Dr. Fauci Says Americans Don’t Like To Be Told What To Do, Then Says This?!

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The little medical tyrant Dr. Fauci has come under fire for telling Americans it’s time to do what we’re told. Fauci exposed what the leftist medical and scientific community really think about how the COVID crisis gets resolved and it involves Americans’ unflinching obedience to their authority.

During a talk at Washington National Cathedral on Friday, Fauci attempted to convince the country he isn’t an “authoritarian” while simultaneously telling Americans to “do what you’re told.” Excuse me?

Fauci also whined about how he feels that science “has been lumped into politics.” Apparently, Fauci thinks that science should trump politics. He and other leftist scientists and doctors also think that science should trump our rights and freedoms.

Fauci appeared to be optimistic at the 2020 Ignatius Forum now that Pfizer has announced their vaccine is more than 90% effective in clinical trials but he still lamented the global nature of the pandemic and that Americans should essentially just follow the rules laid out for them by the “experts” to stop the spread.

He explained there are a number of things we can do which include pulling together “globally,” and being “open and transparent.” He then said that there are countries who have had a “pretty good response” to the virus but that “every country is suffering” now.

Ironically, he stated that America is not some little country that can be shut off or where the people are going to accept a “ruler” telling citizens they “must do this.”

He then said, “I was talking with our U.K. colleagues just today who are saying the U.K. is similar to where we are now, because each of our countries have that independent spirit, we don’t want to be told what to do.”

“Well, I understand that,” he went on, “but now is the time to do what you’re told,” he said with a laugh. “And I think it really is something that we should be doing right now.”

There you have it. The little dictator Fauci shows his true colors. He acknowledges that Americans, or any free people, don’t want to be told what to do but then essentially says, “too bad, do what you’re told.” And why? Because they’re the “experts.”

He then blames politics for Americans wanting to defend their freedoms and liberties saying that people don’t want to follow guidelines because the virus has been politicized.

Yes, that is true. The Democrats have politicized the virus and used it against President Trump to no end but that doesn’t change the fact that Americans can think for themselves and can see the blatant tyranny that is being masked as “public health safety” and “science.”

“All of a sudden, science gets caught in a lot of this divisiveness,” he told the audience. So, science should be uncontested, undisputed and emphatically believed and trusted? It’s only because of “politics” that people are refusing to bow down to the scientific expert overlords?

No. Americans are resistant to being told what to do because we are a free people and that is tyranny.

Dr. Fauci is promoting a really dangerous ideology. Americans have liberty and freedom but not where “science” is concerned, apparently.

Americans need to stop thinking for themselves and do what they’re told to by the “experts.” Soon the experts will be telling us it’s time to line up and take the vaccine regardless of your personal thoughts, hesitations, or objections to it.

The United States is on the verge of becoming a medical authoritarian and “experts,” like Dr. Fauci, seem to think that transformation is justified. Do they really believe that Americans are incapable of making their own health decisions? Do they actually think they hold all the answers to public health safety?

Or, are they just corrupt power-hungry tyrants looking for any excuse they can to bring Americans to their knees? A little leaven leavens the whole lump. Medical and scientific experts got a little taste of authority and power and now they’re becoming corrupt with it.

Dr. Fauci admits Americans have freedom but he also believes that we should “do what you’re told” and surrender our freedom in the name of “science.”

No thank you.

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  1. Neither do you Dr Fuax
    You hate social life probably because you might have failed miserably at it and now trying to put it under your thumb
    It is not that we do not like to be enforced
    It is your personality that people do not like , not the orders

  2. I think it’s about time to show fauci where the door is after all what has he contribute to the people here in the states, except to kiss the left ass. I say get rid of the tick on his parroting the crooked corrupt lying untrustworthy kkk supramist democratic party get the message butt kisser fauci the democratic wants you so go to them as you are not wanted here.

  3. Listen up, Angles. There’s a major difference between not DYING and authoritarianism. You guys make me want to vomit.

    • Ok lets talk science, I’ve been in healthcare 45 years so not totally ignorant and can understand statistics. Pfizer has announced their vaccine is more than 90% effective in clinical trials. Great, death rate from this virus at worst estimates 3% at best less than 1%. So without this great vaccine you have 97% recovery and you build natural antibodies to the disease. With the vaccine there are still potential reactions, contraindications and potential allergies still being discovered. Many of the reactions to the vaccine mimic the disease itself.
      Now about the new spikes. If you crack down and reduce contact between people, reducing exposure, yes the number catching the disease will reduce in proportion to lock down. Now once you start letting people out, the numbers will go up just as proportionately. I would have been more surprised if we didn’t get a new spike or wave every time they reopen society. There are two ways to attempt to address. One quarantine anyone with any symptoms, unfortunately with this virus it is contagious prior to all symptoms showing. Second total and complete lock down for 3-4 weeks minimum. Isolate everyone except for lifesaving efforts. Everyone would require 5 weeks supplies on hand as they wouldn’t be allowed outside for 4 weeks. This is 1-2 weeks past incubation. Anyone with symptoms demonstrated within that time period and anyone with contact to them must remain in isolation/quarantine until entire location/house/area are verified virus free.

      Who is willing to not be allowed to exit their rooms for 3-5 weeks for any reason to get past the incubation for the virus? This must include our elected officials and essential workers would only include life saving, only healthcare and first responders allowed outside their homes but they would need to stay at their work locations, no returning home as it could allow transmission from their work to their homes as that would restart the cycle. And even then, it will probably come back as a seasonal virus.
      During this isolation there will be increases in domestic violence, suicide, breaking and entering, people using this as revenge with false reports of violations, and violators who will take advantage to rob and even murder. Panic to point where people will call for violators to be arrested or even shot on site. If you don’t think this would happen you need to go back and study society as a whole. Examples throughout history of this very thing.

      Now are you willing to totally shut down the globe, risking the above scenarios for an avg 2% of the population. When more than that will pass from violence and other causes in that same time frame? More than this die annually from heart disease, cancer, Auto accidents, Homicide, and a host of other diseases including annual flu’s.
      I don’t trust politicians who put accute patients into Nursing homes which aren’t equipped to handle them rather than hospitals. Who setup policies they themselves won’t follow. Who use mass fear as a tool of control, although it is one of the best methods ever discovered.
      If mask and distancing were truly effective there would have been cries against all the protest whether BLM, Antifa, Pro-Trump or left leaning rallies. I haven’t heard one complaint about BLM or anti-Trump protest as potential super spreader. Yet pull together a rally in favor of President and listen to the cries. No complaints about the Biden celebration but on returning to her city Lightfoot is attempting to cancel private family gatherings for Thanksgiving in private homes.
      When these people start following and living under the same rules as they want the rest of us to then I will listen.

  4. Early on, with Trump’s task force, Fauci and Birx had most listening. OK, been there, done that. Now that months have passed, their lockdown hasn’t accomplished anything with regard to limiting the spread of C-19. Instead, its been wrecking careers, lives, industries as well as many parts of the economy. Their mantra translates to: let’s keep doing what hasn’t worked and continue down the road to ruin. They think we’re all stupid. Even the vaccine is a ruse as it will be a long time before it’s (or any of them) have been proven effective. But, then again, I guess “most” of us are stupid – in apparently choosing Biden. He’ll fix things by promoting Fauci and his ridiculous solution. We all should be really pissed that Trump has apparently had his victory stolen from him and the bulk of us. With Trump staying in the WH, we’d at least have a chance at clipping China’s wings and the Internationalist-Billionaires who likely orchestrated this whole C-19 thing in order to wrap us in a noose.

    • Azul Sanchez, There has been so much alternating information it appears that Fauci’s science is as dependable as a drunken sailor on a binge. If I remember correctly the reporting concerning Fauci who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases where Covid-19 was being studied until the project was banned, so Fauci approved the sending of the research grant to China where the lab was built and the research continued paid for in part by a grant illegally provided by the tax payers of America AND APPROVED BY FAUCI. It is interesting that Fauci was part of that research and funding yet he inferred this virus was an unknown to him.
      He denounced hydroxychloroquine which as a track record provided by reputable doctors from around the world leaving thousands of people without the hope of a cure. Even a democratic state senator had to beg to obtain the medication which she and her doctor claim to have saved her life. Doctors which come out into the open providing testimony of the validity of the medication used to save lives are either silenced or fired from their hospital positions. Now tell me why Fauci who has NEVER treated a covid patient is able to turn the democratic machine against the facts that this medication which has worked and saved lives, but our freedoms can be restricted because of this virus and Fauci’s occulting directives.

  5. Wait until Herr Biden gets in charge and his Black Shirts make us still in doors. The Blue Electorate will be pleased they voted for this idiot.

  6. Dr. Faucistein thinks he and science are god, able to control and manipulate people. I’m thankful my God gives us individuals freedom to trust Him or not. As for me, Faucistein is not trustworthy.

  7. Here the real truth..Dr Faux…
    The DS and all their associates do not know anything but negativity and their greed to control
    They brought out that nature of rejection of authority by the human being that are presented as their “facts”
    We see …we do our homework…..
    Other-words, by the DS and the cronies, we are viewed as stupid, deplorable, gun toting, Bible thumping as weak
    That is the main reason we reject their authority because we see that their left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, thinking we all are BLIND!?
    We see and sense the difference out there
    Guess they are the ones that are blinded by their own self immorality

  8. I am posting this again because I am tired of the lie being used as a truth.
    People, think about this ! First the left demonize the medication hydroxychloquine which has been used for years by the military, by countries where malaria is rampant and documented by doctors to have been successful for thousands of their patients to prevent the illness to cause their patients to have serious results as a result of the virus infection and the medication, yet it is vilified by the left, who keep citizens in lock down destructive living. states without the lock down measures fair just about as well if not better than the states without the debilitating lockdown. THINK! The democrats appear to use the draconian measures of lock down to imprison American Citizens, keeping them at the end of their leash.
    P.S. The countries where malaria is rampant and the people take Hydoxychloiquine for the malaria DO NOT have a virus pandemic like the countries around them. Americans are being played with the instrument of fear as the democrats deny us the ability to be free from this virus inducing fear.

  9. I would like to tell Fauci, I can make up my own mind; he is not my parent. I know he likes to obey his Democratic Communist handlers. But I want nothing of it.

  10. im not going to be forced to do anything that goes against my freedoms and choice, i a female can choose to
    murder a baby and thats ok them my choce to have a gun and not stay or take a vaccine then it’s basically the same

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