Fawning Journalists Portray Meth Addict, DOJ Target Hunter Biden As Innocent, Budding Artist — No Joke

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Back in March, The New York Times’ Adam Popescu wrote an article about Hunter Biden, son of then-Democratic primary frontrunner Joe Biden, and his budding art career.

You may know Hunter Biden better for the suspicious and well-paid position he held on the board of a Ukrainian oil and gas giant when his father was vice president and spearheading foreign policy in the nation.

Or maybe his history of meth addiction, illegitimate children he’s fathered by strippers he refuses to support, the shady deals with Chinese Communist Party-linked businesses, and “laptop” from hell containing numerous illicit images of sex acts and drug use?

That’s definitely what we know Hunter Biden for around these parts.

But the helpful mainstream media has been doing their part to rebrand the troublesome son of the now-President-elect as an artiste.

“There wasn’t a whole lot of talk about what the art looked like, because it looked a lot like this,” The Western Journal’s C. Douglas Golden notes.

“Hey, I had those backgrounds on my iPhone 4s, too!” he quips.

He notes that the piece had primarily focused on how Biden was finding a way to heal from how hurt his feelings were that the Republicans had pushed to investigate his work with the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings.

The Times assured its readers that “There has been no proof of any wrongdoing by Mr. Biden related to his business dealings in Ukraine.”

It’s sort of difficult to determine this without a serious investigation having as of yet transpired, but whatever, New York Times. We’re a lot more concerned about wrongdoing on the part of Joe Biden when it comes to Hunter’s deals in Burisma, anyway, and he himself admitted he got the guy fired who had been investigating Burisma at the time.

“The piece hardly got into the seamier side of Biden’s life aside from the fact he was an addict — which, that’s terrible, but the fact he’d fathered a kid out of wedlock with an adult dancer and tried to avoid paying child support any way possible barely got discussed, as did any talk of his foreign dealings without saying there was no evidence to support looking into them,” Golden explains.

In the time since the piece first came out, he continues, “Biden has been the target of a tax fraud investigation for those foreign dealings for some time and he’d also forgotten about a laptop with some pretty important information on it that was part of that investigation.”

So when Vanity Fair’s Emily Kirkpatrick wrote about Hunter’s first solo art show in December, she was privy to this very significant information.

This was safely after the election, however.

She stated simply that Biden “has not only a Department of Justice investigation into his taxes to contend with, but also his first solo art show to prepare for next year.”

Poor dude.

“The president-elect’s son is reportedly in the midst of signing a deal to be represented as an artist by Georges Bergès Gallery in New York City with a solo exhibition in the works for next year,” she wrote, citing the Post report.

“The venture capitalist turned artist, whose studio is in the pool house of his Hollywood Hills home, creates his work with a metal straw he uses to blow alcohol ink onto Japanese Yupo paper, creating abstract layers of colors and concentric circles,” she noted.

Good grief, is that not one of the most absurd sentences you’ve read this last year?

How easily and quickly these people sweep that whole pesky corruption thing under the rug when they’ve got a Democrat to fawn over.

She also cited a quote from the original piece in the Times’ in which Hunter had said that painting “puts my energy toward something positive,” and that “It keeps me away from people and places where I shouldn’t be.”

What, like your meth dealer and Chinese honeypot spies?

I suppose that’s a good thing.

Featured image credit: NY Post

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  1. see how good the WAR ON DRUGS HAS DONE, 100,s of billions of dollars and it comes down to next presidents son is a DRUG ADDICT and will probably get a cushy job in the W H

  2. Does anyone remember how at one of the presidential debates, Joe Biden ranted about “his son” being a hero? President Trump asked Joe Biden which son Joe was talking about since all the conversations in the past have been about Hunter. Joe said he was speaking about his son Beau. Where did that come from? Beau was never part of the conversations I’ve heard of surrounding Joe Biden except for the fact that Hunter “dated” Beau’s widow. Perhaps that fact in itself is too much like “Tobacco Road” for conservative people much less the infamous “laptop” information which apparently has been ignored.

    • I surely remember Hunter marrying his sister in law Beau’s widow then shortly there after he was defending himself in a paternity suit from a stripper he banged one night in a drugged stupor .
      He never appeared before the court, but the stripper finally won , of course the msm will never pursue this .
      Perfect democrat though …..

  3. Pelosi is insanely leading the house to charge President Trump for insurrection, yet she is the leader of the true insurrection that we have been observing for the past 4 years.
    The media is the mouth piece of the insurrection. False information clearly propaganda being presented as reality and truth. The insurrection was not initiated by the President BUT by corrupted governors and election officials who violated state and federal law to enable illegal votes to be counted . This is the insurrection when hundred of thousands of fraudulent ballots were counted between 3am and 5am without validation in multiple states. Insurrection took place when congress who swore to defend and support the constitution violated it by enabling illegals votes to be the deciding element to falsely place in the office of the president Joe Biden. THAT IS THE INSURRECTION!

  4. Good grief .. now he will be selling his “ art” work for millions to the communists .

    Democrats sure can come up with scams folks .

  5. What they are not telling you about meth is wounce you inject or smoke it you will be hooked on it for the rest of your life. Also don’t let them in your house as they will look at what ever they see so they can break into your house when you are not home and steal what they can get so they will have enough money to buy more as they are now hooked on meth, so Beware and if you douth what I have said speak to a councillor that treats drug attics to stay off meth as it can be dangerous to the user as well as people around them. I was introduced to this drug and I declined to smoke it, maybe you in don’t believe in God but I do and I believe that God told me to say no.

  6. One thing I have observed about evaluating art, the art thieves do not steal junk such as Hunter’s playing with this straw at the table.

    • Let’s hope so. This f-er needs to go to hell as soon as possible and take his crime boss ol’ man with him. Then what to do with the illegitimate Marxist VP?

    • Brett M. Short,
      I do not hope for anyone to overdose sooner or later, but that is the reality of the history of the addiction. My anger over what treachery that has been done to the American People and the legally elected president of 2016 and 2020 is very deep. The distain for members of congress who took an oath to defend and support the Constitution, without any indication of a honorable moral character, chose to ignored the intentional coup via the vote. The evidence of the crime is obvious but we are told to ignore it. The congress and other officials that turned a blind eye to the corrupt process they enabled had without state law or Constitutional guidance with out a twinge of a mature conscious handed our country to our enemies.

      As many have stated clearly this is the true insurrection and the coup, the illegal seizure of power from a legal government.

  7. Surely the Low iq’s in our society will believe these lies and swear till the day they die Obama and Biden were the most honest hardworking Americans ever .


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