Ex-Treasury Staffer With Links To Andrew Weissmann And Bruce Ohr Pleads Guilty In Court For Leaking Classified Info To Liberal Hack Reporters

(Gateway Pundit) – Former US Treasury Department staffer Natalie Edwards pleaded guilty Monday to a single count of conspiracy after leaking classified documents to liberal reporters to hurt Donald Trump.

Natalie Edwards admitted before Manhattan federal court Judge Gregory Woods to leaking secrets to a Buzzfeed reporter about the Mueller investigation.

As Joe Hoft at The Gateway Pundit reported back in October 18, 2018, Natalie Edwards is linked to dirtbag Andrew Weissman and corrupt DOJ official Bruce Ohr.

Ms. Edwards, who leaked the documents related to the Manafort case, was interviewed by Ronan Farrow in 2018. It now looks like that was an attempt by her to set herself up as a whistle blower rather than the leaker she is:

Ms. Edwards leaked the FinCEN documents to Jason Leopold, a reporter for BuzzFeed according to Wednesday’s announcement by Manhattan federal prosecutors. Hidden in the DOJ complaint is the fact that Edwards’s BOSS at FinCEN is a criminal co-conspirator and he holds the title of Associate Director.

Investigative reporter Sean Davis reported that there are only six positions at FinCEN with that title (associate director) –

The woman arrested for criminally leaking confidential bank information on Trump associates isn’t the only leaker. The DOJ complaint notes that HER BOSS at FinCEN is a criminal co-conspirator. There are only six positions at FinCEN with that title (associate director). pic.twitter.com/KadGyWrkz4

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) October 17, 2018

Additional reporting from Sean Davis shows that one of the Assistant Directors at FinCEN is Thomas Ott. Mr. Ott worked for Fusion GPS collaborator Bruce Ohr at the DOJ. Also, Mr. Ott worked for RICO with Andrew Weissmann at the DOJ –

Weissmann is part of the Mueller ‘witch hunt’. He is known for his seedy actions in the past. Weissmann destroyed thousands of Arthur Anderson lives in the early 2000’s when his actions were considered ‘over reaching’ by the courts. Unfortunately, Arthur Anderson was out of business when the verdict was received.

Also a couple of days before being added to the corrupt Mueller ‘witch hunt’ team, Weissmann met with AP reporters and then the AP released an article about suspicious financial activity by Manafort –

8. April 11, 2017 – Weissman (then DOJ Fraud Division) leaks to AP reporters information about alleged suspicious financial activity by Manafort:https://t.co/gYYJmLe1Ej

— REX (@_ImperatorRex_) October 18, 2018

It’s suspected that the AP article was sourced with information from Weissman and the only way Weissman could have supplied the information to the AP was through the FinCEN. This information is classified and if Weissmann provided it, it may have been leaked to him by the individuals indicted yesterday. (Remember Weissman and Mr. Ott are connected.)

8. AP publish the article below the day AFTER the meeting with Weissmann, April 12.

Er…where did Weissmann get this information? It could only be FinCEN sourced, as it related to Manafort suspicious activity as far back as 2007:https://t.co/sXYyOIU7Ht

— REX (@_ImperatorRex_) October 18, 2018

This may be the tip of the iceberg. Tony Shaffer, retired Intel Operative, states that many more need to be arrested and hints that more are yet to come –

Miss Edwards faces up to five years in prison.

Featured image credit: Alexandria Sheriff’s Department



  1. Make an example and give her the maximum sentence. Most of us don’t think that will happen. It will be the little slap on the wrist.


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