Environmentalist Group: “Corona Is The Cure – Humans Are The Disease”

The mask slips.

(Infowars) – A climate change group that aligns itself with Extinction Rebellion posted stickers claiming that coronavirus is a “cure” for the “disease” that is humanity.

“Earth is healing. The air and water is clearing,” tweeted Extinction Rebellion East Midlands. “Corona is the cure. Humans are the disease!”

The post shows stickers with the same message and the Extinction Rebellion logo plastered on lamp posts.

When another branch of Extinction Rebellion challenged that this “does not follows XR’s principles,” the East Midlands chapter doubled down.

“We are pointing out that from the perspective of the Earth, humans behave like a disease. The idea is not to be,” they responded.

While Extinction Rebellion East Midlands may represent little more than the ravings of one idiot, the notion that humanity somehow deserved coronavirus and that it’s good for the planet has been widely shared by environmentalists and celebrities.

After actor Idris Elba tested positive for coronavirus, he claimed that COVID-19 was the planet “reacting to the human race” as revenge for climate change.

Despite numerous claims that nature is ‘flourishing’ and animals are thriving thanks to coronavirus, it turns out that most of those stories are fake news.



  1. More deranged ranting and raving from the environmentalist whacko peanut gallery! Of course, there are some who would fall for this bullshit hook, line, and sinker! The world, not just the USA, has divided – SPLIT, rather – into an US V. THEM attitude which unfortunately will persist until one side or the other prevails! Whether humankind survives or becomes extinct hinges on the outcome!

  2. What a bunch of know it All wack-a-doos!

    It would be a great relief to the rest of us and Took Their Own Advice and rid the world of themselves. We choose to stay (live) so you can off yourselves if you feel so strongly about it.



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