Elizabeth Warren Says She’ll Abolish Electoral College ‘Before Her Second Term’

(Gateway Pundit) – When the delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention were deciding how to elect the president of the United States, they settled on a solution: the Electoral College.

Under the College, a temporary group of “electors” equal to the total number of representatives in Congress is created, with each state getting the same number of electoral votes as they have members of Congress. Most states have systems in which the candidate who gets the most votes wins all the state’s electoral votes. In modern times, whoever gets to 270 of the 538 total electoral votes wins the White House.

But Sen. Elizabeth Warren thinks she knows better than the Founding Fathers.

“My goal is to get elected—but I plan to be the last American president to be elected by the Electoral College. I want my second term to be elected by direct vote,” Warren said during a campaign event in Marion, Iowa, on Sunday.

“I want to get rid of it,” she said. “I just think this is how a democracy should work. Call me old fashioned, but I think the person who gets the most votes should win.”

Just five times in history has a presidential candidate on the popular vote but lost the Electoral College (it happened in 2016, when Hillary Clinton got more than 65 million votes and President Trump got more than 63 million votes, but Trump won the Electoral College by a vote of 304-227).

Democrats want to do away with the College in order to take away power in smaller states and give states with large urban populations more clout.

Democrats like South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, author Marianne Williamson, and former Obama administration cabinet secretary Julian Castro want to abolish the Electoral College, while Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Kamala Harris and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard have voiced support for doing away with the College.

But just like a lot of other ideas from Warren — like her $52 trillion Medicare for all proposal — her plan is a non-starter. Doing away with the College would require a constitutional amendment, and that can only take place if a two-thirds supermajority in Congress passes an amendment, which is then ratified by three-fourths of the states.

Yeah, that ain’t happening. Just like so many of Warren’s other wacky plans.



  1. Of Course She Thinks She Knows More , Remember , She’s Also Part Indian ??? Second Term ??? You Ain’t Going To Make It To A First , Let Alone A Second !!! R.O. L.M.F.A.O. !!!

  2. Grey beaver….full of BS!!

    Not sure which is worse and more dangerous…warren or the brain dead gullible sheetforbrains that would vote for her!!!

    Course the same is true for all the other dnc candidates!!

  3. Untruthful from her beginnings. The amazement comes from the number of uninformed and low IQ individuals who continue to believe in her phony rants.
    She is also in desperate need of a new wardrobe!

  4. For someone who attended HARVARD, Elizabeth Warren is a bit void, no filling, empty, hollow, but she is running for the highest office in this nation, possibly the most powerful in the world…Oh, sorry, Nancy Pelosi, you think you are!

  5. SORRY lady you are WRONG you alone CAN NOT ABOLISH the ELECTORAL COLLEGE , THAT WILL REQUIRE AN ACT OF CONGRESS, AND A CHANGE TO THE Constitution which must be radified by all 50 states, You alone cant change it or issue an executive order to change it, The fact you and your party were defeated in 2016 does not mean the election process needs to be changed, Those of you that support eliminating the Electoral COLLEGE have no idea what you are asking for, Once that is done every Presidential election will be decided by a very few states and the votes cast in other states will be nullified.In other words there will be only the votes in about five states that would determine the outcome of all future presidential elections. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR, YOU JUST MIGHT GET MORE THAN YOU BARGAINED FOR


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