DOJ Intervenes In Case Against Illinois Governor Pritzker’s Stay At Home Order While Governor Pritzker Sends Construction Workers To His Estate In Wisconsin

(Gateway Pundit) – While the governor of Illinois continues his state’s insane shutdown of commercial enterprises, he moves ahead with construction work at one of his many estates.

On Friday the DOJ stepped in on a suit against the governor’s insane actions.

As we reported yesterday, Governor Pritzker was caught sending Illinois construction workers to Wisconsin to work on one of his many mansions.

Governor Pritzker says “there is no double standard.”

The double standard the Democrat governor is referring to is the fact that he is moving on with his life enjoying his many estates around the globe while he prohibits the citizens of his state from enjoying the economic prosperity that comes from their own hard work. The governor continues to order the shut down of commerce in the state of Illinois.

Yesterday it was announced that the Department of Justice filed a Statement of Interest Challenging the Legality of Illinois Governor’s Sweeping COVID-19 Orders.

In a press release the DOJ says, in part:

The Department of Justice today filed a statement of interest in an Illinois federal court in support of a lawsuit filed by Illinois state representative Darren Bailey challenging certain actions of Governor J.B. Pritzker in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Statement of Interest is part of Attorney General William P. Barr’s April 27, 2020 initiative directing Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband for the Civil Rights Division, and the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan, Matthew Schneider, to review state and local policies to ensure that civil liberties are protected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor of Illinois has, over the past two months, sought to rely on authority under the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act to impose sweeping limitations on nearly all aspects of life for citizens of Illinois, significantly impairing in some instances their ability to maintain their economic livelihoods. According to the lawsuit, the Governor’s actions are not authorized by state law, as they extend beyond the 30-day time period imposed by the Illinois legislature for the Governor’s exercise of emergency powers granted under the Act.

The DOJ also tweeted out the news:

How could Illinois do so horribly in its selection for governor again?

Video: Illinois construction workers traveling to Wisconsin to work on Pritzker’s farm amid stay-at-home order



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