ESPN Host Attacks Former MLB Player For Teaching His Children About The 2nd Amendment

The social justice cancer has affected ESPN.

(Big League Politics) – ESPN has claimed that they are removing themselves from the political discussion, but the mask has slipped after former MLB player Aubrey Huff made a patriotic posts about teaching his kids to shoot earlier this week.

Huff made the comment on Tuesday that he was teaching his kids to shoot in the case that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) defeated President Donald Trump in next year’s political election, and they would have to fight to keep their rights during a socialist takeover of America.

The original tweet can be seen here:

After Huff’s post went viral, the Left started a digital lynch mob against him. It was led by ESPN anchor Kenny Mayne, who claimed that Huff posted “a threat of political violence.” He also went out of his way to inject race into the issue.

Deranged leftists attempted to call federal authorities on Huff, and made comments that his children should be kidnapped from him because he taught his children about the real meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

Huff refused to be bullied as the witch hunt came for him, and he embarrassed some of his detractors publicly. He even admonished Hollywood actors Colin Hanks, Tom Arnold and Kathy Griffin for their attacks against him.

Overall, Huff was emboldened by the response. The left-wing cancel culture was unable to do anything to hurt him or his family, and he received an overwhelming reception from thousands of patriots who supported his comment.

ESPN recently altered their company policy to essentially ban political takes from their on-air personalities. This comes after “woke” leftist content in the Obama era angered their fans and jeopardized the profitability of the iconic sports network.

However, the employees at ESPN are revolting against the policy, and the network’s administrators are seemingly unwilling to do anything to punish offenders:

The iconic sports network ESPN finds itself in a serious bind. After embracing woke identity politics while Obama was President and doubling down with constant ‘Orange Man Bad’ coverage after Trump replaced him, the network is attempting to put the genie back in the bottle and ignore politics altogether.

The only problem is their analysts, many of whom are social justice warriors who have been immersed in the fake news ecosystem for their entire careers, are not going along with the program despite the fact that it is what their fans want.

ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro is trying to undo the damage that was done largely before he came into power 17 months ago, but is running into roadblocks…

ESPN host Dan Le Betard, who wrote for the Miami Herald from 1990-2016, is openly defying the orders from his boss as he feels that the sports network should be a vehicle for his leftist political beliefs.

“We here at ESPN don’t have the stomach for the fight. We don’t talk about what is happening unless there is some sort of weak, cowardly sports angle that we can run it through,” said Le Betard, who clearly believes every facet of modern life should be relentlessly politicized.

Pitaro was put in charge after a turbulent 2017 that saw previous president John Skinner resign after an alleged case of extortion, and the network become a political football for the White House after former host Jemele Hill called Trump a white supremacist on her Twitter account. Pitaro was appointed as a fixer of sorts to rid the institution of its obvious political bias.

However, Pitaro is buckling under the pressure. Le Batard will remain on the air despite his outburst and violation of protocol. With next year’s presidential election right around the corner, other leftists on staff know there will be no consequences for their actions.

ESPN made a huge mistake by producing woke leftist content, and they cannot put the genie back in the bottle after foolishly embracing social justice activism.


  1. At least we KNOW who the TREASONISTIC Traitors are . . . It looks like ESPN is NOT Patriotic. I wouldn’t trust these REPROBATES to tell me anything but FAKE news. I don’t listen to them anyway – they’re NOT worth the BOTHER or time wasted.

  2. ESPN needs to mind it’s own damn business. I think it’s great that Aubrey Huff is teaching his kids gun safety and teaching them to shoot. It is a lot of fun to go to the range and target practice, keep up the good work.

  3. ESPN is wrong !!!! This fathers is giving his boys what they MIGHT need to survive..Good Insurance..If you need it , it is there and if you do not GOOD but it is still there !!!

  4. Kathy Griffin, at her best when modeling the squat stool, has an unflattering face shape but, WOW, to compound that with bad hair styles. She will never learn.

  5. This article is so stupid. ESPN did not rebuke Huff for “teaching his kids about the second amendment” as the headline states. Some ESPN folks rebuked Huff for the implication that if Sanders becomes President, a violent takeover would be possible, including “head shots”. Yes, that is a violent theat, no matter how you slice it.

    Bringing Kathy Griffin into this is also stupid. She did something stupid, and her career is pretty much over as a result. I never hear anything from her these days. So she did get repercussions from her stupid actions. I wonder what repercussions are appropriate for Huff with a not-so-veiled threat of political violence?

    If Huff had just said “I taught my kids to shoot today” and left it at that, the only criticism he may have gotten could have been whether the kids are too young to handle firearms. That would have been the gist of it. But since HE made his post political, and violent, then the reactions are reasonable. Again, HE was the one that started with the political rant. I don’t expect any of you dumb azzes here to agree with me, but then again, people with a total of 5 functioning brain cells that believe what they read on this site have no capacity to understand reason.

    • To think these leftist idiots have the right to free speech and all they can come up with is ridiculous comments about conservative Americans who love the country, the constitution, law and order, and are willing to fight to protect it. Let’s face it . . . those fools who slam America and our tradition-loving patriots, should get out of here instead of trying to pick a fight with real Americans, impeach our duly elected president, and preach their BS in the countries they would be assuredly be welcomed in (Korea, Russia, China, Cuba, etc). As usual, they are all BIG MOUTH RETARDS who pretend to be tough-guys but are about as macho as Liberace and Jussie Smollett

    • your rationale is pure BS and you know it.. its your liberal socialist mentality showing and not your 5 brain cells you dont have.

    • Thanks for posting your responses. It is easy to see that none of you have any brains at all and were unable to logically refute ANYTHING I said. Typical Tea Party garbage.

  6. ESPN …if it wasn’t for their college football programing I would never watch it. ESPN’s Kenny Mayne’s politics…lol… say what you will… I say Molon Labe!

  7. Aubry Huff is absolutely correct. We will NOT allow the socialists to impose their parasitical agenda on this country. With arms if necessary. This whole thing, around the world, is a war of the producers versus the usurpers. It is that simple. Every event, every confrontation, every political platform can be distilled down to that. PU.

  8. ESPN is a joke!! Someone needs tell the heads of ESPN to start acting like ADULTS!!! These dime a dozen announcers should be fired. It’s letting the lunatics run the asylum!! Do these announcers really think most people care what they think? No where does it say anything in their name does it call itself anything but a SPORTS network!!!

  9. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government, I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory. If you agree this information is correct, you can do your part like I am by spreading it around.

    • Sure, because Beck and Breitbart are the voices of knowledge and reason, right? OMG, how STUPID are you exactly? You really believe they are not conspiracy theorists? Please get your brain examined NOW!!!

  10. Had Huff posted that he was teaching his kids to be responsible gun users for the purpose of being capable to protect themselves responsibly, and to respect what it means to be a responsible gun owner, I don’t think anyone would have had a problem with his post. But he insinuating he was teaching his kids to be prepared, in the event liberals (socialist) took power, to combat socialism. He’s teaching them an ideology that liberals and socialist are the enemy and we have to be prepared to combat them with guns. That may not be what he intended, but his words can be interpreted by his kids that we need to learn how to shoot so we can be prepared to fight socialism in the event it takes over. That is not the message our children should be getting and that’s not a good reason for learning about guns. Many of the attacks against Huff were unwarranted, people need to respond with respect and point out the dangerous message Huff was taking his kids.

  11. Sports television has been in the gutter for awhile and has completely lost my interest. It’s unfortunate that the “Lefties” contaminate everything they touch. To bad, so sad.

  12. Aubrey Huff….keep teaching your kids right from wrong….because everything these people say is wrong!….they are nothing but b list pudding heads!…the brainwashed masses!

    • Lynch Mob, YOU are part of the brainwashed masses on THIS SITE! You are just too stupid to see it. This site is here to rile you up with false info because you don’t know better, and they are here to MAKE MONEY OFF YOU. The constant ads you see, including the tripe you get in your inbox that originate from this site, are sent to you because they think you’re gullible. I am not going to waste my time explaining this more, because they might just censor my post anyway.

  13. True Liberals would listen – discuss – present logical views – AND you got done you would agree to disagree / live and let live AND go on about your life taking care that YOU did the right things recognizing that not everyone sees things the same way –
    so you repeat their points of view.
    That’s a TRUE LIBERAL ! Todays “liberals” are arrogant, self righteous bigots and bullies who attack viciously in the guise of “intelligence”. Today’s liberal is a prime candidate to be a nazi – brown shirt type who would have marched the streets for
    Adolph being ready to beat up anyone who doesn’t agree with them OR anyone that THEY decide THEY don’t like ! Today’s “liberal” hates the Constitution, the 10
    Commands, Religions, and so on because those things set standards and these
    selfish people think that THEY have all the answers. Somehow attacking others seems to give them a sense of worth because they live valueless lives ! Time to
    ignore these worms and go fishing !

  14. ESPN sucks now and has for years. The “Coons” are taking over everything so naturally everything is going to hell. Just like they did when they took “Their” country(Africa) back. Farms failing, economy sucks, murders. tribal wars, slave trading(Still) Yea, they do real well when they are in control. The white man built the world. We’d still be in loin cloths for clothes if not for the white man. The Coons are to busy stealing, raping and plundering to work . Not all, but most.

    • Countryboy, pure unfounded racist tripe. This wasn’t a racial issue or topic. Racism like yours is always uncalled for.
      -Conservative, Independent

    • Countryboy, racist statements like yours is what the Left has pointed out as being the base of the Tea Party. Thanks for proving it.

    • Thank you duke and boone for proving once again that the racist undertone of the Tea Party, as exhibited by the original post, is NOT an outlier. I think Terrance is the outlier in the Tea Party, as he was the ONLY one to think it was worth to comment on the extreme racism posted here. This clearly shows what the tea party is all about.

  15. I nominate KENNY MAINE [MANE?] , for the First “Kathy Griffin Award” for stupid communist remarks.
    He is the real reason that all should look too , for his total hatred of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights . He is the Poster child for sissy boys, Kathy [not funny] Griffin is the one for the wanna be “ladies” .
    Both represent what is best called , “Politique de la main tendue “. Translated,”Policy of the extended hand.” Translated, these two represent those who want everything for nothing.

  16. ESPN has shown their face and my recommendations would be to stop vieweing any sport on ESPN. the sponsors will get the picture or maybe the front office will get it straightened out first. You sometimes can’t change what people think or say but you may be able to control where they say it and to whom and when they say it to


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