FBI “Investigates” Itself? Director Wray Orders FBI’s Inspection Division To Conduct ‘After-Action Review Of General Flynn Investigation’

(Gateway Pundit) – Why hasn’t a special counsel been assigned to specifically investigate the FBI’s unlawful targeting of General Mike Flynn?

Why isn’t the illegal leak of General Flynn’s classified calls with Kislyak being seriously investigated?

Wray announced Friday that the FBI is going to investigate itself.

FBI Director Christopher Wray ordered the Bureau’s Inspection Division to conduct an after-action review of the Michael Flynn investigation.

Will this review result in prosecutions?

Probably not.

Director Wray said the review will have a two-fold purpose:

1) Evaluate the relevant facts related to the FBI’s role in the Flynn investigation and determine whether any current employees engaged in misconduct

2) Evaluate any FBI policies, procedures, or controls implicated by the Flynn investigation and identify any improvements that might be warranted


General Flynn’s identity was unmasked and his classified phone calls were illegally leaked to the Washington Post.

We want to see indictments and prosecutions, not scathing reports and rewritten policies!



  1. Who will investigate Director Wray’s inactions, John Durham ?

    Mr. Durham’s very first question “ where are the whistle blowers “ ? Apparently under Obama’s FBI there are none who would report these crimes team Comey committed. Kinda odd in an organization with 37 thousand law enforcement folks and NOT one of them would come forward.

    Now we know the whistle blower program is only for today’s progressive liberal trash Trump haters . Is that a fair statement folks ?


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