Eight Democrats And Independents In Mississippi Switch Parties To Republican — Leaders Express Concern Over Socialist Bernie Sanders

(Gateway Pundit) – That was quick.

Eight Democrats and independents switched parties today in Mississippi to the Republican Party.

During the ceremony local leaders expressed concern over the direction of the Democrat Party under the authority of Socialist Bernie Sanders.

The Socialists look to sweep control of the Democrat Party this year.

WLOX reported:

The Mississippi Republican Party is welcoming some new members and all of them were elected public offices as Democrats or Independents in this most recent election cycle.

The Mississippi Republican Party Chairman says he doesn’t expect this will be the last time they are welcoming new members to the GOP.

“We have had a relentless focus on switching conservative Democrats over to the Republican party,” explained MSGOP Chairman Lucien Smith. “They recognize increasingly that there is only one party that represents the conservative values of our state and that is the Republican party.”

All eight of the latest party switchers were from Smith and Covington Counties and one District Attorney whose district covers those areas. But the conservation didn’t take long to expand to the national party ties.

“We are in a scenario in this country where you can choose to be a member of the party led by Donald J. Trump or you can choose to be a member of the socialist Democratic party led by Bernie Sanders,” noted Governor Tate Reeves.

Video: 8 Elected Officials Switch Party from Democrat to Republican



  1. This is the best n we as I’ve heard since I’ve moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
    I knew we were a conservative state and the democrats proved that TODAY by making the right decision and defect to the party of American Values, common sense, capitalism, and freedom to live OUR LIVES as we see fit.
    bernie wants total government takeover and control of healthcare, jobs and the financial system, education, etc.
    How deep do you want government in ur lives? The younger generation would welcome this so them who DON’T WANT TO WORK will be taken care of by the government. It AIN’T gonna happen. Have any of you lazy assess out there figured out where olé bernie is going to get the money when there are NO LONGER ANY RICH PPL LEFT? Print more you say. Then you’ll find out what real inflation is all about. But maybe that’s what this country needs to open it’s eyes to what A PRIVILEGE IT IS TO BE AN AMERICAN. And not the distorted views olé bernie has for OUR GREAT COUNTRY. THINK B4 U VOTE.


  2. dont trust them, they wanted to make us socialist but have been loseing, now they are switching parties trying to make you think they love America, they still want America socialist and the switching is so they can stay a politician and not ever have to work for a living, WE NEED TERM LIMITS FOR ALL POLITICIANS

    • My thoughts exactly. The Republican party has been the conservative party, the AMERICAN Constitutional values party since before the writings of Karl Marx. That’s at least 140 years, folks. The Democrats have ALWAYS been the “home” for leftist ideas and policies under their “big tent” malarkey. It’s got nothing to do with the size of your tent, and EVERYTHING to do with adhering to WHAT IS BOTH WRITTEN AND MEANT by the founders in our founding documents. The Federalist Papers provide PLENTY of background material for determining the MEANT part. So do the records of the thirteen colonies governments, etc. WE HAVE HISTORY AND RECORDS UPON WHICH WE CAN RELY. DON’T USE SO MUCH OPINION and risk being wrong about things as important as the foundation of the greatest civil organization/institution ever so far created.

      Back to the defectors from the Socialist party. Let them form their OWN LEFTIST institution if they don’t want Bernie’s. We Republicans don’t want them either, UNLESS they change their LEFTIST MINDS, which I DOUBT is the case.

  3. Dems and republicans are outraged at Bernie advocating tried before, but history is clear, true history, not the garbage taught in our schools by left leaning bias uninformed teachers, resulting in destructive socialist policies. It is reported that the majority of Sanders supporters are under 30. Parents are alarmed that their young people see the socialist policies as valid and realistic. YET VERY LITTLE IS SAID ABOUT HOW SOCIALISM IS POURED INTO THE HEADS OF OUR CHILDREN in public and university schools, all at the cost of thousands of dollars of the parents money. Our CPA’s granddaughter in elementary school, is being taught that communism is good. The problem is not that Bernie and other socialist are elected and put in positions of authority in our country BUT THAT WE NURTURE voters to adhere to SUCH poisonous ideas that are CONTRARTY TO OUR CONSTITUTION IN OUR SCHOOLS at our expense.


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