Epic: New York Business Owners Take Matters Into Their Own Hands Amid Increased Tyrannical Lockdowns

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The American people are sick and tired of the way that Democrat leaders have leveraged the coronavirus crisis to impose increasingly unconstitutional and flat-out tyrannical mandates on their citizens in the name of “public health.”

All the while, the same leaders shutting down their states happily threw their support behind widespread protesting and—let’s be real here—the criminal riots that so often followed all summer long.

Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan, has shocked and awed a freedom-loving people with not only her dramatically far-reaching mandates to keep small businesses shut down, people in their homes, and children stranded without in-person classes, but the hypocrisy of her own husband trying to take his boat out on the water when no one else was allowed to and her own appearance at a Black Lives Matter protest where she kneeled side-by-side with other activists in a very un-socially distanced crowd.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, meanwhile, has kept his state on lockdown and forced COVID-positive patients into nursing homes exposing the most venerable population of New Yorkers to the virus as those with a 99.9% survivability rate in the general under-70 public watched their businesses suffer and their economy crash all around them as they stayed in their homes.

He then went on to both write a book about his handling of the crisis—and has even been nominated for an Emmy for his televised appearances.

Seriously, this is real life.

New York business owners are absolutely sick and tired of Cuomo’s hypocrisy and, in the face of a fresh wave of lockdowns threatening small business owners in the Empire State, some seem to have taken matters into their own hands.

A video has gone viral showing an Orchard Park, Buffalo gym where owners ordered local “health inspectors” off their property.

Deputies from the Erie County Sheriff’s Office escorted officials from the county Health Department to Athletes Unleashed, where 100 local business owners had met to brainstorm how to cope with the Orange Zone lockdown restrictions that had just gone into effect, according to WGRZ 2 (H/T BizPac Review).

As gatherings of over 10 people are now restricted in the state, officials showed up to break up the meeting.

It didn’t work out well for them.

“This is private property. You’re not wanted here,” some of the business owners shouted at the Orwellian entourage.

“Go get a warrant,” the officials were told.

The business owners also urged the authorities to have compassion for those who are watching their livelihoods crumble.

Chants of “get out, get out” broke out as the health department officials and deputies finally left the gym.

The owner of the health facility, ex-Marine Robby Dinero, told the local NBC affiliate that he had organized the meeting to protest the severe mandates he and his peers are yet again being subject to.

“I am a local business owner. My business is now shut down for the second time, so I posted on Facebook that anybody that wanted to fight back, any other business owners that wanted to learn how we could fight back against New York State, could join me for a protest at my gym,” Dinero explained.

“New York State has shuttered what it describes as ‘high-risk’ businesses, including gyms, barbershops and hair salons in areas of Erie County designated as an “orange zone.” Indoor dining has also been banned at restaurants and bars, which already have to stop serving everything but takeout food by 10 p.m.,” the local coverage explained.

Tim Walton took the now-viral video and also shared comments made by another local business owner who had wished to remain unnamed.

“We are struggling. Our livelihoods have been taken. Our income has been controlled. Our freedoms have been taken away and many of us are about to lose everything we’ve worked for and they want us to sit there and not stand up?” this person said.

“How can they tell you to close your business, then argue that you can’t even meet to come up with ways to survive — and meanwhile there’s no help from the government and very few elected officials even standing up for businesses and it’s starting to be noticed,” he added.

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  1. Let us insert a bit of reality into this firestorm of pandemic fear and lockdown mentality by democratic administrators. From the John Hopkins web site.

    “Conclusion. During the 2019-2020 influenza season, CDC estimates that influenza was associated with 38 million illnesses, 18 million medical visits, 405,000 hospitalizations, and 22,000 deaths ( as of )Oct 6, 2020. . .”

    Yet these idiots who bear the authority of mayors and governors have with held valid therapeutics from us and then imposed strangling restrictive policies destroying lives and businesses but no lock downs now or in the past for the flu.

    • I might add that on of the reporting from John Hopkin’s death records, the deaths are singly attributed to the flu and were not associated with falling off a ladder or a car crash or a motorcycle accident, heart attack or any other lethal medical issue, thus flu deaths were not mingled with the deaths with other causes as has been evident in the tally for covid-19 deaths leaving into question the intentions of the people promoting the numbers of virus illness and deaths along with promoting the heightened intensity of fear of this highly contagious virus as they demonize the simple and cure of Hydroxychloquine. Instead they opt for destroying social interactions and our businesses. Interesting!

  2. RJ O’Guillory Our President, may “hang (his) head in shame” for raising me, but I do the best I can with his genes. Baron’s the only smart really kid, because Melania is SO smart!

  3. ” The American people are sick and tired of the way that Democrat leaders have leveraged the coronavirus crisis to impose increasingly unconstitutional and flat-out tyrannical mandates on their citizens in the name of “public health.”

    When the democrats keep poo-pooing the cures that have a valid track record for saving lives. I think the keeping of the feared pandemic is a good ring in the nose of the public for the democrats to have control. The controls and lock downs are not reducing the virus infection rate.

  4. Till the People in these States and Cities being RUINED by Democraps start to say NO and end their Dictatorships they will keep at it taking their freedoms. Democraps HATE AMERICA and with their taking over the Education System they have created mindless fools starving for their marching orders.

  5. As for the failure of whoever wrote this article to do math:

    you get a 0.1% death rate by dividing the 267,000 deaths by 330,000,000 which is the entire population of the USA. That is nonsensical because only 12,600,000 people have so far had the disease in this country.

    Dividing the 267,000 deaths by the 12,600,000 ill yields a death rate of 2.1%; twenty times as high.

  6. The restrictions to businesses are based on how likely their business contribute to the virus’ spread. In NY there were 30,000 deaths in a roughly 6 week period April-May. Using only restrictions (no medical treatment, much less a cure, was in sight then) NY cut the count sharply by June, and had less than 3,000 over the next 6 months. Gradually businesses reopened; but now the deaths are starting to rise again, mostly fueled by covidiots. That means restrictions, which are still the only effective way to stop outbreak-level spread, need to be used again, in a targeted way if the spread doesn’t mushroom.

    • …Cuomo killed the majority of those people in NY by sending them back to nursing homes. He wanted to kill as many people as possible in order to use the virus to oppress NY and control the outcome of the election. I noticed you failed to mention the tens of thousands of elderly deaths Cuomo and his Democrat Governor traitors are responsible for, as well as the nearly 40,000 alleged CV deaths that The CDC was forced to recode last week as heart attacks, poisonings and accidents. Take away the dead elderly who were killed on purpose, take away the lies of miscoded CV deaths, and you don’t even have a bad flu season. And that is before they have to admit that the flu is miraculously down 95% this year, or before they have to tell the truth and recode all those other stroke, dementia and cancer deaths which we were told were CV deaths. I hope you and Cuomo eventually legally dangle from a rope for your treason. Whomever raised you should hang their head in shame.

    • Cuomo received an award for his failures, just because he’s progressive liberal trash . Just like this fake Eric !!!!

    • RJ O’Guillory Chopperpilot Great to read your Trump fan fiction! Can’t wait to read your tales of the current times’ death counts, which are outdoing even the “fictional” death rates in March-May; and mostly in Red states. Yes, you are having your way now (more maskless people; less social distancing; probably never washing ANY parts of your bodies) and the body counts are greater than when the nation was caught by a surprise pandemic, but had restrictions that saved lives. Some Republican governors who don’t have the heart (or stupidity) to kill their own voters are belatedly enacting restrictions; to late to save some citizens. Now we are dying off at a faster rate, you and your camp own every single death. No “Dems are lying”, no “China did this”, no “we don’t know how to deal with this.” All yours! So take this ball and run with it, because you can’t run from it.

      BTW, the vote counts show Trump would have carried Michigan and Wisconsin (and been re-elected) if he hadn’t killed quite so many of his voters in those and other states. A great strategy!

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