Fascist Facebook Banned Journalist For Pointing Out The “All-Inclusive” Left’s Blatant Anti-Semitism

(TeaParty.org) – Facebook is a land of hypocrisy and double standards. You can be banned for literally no reason at all other than being a conservative or for simply pointing out hate if the hate comes from the Left. Conservatives have it tough on social media platforms. All of their political posts are deemed hateful and then they are banned and if they point out hate from the Left, that is also hateful! The Right just can’t seem to win.

In April, the New York Times published a political cartoon featuring President Trump wearing a yarmulke walking a dog on a leash, the dog being depicted as Benjamin Netanyahu. Obviously this is incredibly offensive. The New York Times tried to defend the cartoon by saying it was simply a picture of Netanyahu leading Trump but clearly this is not the case. Nobody puts a dog on a leash and lets the dog “lead.”

According to Fascism News,

Plus the NYT says, in their retraction, that Netanyahu is leading Trump, but it’s really Trump walking what the Nazi’s called “subhuman” around on a leash. That’s a misleading apology meant to curb one’s thinking away from the fact that the NYT meant to degrade Jews and Trump all in one fell swoop, and think they got away with it.

Clearly it is time for Jewish people, especially those in NY, to wake up and realize that the Democrats are an anti-Semitic organization and stop giving them their votes.

On fascist Facebook, one journalist was banned when they pointed out that the cartoon was offensive.

Fascism News reported:

A Natural News journalist (leaving name out here purposely) was recently banned from using Facebook at all because he/she simply commented under the cartoon the New York Times published, saying how racist the cartoon really is and the message being implied. Namely, that Nazis treated Jews like animals, and it’s obvious this is a demeaning message to all Trump Fans, all Jewish people, and especially to Benjamin Netanyahu, the most powerful man in Israel.

What hypocrisy!

If conservatives say anything true and factual on Facebook, that is considered ‘hate.’ It is true that the Nazis would walk Jews around on leashes to display how “subhuman” they believed them to be. Depicting Netanyahu is this way is absolutely, downright degrading. How can Facebook defend this kind of blatant racism? Probably because they agree with it.

The Left is anti-Israel and it shows.

You can only imagine the media circus that would erupt if a conservative outlet published a cartoon depicting Allah as a dog. It would be the only thing the media would talk about for days. All of social media would be filled with condemnation of it and no liberal would ever be banned for pointing out the cartoon was offensive to Muslims.

Such double standards!

This fascist censoring by social media giants has to stop. Trump is on the right track by having the likes of Google, Facebook, and Apple investigated. If we continue to allow Big Tech to censor us we won’t even have the freedom to write about it one day.

Call your elected representatives and insist they do more to fight our erosion of freedoms by Big Tech.