Dominion Was Scheduled To Appear Before PA State Legislature… Guess Who Didn’t Show

( Exclusive) – When a person or a company is innocent they usually behave like an innocent person does. That typically involves acting like there is nothing to hide and being as transparent and available as possible.

On the other hand, when someone or an entity is guilty, they usually act like that too. Guilty people hide, deflect, and have “no comment.” Guilty parties usually try to say as little as possible and have to be forced to show up.

When Dominion representatives decided to bail out on a scheduled hearing with Pennsylvania’s State Government Committee set for Friday, it most certainly did not make them look innocent.

Originally, Dominion Voting Systems agreed to the hearing but last minute on Thursday evening they sent word that they wouldn’t be making it and that they had “lawyered up.”

State Rep. Seth Grove, Interim Chair for the State Government Committee and Chair of the Government Oversight Committee, said that they were looking forward to the hearing at which they expected Dominion to back their products and offer information and reassurances to Pennsylvania voters.

Dominion Voting Systems was used in 14 counties in the state which account for 1.3 million voters and represent 19 percent of the vote. That is certainly no small segment.

Grove said at a press conference that was held during the time of the scheduled hearing that Dominion backed out of, that the company “backed out” of their opportunity to provide information in a public format to the 1.3 million voters that used and trusted their systems.

He noted that “instead of running toward the light of honesty and integrity, Dominion Voting Systems retreated to the darkness.” A very telling move, indeed.

Grove then asked what millions of Pennsylvanians are wondering: why? Why would the company “fear discussing their products sold to the public for the public good?”

He pointed out that if Dominion’s products worked as they should then why wouldn’t the company relish the opportunity to talk about their products publicly?

After weeks of accusations, one would think Dominion would look forward to the opportunity to say that their products work as they are supposed to and that the election was accurate and to answer any questions state officials might have.

Why, at the very least, hasn’t the company even released any kind of analysis to support and prove the success of their voting machines so that the public could be reassured?

“If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding from us?” Grove asked before saying the company has “slapped” the 1.3 million Keystone State voters right in the face by not showing up.

He also pointed out that on top of Pennsylvanians already being skeptical the fact that Dominion couldn’t even bother to show up to the hearing only adds credibility to their skepticism.

He also noted that the incompetent Secretary of State and Governor Wolf appointee and minion, Kathy Boockvar, has made no indication that she or her office plan to address the concerns of millions of Pennsylvanians over the integrity of the election.

Grove pointed out that if the election was done “above board” no one involved should have anything to hide or any reason to be less than cooperative with investigations into it.

Innocent parties don’t hide.

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  1. Shut down their US operations and arrest them where ever they are. This should scream Dirty Election actions. They doctored the machines to CHEAT Democraps into office. The US needs to also look at this as Election tampering by at least one if not two Foreign Nations. Dominion is from Canada and the software firm is connected to Croatia or Serbia. The Democraps tried to remove Trump over FAKE Russian meddling so this should get the entire lot put in GITMO.

  2. FOLKS TRUTH MATTERS only to those that pursue it, But is ignored by those that will be harmed by it, And it certainly not very difficult to see whom will be hurt by the truth in our country, When truth is ignored all of society is harmed, Our beloved country is in serious trouble because we have ignored truth, The question is, Do we have a pathway back?

  3. The country is hopelessly divided. The other solution is to agree to a divorce. Let the blue states establish their “ utopia “ and the red states continue under our constitution.

  4. I do think when Dominion is expected to be called to a court of law by Trump lawyers there no show was with good cause, no one is expected to testify to something that they are about to have a court over. Since all the machines are secured by the election persons and Dominion has no access to them they have no way for Dominion to alter what is on the machines.

    • If they never intended to appear then it was for a good cause . They didn’t want to have to answer difficult questions , kinda like your new hero Obiden.

  5. My son says both sides, republicans and democrats, both point fingers at each other and make the same accusations, so who do you believe, but which side has the evidence to support their allegations. The dems spent our resources for 4 years and had NO evidence of wrong doing. The democrats have left in their wake mountains of evidence to convict themselves.

    The democrats promise but NEVER FULFILL their promise. President Trump has fulfilled his word as he has had to fight against the willful corruption of the democrats to fulfill his promises for the American people. Trump won the election, Biden usurps the office.

  6. Corruption matters and as Americans we have been complacent and tolerated corruption until we are consumed . For example we have watched how corrupt people have come onto Fox , “fair and balanced”? but the leaven of lies has now saturated the “news” and “information” that has been slowly become corrupting.

    Truth also matters, but as a population we have lost the ability to discern what is truth.
    Facts matter also and we feed on partial facts fed to us via the “news” and miss the truth.

    • As far as Fox News goes I do not watch them anymore I now go to Newsmax at least they report the news fairly! The only people I watch on Fox News anymore is Jesse Watters, Sean Hannity and Judge Jeanine! Even Tucker Carlson is not reporting fairly anymore! Must be trying to protect his job! Watch Newsmax if you want the truth!

  7. Dominion must be outlawed in this country. There is more than enough evidence to question the entire it integrity if not its legality.

    Why on earth can’t we develop an honest voting system in this country? Why should we deal with one with ties to some of the worst areas in the world? But on the other hand, can we trust people in Silicon Valley to do an better? After all, it certainly appears they are all leftist out there.

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