Epic: Gab CEO Restores ALL of President Trump’s Tweets from Twitter And Big Tech Can’t Do A Thing To Shut It Down

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – America’s Big Tech Oligarchy wasted no time in completely shutting down and banning President Trump after last week’s incident at the Capitol building.

Though President Trump did not say anything that anyone with a brain could interpret as encouraging or inciting violence, he has been held solely responsible for the events that unfolded on Jan. 6.

Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms have claimed that they have to permanently ban the President to keep the public safe. They actually have the audacity to say that by silencing his rhetoric it will prevent real life violence.

Funny how these sites haven’t cared about actual violent rhetoric from leftists over the last four years especially when it resulted in actual violence and riots across the US.

President Trump has been the biggest supporter of law enforcement and not a single one of his rallies has ever resulted in violent outbursts. He has repeatedly condemned the violence of the left that went on for months and it was leftist politicians who refused federal assistance in stopping the riots.

Yet, now we’re all supposed to buy this idea that President Trump “lit the flame” that resulted in the deadly riot on Capitol Hill.

President Trump has been silenced by the Big Tech giants. They’ve even managed to take down Parler, a hugely popular social media platform aimed at protecting free speech.

The tyrannical censorship has been condemned around the world and by many in the US but Big Tech has too much power to care.

Big Tech wants us all to know who’s boss and who holds all the power. Unfortunately for Big Tech, one CEO isn’t willing to bow down and play their game.

Social media platform Gab’s CEO Andrew Torba (pictured at top) showed Big Tech they don’t, in fact, control everyone online in America after all.

Torba completely backed up President Trump’s Twitter account before Twitter deleted it and recreated it on Gab.

He did this while traffic for Gab was up 700% as users flee traditional social media sites in search for alternatives will they won’t be silenced, censored, and targeted for being conservatives.

Gab is currently upgrading its servers due to the massive influx in traffic, which saw as many as 600,000 new users in one day in response to President Trump’s banning.

“Our traffic is up 753% in the past 24 hours. Tens of millions of visits,” Gab said in response to slow loading speeds on the platform. The platform said it plans to add 10 more servers to relieve congestion.

According to 100% Fed Up, Gab allows all legal speech except for pornography and takes a hard stance against illegal content and incitement of violence.

Naturally, Google and Apple have both banned Gab from their app stores as a result of their free speech policy. Fortunately, Gab hosts its own physical services so, unlike Parler, they have been able to avoid being shut down by cloud servicing companies like Amazon Web Services.

It’s encouraging to see a company taking a bold stance against the Big Tech tyranny that is currently gripping the flow of information in America.

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  1. I am just hearing about Gab and how they restored President Donald Trump’s account and I think that is awesome. I like some of you have told twitter facebook instagram dicttok and all the other luntics to get lost over many years ago I don’t recall how many years that have been, and I really tried to tell others that the social media sites are packed with corrupt liars. Now hearing about Gab doing such an awesome thing for President Donald Trump’s account makes me want to get an account as well but how can I accomplish this feat, any of you people already on Gab or Gab could reach out to me on my email address.

  2. I tried to sign up but was unable to it went through iPhone but the conformation email didn’t come only an executable which my IPhone gave me the choice to open in cloud or on phone. But it did nothing I’m wondering if it isn’t an apple censorship as with Parler..

  3. So happy to see Americans waking up to what is being hoisted on this country. Communism( dems) has seen their openings and are pretty excited. Stand up America!!

  4. This is Awsome even i through gab out there because they had thrrr own server.but like don ,having a hatd time gettimg signed in , need to write stuff down, omg im excited thpugh i will keep trying, clout seens ok too. Im thinking keep a couple.

  5. This is why our country is in this shape with such a huge divide. The Chinese are waiting to step in while this decide destroys us. Rhinos like the Cheney’s are responsible for the results. Politicians that have taken positions to help themselves while forgetting Americans is what has destroyed America and the reason for past Countries failures. In one word all these Government failures were all due to GREED. One has to think why anyone would become a Rhino. Republicans are loaded with Rhinos and my belief is they are not only protecting themselves and other Republican for the skeletons in their closet, but surely protecting those on the Democratic party. They have a great club going and certainly don’t want their secret club destroyed since this is their pot of gold. This is also why we need Term limits and need to limit Congress’ ability to align themselves for the future thus becoming very powerful as in Pelosi or Schumer. Americans wake up, if monies are being sent to our enemies while are Americans bare still in need, it is obvious they (Congress) cares more for their futures than the people they represent. Example: 15 million to Pakistan for their democracy,vehicle they destroy American Democracy. 10 million for the study of gays in Pakistan, but Americans kept waiting for a stimulus that most of congress lowered or wanted to deny. Anyone think, where is this money actually going? Well I wonder! God Bless America. Oh, and yes, I do believe their is a God! Amen

  6. We conservatives need to move to alternatives to Fakebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon to put the hurt on their bottom line. There are other social media platforms (GAB), there are other search engines (Duck Duck), there are other ways to buy online (direct to seller/vendor). We need to drop these monopolistic colluding Marxist corporations, all 80+ million of us in the USA. If we do maybe conservatives in other countries will follow our example. Then I think additional alternatives will be created to fill the demand created by our exodus. Rise up and make Big Tech pay the price for their intolerance and tyranny.

  7. I can’t believe conservatives didn’t see the silencing of their voices coming and take steps to build out their networks long ago. Don’t they know that communists ALWAYS silence dissent. COME ON MAN!

    • Considering we haven’t been taken over by Communist before and we thought Trump would win for sure, I suppose, we had no reason to rush out and build out our networks. You live & learn.

  8. It’s time to show how much power we have. It will take a little while but gab will be able too accommodate us all. We will have to get rid of the current crop of elected royalty in DC, elections can be won. I hope they don’t come after gab

    • Other search engines – Smart pages? Bing? ask Jeeves? Dog-something?
      I dunno – I’m going to try til I get a GAB account –
      I never did fakebook and I cancelled twitter 4 years ago ..
      Social media sux. Users are all FBscroll addicts..
      I use email 45% and USPS 5% – phone/text 50% it works !!

  9. They only language big tech understand is money. Vote with your feet. Find other platforms that do not interfere with our First Amendment rights of free speech. We can do without Twitter, Facebook and others who arbitrarily ban free speech. Can those big tech companies do without our traffic to bring them advertising dollars. Surely we can put up with a little inconvenience to protect and preserve our rights.

  10. I tried last weekend for 2 days to get an account with Gab. Never got the email to confirm my account. Really popular! Will keep on trying!

  11. Our great country has been taken over by corrupt people. Why are the people of this country being so stupid. A normal person should be able to see this. I am a TRUE AMERICAN and will not be bullied by communists.


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