Far Left Actor Keeps Twitter Acct. After Calling First Lady Melania Trump A “Dumb FKC!” — Conservative Actor James Woods Suspended For Posting Photo Of Top Democrat Passed Out Naked During Hotel Orgy

(Gateway Pundit) – Actor Michael Rapaport viciously attacked Melania Trump after she shared a video on Twitter encouraging Americans during the coronavirus crisis.

In the clip, the FLOTUS suggested safety tips and reminded Americans that even though they’re apart, they’re all together amid the pandemic.

Above: James Woods, Michael Rapaport

Here is what Rapaport said to America’s First Lady.

Michael Rapaport still has his account and is posing more insults at conservative women.

Meanwhile conservative actor James Woods posted a photo of passed out Democrat Andrew Gillum at a sex orgy in Florida. The photo was blurred out.

James Woods’ account was temporarily suspended for posting the photo that had been published in several news outlets.

The photo was a real shot from Gillum’s party room in Miami.

This is how the tech giants work to erase Freedom of Speech in America.

If you are a leftist you can threaten and harass any conservative woman of your choosing.

If you are a conservative you cannot post a blurred photo of a Democrat passed out at gay orgy.



  1. The ultimate illustration of ideological media hypocrisy still accessible in America today! FCC and FTC both definitely need to get involved!

  2. It just tells me that the CEO of Twittie bird is scared from getting backlash from the liberals. He is a scared little man trying to find his balls. That guy better be careful what he says to others comes back twice as hard.


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