on to explain that they had completely left the area to have some lunch and were located at a nearby Shake Shack when other members of the family called them to ask if they were in a safe place. The pair of them weren’t even aware of the civil unrest happening when they got the calls.

“Are you guys, like, affiliated with any group,” the FBI agent asked, insinuating that the two of them might have some sort of connection to a domestic terrorist organization. Hollingsworth said that she was not affiliated with any kind of group like that.

“Did either one of you guys go into the Capitol,” asked the agent, prompting a quick negative response from both Hollingsworths who traveled to Washington, D.C. on January 6. “Do you know approximately how far you were,” the agent continued with the interview.

The agent then said that he had received photographs of Hollingsworth in D.C. on January 6th and demanded to know where the photos were taken and at what time.

“When we were on the Capitol grounds,” she answered, adding, “Children were taking pictures,” and families were also present. She explained, yet again, that they left before any civil unrest started.

The agent conducting the interview then returned to asking Hollingsworth about connection to any “terrorist organizations.” Hollingsworth once again said no.

She was then asked by the agent about her campaign for the Maryland legislature and then stated he possessed knowledge of her history as a GOP activist. Before she decided to run for office, Hollingsworth worked in Republican politics for the last three years, starting in 2017. She most recently worked as a data analyst for Lauren Witzke’s bid for the U.S. Senate in Delaware.

“We trace down the leads that come in, and, like, we have to convince people, we want to make sure there was nothing more sinister, we want to make sure this isn’t, like, some sort of planned event by some sort of domestic terrorism organization,” said the agent. “This is like you’re opportunity [to confess], if you’re, like, ‘Hey, we did do this or that,’ now is the time to say it, because we’re probably going to find out.”

Again, Hollingsworth denied going into the Capitol building or being involved with any other crimes that occurred during the riot. The agents then took down the name of her father and his date of birth. The whole thing lasted 20 minutes.

Hollingsworth then spoke with the National File and stated that she thinks the FBI visit was motivated by politics and was meant to convince her not to continue her America First campaign.

“I think I held my own pretty well,” she said, “but these witch hunts are definitely out of line.”

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  1. She should have told the FBI that she was a member of the KKK! The Feds are too stupid to know when someone is playing mind games with them.

  2. If you are a black conservative the scale of justice is different, BLM can burn churches, cities, police station, federal buildings and no FBI agents show up to interrogate them, freedom of speech and expressions is only for demrats, BLM and Antifa. Where were these FBI agents when the demrats cities and states were under seized by BLM, and Antifa?

  3. The FBI used to be the squeaky clean good guys but that was some time ago, now they are the political enforcers of the communist democrats! Most, if not all the “intelligence” agencies have turned on the people they are supposed to protect! This in nothing but a communist coup against America!

  4. This sounds to me like an fishing expedition for an opportunity to create a crime out of nothing. The Felonious Bureau of Intimidation agents will do something like ask approximately what time did you take a particular photograph and you answer approximately 1030 am.

    They had someone trailing and photographing you on the day in question because of your conservative views and that person has an exact 1045 am time stamp as he time the photo you were questioned about was taken.

    They then deny that they said ‘approximately’ and charge you with lying to a Federal agent. Always best to not answer any questions verbally and certainly not without a lawyer present. General Michael Flynn can testify as to the dishonesty and corruption of these people.

    • Justice Robert Jackson said in the Watts vs Indiana 338 U.S. 49. 59 (1949) “Any lawyer worth his salt will tell the Suspect, in no uncertain terms, to make no statement to the police under any circumstances.”

  5. Let’s never forget folks the left always claimed James Comey , the former disgraced FBI director was a registered Republican who had the absolute authority and DUTY to investigate the Clintons for money laundering and her email crimes.

  6. The greatest bias is against black Republicans. They should be admired and respected more than any group in our society. I am humbled by their courage and bravery and I listen very closely and absorb. Lincoln Republican that I am, I still believe we can learn more day by day. God bless. Biden and Pelosi and Schumer have not a clue.

  7. Hitler did all these things that the Liberals are doing. Almost exact to the line. This is NWO under Fraudulent Biden Presidency… rid the police impose Marshal Law with new police force), Rid opposition, Control the Media, Spread propaganda (fake news), make false promises to brainless (Liberals) to get their vote….. get Rid of bothersome people(conservatives) like the Jews….. etc, etc.

  8. The gestapo is on the move. If you are conservative, you are suspect. Meanwhile, we allow violent groups to destroy federal statues, attempt to destroy federal buildings, burn and loot private businesses, beat and kill innocent people, destroy police vehicles and injure and kill multiple police officers, but they can’t be bothered to pay a visit to any of them. Is it time to investigate the FBI?

  9. True Communism at its best on display. Where do innocent citizens turn when all the avenues are blocked by corrupt institutions? Is this the beginning of the end for our nation as a free, democratic society? How does a constitutional republic survive when the constitution and bill of rights are suspended? I think you all know the answers to these questions. But will you rise up as did our forefathers?

    • The evil, satanic leftists are on a fast track to incite civil war in the US. Then blame it on the true patriots who had to do it. Leftists are truly great at blaming others for their own sins. Aren’t you glad that God is the one to judge this ?

  10. Is Bidden and his criminal administration pushing EO at a never before seen speed for the destruction of America because the democrats know he is a fraud and was not elected and expect to be removed along with his whole criminal administration?

  11. “Swalwell: In Wake of Capitol Riot We Need ‘9/11 Commission,”White Nationalism Task Force’”. . .
    Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said Monday on MSNBC that both an independent commission and a “white nationalism task force” to investigate the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol were needed.

    What we really need is to put these unbalanced democrats out on a desert island.

  12. Well our economy in irresponsible run states is in shatters, but the excuse the democrats use is the “pandemic”, yet they open the border for more infections. This administration is irresponsibly insane and is in power as a result of their theft, so no wonder they gravitate and encourage the corrupt actions they are taking.

  13. Oh My! here it is again. This is priceless !

    “DCCC chairman Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) hired Tatro, a former New York gang member, to serve as a senior adviser for “diversity and inclusion.” Tatro served time for “shooting two rival gang members in 2006” and was convicted in 2011 for racketeering. Tatro was also the former “triggerman” for Albany’s Original Gansta Killer (OGK).”

    Now we have former convicted of racketeering and triggerman for gangs advising democrats to RELEASE CRIMINALS FROM PRISON AND CONTINUING TO DEFUND THE POLICE WHO SHOULD BE PROTECTING US.?

    Democrats are irresponsibly insane yet they are in charge?

  14. Deceit and not telling the truth to the American People is a quality that is found most prevalent in the activities of the democratic party. It is hilarious that this group is intending to regulate the rest of us. I can’t help to think of the who is credited as “the father of lies” when these people attempt to deceive us. Their efforts are becoming more bazar all the time.

    “Congresswoman Sara Jacobs (D-CA) in an interview Sunday with CNN reiterated calls for a “truth commission” aimed at community-wide conversations about “our history” in order to reach “a common narrative moving forward of what we want our country to be” as well as a “reckoning with the racial injustice and white supremacy of our past.”

    This is all about turning reality on its end with false history making our counties non-thinking population more malleable.

  15. If the FBI can track down people by cell phones at the rally? Why can’t they track down rioters who looted and burned buildings all last year. At least the ones constantly showing up at riots. Find the source of funding, too. We found Terrorist in caves in Afghanistan before the News Media told them we were tracking their cell phone. No, only Conservatives are bad.

  16. Are they now going to investigate the domestic terrorists that have been burning police station with the police locked inside, attempting to kill and have killed people in a’Mostly Peaceful protests”,destroyed businesses along with looting and destroying whole communities in American Cities?

  17. The true domestic terrorists in our great country unfortunately have become our corrupted federal government. President Obama made sure of that .

    Organized crime paid for by the American taxpayer.

    • You are EXACTLY right. They took an oath to protect and defend against….. themselves….. the options are now limited as to keeping the Titanic afloat


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