Epic! Facebook And Twitter Smack Down Pelosi’s Request To Delete Trump Video Meme Of Her Tearing Up SOTU Speech

(Gateway Pundit) – Tyrant Pelosi demanded Facebook and Twitter take down a very powerful TPUSA video meme tweeted by President Trump of her tearing up his SOTU speech.

President Trump tweeted out the video meme titled, ‘Powerful American Stories RIPPED To Shreds By Nancy Pelosi.’

Pelosi pre-ripped the speech as Trump mentioned Rush Limbaugh’s lung cancer diagnosis, proving she pre-planned the theatrical stunt.

The video, which can be viewed below, showed Pelosi ripping up Trump’s SOTU speech every time President Trump honored a powerful American story on Tuesday evening.

Pelosi is an evil, calculating, witch and lashed out at reporters who suggested her ripping up the SOTU speech backfired.

The tyrant then demanded the video be taken down.

The Hill quoted Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill on her demand to take the video down.

“Hammill said Pelosi’s office has asked both Twitter and Facebook to take down the video.”

Democrat Congressmen also demanded the “deceptively edited video” be taken down.

Twitter and Facebook smacked down Pelosi’s demand and refused to take down the video.

CNBC reported:

Both Facebook and Twitter decided against removing the Trump video, although the companies cited different reasons for their decisions.

Andy Stone, a Facebook spokesman, replied to Hammill on Twitter: “Sorry, are you suggesting the President didn’t make those remarks and the Speaker didn’t rip the speech?”

Hammill fired back: “What planet are you living on? This is deceptively altered. Take it down.”

In the end, both Facebook and Twitter declined to remove the Trump campaign post, citing corporate policies.

Facebook’s Stone told CNBC, “I can confirm for you that the video doesn’t violate our policies.”

Not. Tired. Of. Winning.

Make sure to share the Trump video of Pelosi shredding American stories far and wide!



  1. Grow a Brain with an IQ , we know you voted for the Criminal Hillary , and obama the Muslim. We all saw it Live she Broke Federal Law , see can pass on the Fine , but we won’t give her a pass on going to Prison and being Removed from office Forever. She led a Coup , that is an ACT OF TREASON , Our Fore Fathers had people shot for that

  2. At best:
    Serious breech of decorum

    At worst:
    Serious disregard and contempt for those subjects of DT’s speech.

    Bottom line:
    Damage to Nancy
    Damage to Democrats/Socialists/Progressives/Communists. These are synonyms…

  3. Pelosi may have been drunk but she was still on our job that were paying her for. She needs to be taken down fo this price of criminal act of destroying congressional documents singed by our president . She knows the constitution and swore to live by it.nobody is above the law.the congressional chair should take action on this. It was witnessed by millions of Americans .it was an honorable speech. Thank you President Trump

  4. Did poor lil Nancy get POO on her shoe and she cannot scrape it off. Oh, poor, poor, wittle Nancy. i think I will cry for her, NOT. This clown deserves to be ostracized to the nth degree.

  5. Awful liar non president! His family
    Are crooks also ! To all of them go down I’m hell which u will all go because u don’t believe in Jesus! I hate u and will do everything in my power to over through your dictitordo

    • And you wouldn’t be judging them if you believed in Jesus,hate now is the devils forte,sound’s like you follow Satan,the master deceiver.

    • Kathryn finder, I never question someone else and their faith, But if you read scripture then you should know that hatred for anyone is a sin.

    • Kathryn why don’t you learn to speak the English language. Also, learn to spell, then maybe someone may pay attention to you. I am sure you can not prove any of your comments so crawl back under the rock you came from.

  6. This coming from the leader of the party that lies, stretches the truth, edits videos, and twists peoples words on a daily basis and then state that it’s just politics. When Adam Schiff and the other crazies in the Democratic Party take things out of context (when President Trump states that he had the power to fire Mueller or anyone under him) they turn it into “Trump said he could do anything he wants as President.” What a bunch of lying hypocrites.

  7. Hammil would be better off having Pelosi apologize to Americans for her horrible behavior .
    That’s the truth , but we all know today’s liberal trash reject the truth .


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