Far-Left Progressive Linda Sarsour Rallies Passive Muslims To Radicalize

January 11, 2019 11:14 am  

(TeaParty.org) – According to far-left Palestinian activist and Women’s March founder Linda Sarsour, President Trup was a “fascist,” while the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, was a human rights activist.

Go figure.

She made these comments, which were captured by the Middle East Media Research Institute, at a banquet in Sacramento, CA early December.

“This administration is not like any other administration. We are talking about a time in the United States of America when we are living under fascism. These are fascists,” she said.

She also criticized the President’s decision to move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem.

“I declare to all of you here today in Sacramento that Jerusalem is and always will be the capital of Palestine.”

She lamented that because her parents couldn’t afford private Islamic education growing up, she went to public high school.

“As I grew older, I realized that I got cheated out of my Islamic education,” she said.

“You know what I feel like I got cheated out of? Nobody told me that my beloved Prophet Muhammad was an activist. He was a human rights activist.”

She then asserted that Islam “has always been an anti-racist, feminist, and empowering religion.”

“I don’t need people in the West, or people in Europe, or people in the United States of America to teach me what feminism is,” she said.

She encouraged Muslims to get engaged politically, even if their mosques are not particularly molitical.

“Here’s my answer to (Muslims who say they’re not political). If you woke up this morning, and you are breathing and you are Muslim, you’re political.”

She ought to read more of the Koran, which says that women have half the intelligence of men, that it’s OK to rape women captured in war, and that black people make very good slaves.

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