Eric Eggers: Detroit Has 30,000 More Registered Voters Than Citizens Of Legal Voting Age

(Breitbart) – Government Accountability Institute Research Director Eric Eggers, author of Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election, says the city of Detroit, Michigan has at least 30,000 more registered voters on their voter rolls than citizens even eligible to vote.

This week, Michigan’s Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, announced that the state would send absentee ballot applications — not actual absentee ballots — to 7.7 million voters. In response, President Trump threatened to withhold funding from the state.

In an exclusive interview with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Tonight, Eggers said ineligible voters could end up receiving mail-in ballots because Detroit’s voter rolls have at least 30,000 more registered voters on them than citizens who are eligible to vote.

“I do think it’s fair to kind of raise eyebrows and some alarms at what’s happening in a state like Michigan … of course, we want people to be able to vote without imperiling their own health,” Eggers said. “But it’s the problems with the voter rolls. The fact remains that many of the voter rolls in this country, 1-in-8 according to the Supreme Court, 24 million voter registrations are wrong or partially inaccurate.”

“In the city of Detroit … according to a lawsuit filed just last year, the city of Detroit itself has over 30,000 more registered voters than citizens of legal voting age,” Eggers continued.

“30,000 people in Detroit at least will receive … an absentee ballot request form,” Eggers said. “Well Donald Trump only won Michigan by less than 11,000 votes in 2016. So this is a state that if it flips … the margins are very small here.”

Eggers said Michigan officials should look to recent mail-in voting problems in Wisconsin’s April 7 primary elections where at least 30,000 mail-in votes were counted after Election Day.


“It led to all kinds of problems in terms of employees weren’t ready for it, the system became overloaded, you had people working over 100 hours a week, you had ballots being misplaced and then not actually being counted and cast,” Eggers said. “It wasn’t exactly perfectly executed.”

“I think this just underscores the dirty secret of the American election system, and that’s this: We remain a third world country when it comes to election technology,” Eggers said.

Detroit has more than 2,500 dead people on its voter rolls, 4,788 registered voters who have been flagged as having potentially registered to vote twice or even three times, and about 16,500 registered voters allegedly do not have dates when they actually registered to vote, according to a lawsuit filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

Recent data has not shown a compelling public health justification for mail-in voting. Wisconsin is one of the only states that held its primary election with in-person voting after the nation’s coronavirus lockdowns began. About 52 of more than 400,000 people were confirmed to have contracted the virus after participating either as voters or poll workers, and none of those cases was fatal. Out of the 413,000 participants, that equals an infection rate below two-hundredths of one percent. Just days later, South Korea held national elections which did not result in any new coronavirus cases.


  1. detroit is a liberal democrat communist city.and communist always have more voters than registered residents!

  2. DemoCraps best at producing FRAUD. Scratch vote by mail.
    Need to set up booths that are 6’ apart & social distancing.
    Fix where we could vote safely & definitely have to show ID.
    You go to the grocery stores, post offices, etc. what’s the difference. Tired of DemoCraps lie, cheat there way through everything. I want to be able to vote with using my ID where it’s done LEGALLY *********** Screw the DemoCraps. NOT a honest bone in there body.

  3. And no libraturd democrat will admit that this is a problem!!! They intend to destroy our Constitutional Republic from within!!!

  4. The Democrats plan to do this in EVERY State ! This is how they are planning to STEAL the re election of President Trump. We HAVE to STOP this FRAUD !

    • Yeah, lets have voting by mail and let the trust worth Pelosi, Schumer and and all the mulions HARVEST THEM. What is really bad though is there are Millions of people out there that seem not to care!

      But I said it b/4 and I will say it again if the stupid GOP barters with their last distructive relief package their NUTS. If I were McConnell it think I would call a press meeting and pointedly tear up page by page with a smirk on my face and say this is what I think of their new bill. DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

  5. I’m 76 yrs. old and in bad health. If I can drag my old ass to the poles everyone else can also. No votes for dead, illegals, and frauds.

  6. This is the third story I have seen this week of what looks like voter fraud in 3 different Democrat lead states. I think all states should have to completely purge the voter roles and voters should have to re-register BEFORE (say 10 days) the next election (having to show proper ID – no mail in registrations). Then the voters should be required to go into a polling place (unless they are military) on election day to cast ballots.

  7. Absentee voting of ANY kind should only be for if work calls one away, or for the truly infirmed. The same goes for “early voting”. If you don’t care enough about voting that you set your vacation for that time, then you cede the opportunity.

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