Elizabeth Warren Pushes Gun Control Before Pensacola Facts Known

(Breitbart) – Democrat presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren pushed gun control Friday before the identity of the Pensacola shooter, the type of gun used, and numerous other bits of integral information was known.

A gunman (Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani) opened fire at the Naval Air Station Pensacola on December 6, killing two and wounding numerous others.

Above: Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani

Before facts were known Warren tweeted:

Warren’s gun control tweet omitted the fact that Naval Air Station Pensacola is already a gun-free zone. Guns can only be brought on the base via permission from a commanding officer and even then, the guns allowed must be stored “in the installation’s armory.”

Warren has espoused numerous gun controls during her presidential campaign, including the use of excise taxes to gun raise prices for the purpose of driving down gun sales. She also supports a federal limit on the number of guns Americans can purchase and she wants an “assault weapons” ban, even if it means taking such guns away.

She also supports the use of executive to circumvent Congress for more gun control.



  1. Typical Democrat, Just say what sounds good at the moment, Elizabeth try using an executive order to get around the constitution and if you were to win the election(chances remote to none) you will be the next president to face impeachment and in your case i think it would be successful.


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