“Fact-Checking” Website Snopes Gets Serious Fact-Check Of Its Own…By Conservative Media

November 8, 2018 5:27 pm  

(TeaParty.org) – Snopes, the notoriously biased “fact-checking” website that is run by a motley crew of progressives, has become a laughing stock among conservatives, although it also often serves as a barometer for how impactful a conservative outlet is.

If you’ve been fact-checked by Snopes, there’s a good chance you’ve officially arrived.

Unsurprisingly, Snopes has become the official fact-checking site the thought police at Facebook rely upon to judge the reliability of claims made by news outlets.

So while they routinely ignore articles that imply eclipses perpetuate institutional racism, they’re sure to show up if you shed a harsh light on a Democrat’s campaign.

Breitbart, no stranger to Snopes’ prying eyes, found itself the subject of a very serious line of questioning from the fact-checking site last week after posting pictures of the Black Panthers campaigning for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate for Georgia, Stacy Abrams.

“Over the weekend, Breitbart News — among other media outlets — published explosive photographs of armed Black Panthers campaigning for Abrams, holding up her campaign sign while also holding up various guns,” Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle shared Monday.

“In the story, Breitbart News included a quote from the campaign of her GOP opponent, Brian Kemp, calling on her to denounce the radicals campaigning for her.”

The story, naturally, caught a lot of attention on social media and was even picked up by major news outlets

Enter Snopes, who was quite concerned as to how Breitbart had obtained the pictures.

“On Monday, a self-identified ‘reporter’ for Snopes, Bethania Palma, reached out to Breitbart News with a series of questions about the Black Panther report,” Breitbart reported.

The questions themselves were telling.

“None of the questions implies anything was inaccurate about the report,” Breitbart explained. “Facebook relies on Snopes as an official ‘fact checker’ to detect fake news and misinformation on the platform, along with a small group of other primarily left-wing organizations including Politifact.”

Here are some of the questions from Palma:

“The story says Breitbart ‘obtained’ images of the Black Panthers. Where did Breitbart obtain the images from?”

“Why does Breitbart quote the Kemp campaign with no obvious effort to get comment from the Abrams campaign?”

“Why did Breitbart use the term ‘lobby’ in the headline?”

“Breitbart normally takes a pro-gun stance. Does Breitbart maintain that stance when the gun owners are black?”

“Did anyone at Breitbart make an effort to contact the New Black Panther Party for comment?”

These questions are plainly combative, and appear to be those of someone to whom it would be most inconvenient to know the Black Panthers were indeed campaigning for Abrams.

The last question is particularly humorous, however, considering the Breitbart report would have been greatly enhanced with a quote from the New Black Panther Party themselves.

Breitbart, undeterred by Palma’s challenges, did a little “fact-checking” of their own: into Palma’s own bias.

“Just a quick glance at Palma’s Twitter account or at her history of writing for radical leftist outlet Alternet shows a hard leftist mentality, one quick to accuse Trump of being ‘racist’ (the latest is a series of tweets attacking the president’s campaign ad on the migrant caravan as such) or linking Trump to the Ku Klux Klan any way she can — a history dating back years, as Breitbart News has reported about Palma before,” the publication writes.

So, they, in turn, sent some prying questions back to Palma about her ability to objectively fact-check their report:

“1.) Why can anyone trust Snopes to be an independent authority on fact-checking when you personally are so clearly biased in favor of leftists?

“2.) You implied in your questions to us that our story had something to do with race. The story clearly did not. What made you think that? Please be specific.

“3.) In your questions to us, you did not indicate that there was anything even close to inaccurate in our story. So, again, please be specific: what exactly are you ‘fact checking’?

“4.) Do you send similar lists of questions to outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and others on their reporting?”

“Palma has not replied to our request for comment before publication,” Breitbart notes.

Not surprising, but no doubt there is a Scope’s article “debunking” Breitbart’s claim on its way anyway…

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