‘F*** Trump!’ Thug Filmed Destroying Woman’s Trump Stand While Shouting Racial Slurs

The video appears to have been filmed by an accomplice as the two seemingly drive off together in the same vehicle

(Infowars) – Viral video shared Sunday on social media shows an African-American teenager destroying a White woman’s Trump stand while shouting racial slurs at her and screaming, “F*** Trump!”

“F*** Donald Trump, n*gga!” the assailant shouts while shoving over a woman’s stand with various Trump shirts and other merchandise. “Park gang, n*gga! F*** Donald Trump, n*gga! F*** Trump, n*gga! Gangland n*gga! F*** you, b*tch!”

The video appears to have been filmed by an accomplice as the two seemingly drive off together in the same vehicle:

Here’s two images of the assailant via Twitter user ColonelUSAR:

Unfortunately, I can’t yet find any word on where it occurred.

The scene is awfully reminiscent of the BLM mob a little over a week ago in Rochester, New York invading a restaurant and shoving over diners’ plates and drinks while chanting for white people to hand over their property.

As BLM and the media have informed us, Black folks are terrified White people and especially White cops will shoot them at any moment for the slightest misstep.

As videos like these and hundreds of others make clear, they have to live their lives in constant fear because they can be shot at any second just for buying skittles or going for a jog.

As critical race theory expert Ashleigh Shackelford taught us, all white people are racist and literal demons so anything bad done to them by oppressed folks like these is inherently justified.



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  3. BLM. is a THUG group. It was born from a thug who Barrack Obama gave praise to and the GREEN LIGHT to murder American Police Officers. What you are seeing is Obama’s fallout. Blacks never left the JUNGLE! YOU CAN TAKE THEM OUT OF THE JUNGLE BUT YOU CAN’T TAKE THE JUNGLE OUT OF THEM. My granddad my a Medical Professional. He left his beautiful Scotland to give their ugly ass some education, because he thought he was helping them into a good life. His comment when he came back was, they will never be civilized or productive. He was so dam right. I have friends who visited in South Africa, and they say its a hell hole for real humans. beings and animals there. I belong to animal groups, my God its so evil how those negroes brutalize animals. They are aggressive, violent, and primitive. This in their DNA. PERIOD!!

  4. Just like the KKK was sued and assets ceased, BLM can also be sued and held accountable for their criminal actions. BLM is a corporation; Black lives Matter Global Foundation Inc. They have received $5 billion in donations in the last 16 years. They skim 3.95% off the top and thats $197 million. They have offices in most major cities in the US and Canada. BLMGNF Inc. is a 501C3 corp but they are not tax exempt so they use shadow corps to funnel money to Dem and Socialist/ Communist causes and politicians. They are an international organization and have salaried officers and employees; not a grass roots org. Where the hell is the DoJ/ FBI on this one? VOTE2020

  5. Get in protesters’ faces and photograph them. Send it to the police AND media. Pull their masks down. It’s not assault as they’re involved in criminal activity. If touched, take a dive and claim injury and sue.

    It’s also time to carry both open and concealed and to use deadly force if attacked. Don’t start it, but end it with extreme prejudice.

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  7. Had a black female sergeant major in Syracuse. She was the most racist person I’ve ever encountered. Favored and covered up for other black Soldiers. Many of the African American folks I run into don’t even hide it. My point is I’m seeing way more racism coming from black folks than white. By a mile. Nobody is saying a word about that. Almost seems because of racism and slave ownership in the past they have a right to be nasty now. I also don’t hear anyone taking about behavior when it comes to the question of police brutality. I’ve been stopped a number of times in my life by our friends in blue. Always when I was doing something wrong or incorrectly. I kept my hands where they could be seen, gave the greeting of the day, and asked how I could help. 50% of the time I’d get a ticket 50% of the time a warning. Every time I was on my way in 15 minutes or so and alive and well to carry on with life. Not sure how anyone can figure resisting, fleeing, and fighting police is ever going to end well. It seems in almost all these cases the perp is the one escalating the violence and then when things go bad it’s the officers fault. The deceased man in Rochester just up the thruway was on angel dust, naked, after a failed suicide attempt. I would argue the man did himself in. Maybe if folks weren’t driving dirty, fleeing, resisting, and fighting bad things wouldn’t happen to them. I know a half dozen folks in law enforcement. None of them sets out to hunt down folks of color. They all just want their community to be safe and to make it home safely to their Families at the end of the day. I say again the conversation needs to be shifted immediately to the behavior of the one resisting.

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  9. This is what LOW CLASS RACIST BLM thugs do ! I am sure that they thought, that they had done a clever thing, when all they did do was to make voters DISLIKE them even MORE ! VOTE for Trump in 2020 ! He is the only thing between SAVING this Country, or complete ANARCHY, VIOLENCE, and a LOSS of FREEDOM , if the Democrats get into office !

  10. The American people are getting a small taste of what the left desires for the direction they would take this country under a Harris Biden administration. No Free Speech, no 2 Amendment rights, no freedom of association, No freedom of individuality at all. Is that what we want? Not this American.

    • Scratch Biden altogether. He’s toast. Harris will probably pick Nanzi as VP after Biden is put in a nursing home.

  11. The left no longer believes in freedom of speech. It is one of the reasons they cannot win in November. And they always seem to use violence to make their point.

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