Do-Nothing Speaker Pelosi Blows Off All Her Work In DC Will Join Global Warming Summit In Madrid With Greta Thunberg

(Gateway Pundit) – Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Do-Nothing Democrats have done NOTHING for the American people since taking over Congress in January 2018.


But they have harassed, threatened, abused, cursed and throttled the President of the United States.

Next week Pelosi will continue this trend and push forward with her sham impeachment hearings in the House Judiciary Committee.

And then Speaker Pelosi will join Swedish teen Greta Thunberg at the Madrid Global Warming Summit.

Obviously, her work in Spain is more important than her work here at home.

Spanish paper El Pais reported:

The withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement, which Donald Trump began to process at the beginning of the month and will last almost a year , is a serious blow to that pact. But, on the one hand, no other country has started the same path. And, as the Minister for Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera , recalled on Tuesday , Trump does not even have the support of the “whole of his society.” There are many states, mayors and companies within your country that remain committed to the climate pact. In addition, the Democrats give clear signs of wanting to be within that agreement.

The commitment of the Democrats is such that, according to La Moncloa sources, veteran politician Nancy Pelosi, president of the US House of Representatives and third authority of this country, will attend the Madrid meeting. In addition, other members of the United States Congress are expected to participate, which will intervene during the summit, which starts on December 2 and will end on the 13th if the negotiations are going well. Pelosi will not be the head of the US delegation, because the Donald Trump government will send second-level representatives, who will be those who will have that mandate, but if it will be the highest ranking leader of this country in the official delegation.


  1. Right, according to our own military Climate Change is a National Security issue. The real do nothing in Congress is the Senate and Mitch refusing to let bill passed in the House go in front of the Senate for a vote.
    Another thing just about all of the world has signed on to the Paris Climate Accord, which set a set of a standard by which the world is striving to meet. There aren’t any penalties if they failed to meet the standard.
    Just about everything in this article is fake, Just like a good 90% the Tea Party sends to it minions. However, I know that you will not believe fact-checking sites as being fake and aginst Trump because it calls out all of the lies that Trump and his press spews out as real news.

    • Mr Sutton you must have read a different article about the PARIS CLIMATE ACCORD than everyone else read Article 1 of the accord states specifically that the UNITED STATE MUST ADHERE TO THE CHANGES IMMEDIATELY, IF NOT WE WERE TO BE FINED SUBSTANTIAL FINES, While china, India,And south American countries WERE GIVEN YEARS TO COMPLY, India and China being the worlds worst polluters, were given years to meet compliance, As for the lies of president Trump of which you provided NO FACTS to back up your comments He could not hold a candle to BI-WRECK Obama, So sir maybe you need to recheck those fact you must not have read

    • Mr. Sutton,
      You obviously have a degree in political science or sociology. These are the vast majority of so-called “scientists” who believe in man-caused climate change. The so-called 11,000 scientists that allegedly signed the “letter” often ascribed to by Democrats are almost all non-signatories, made-up fictional characters and just plain under-educated idiots. Most proponents haven’t a clue as to what the “scientific method” is. Many don’t know the difference between a molecule, an atom, and an ion. I know this is fact as I have used this and other simple tests to determine that the leftists pushing so-called “climate change” are almost all morons!

  2. The Paris Accord has much more language between the lines than what the Fake News has as headlines.

    If only people could read it all and see how the agreement punishes the United States yet lets China, India, Russia , Iran and many other countries get away with murder, i.e. pollution.

    Yes we all agree with the headlines published by Fake News that America wants to pollute the world and cause its demise. If you don’t agree with this headline your crazy. I agree, but…

    The key is READ THE DOCUMENT to see how it discriminates against us ( America ) by every country that is signatory to it. There is more to a headline in the Press.

    Thank you Mr. President for NOT SIGNING the Paris Accord.

  3. Far from a landslide , the demoncrats are going to have 100% of illegals, muslims and zombies at the polls!! Only way we won last time was we caught them of guard and they didn’t consider Trump a threat. We have to get out in force to keep the lunatic fringe from power!


  5. Manmade climate change is the BIGGEST hoax EVER promulgated on the WORLD, it’s ALL bullshite, just FOLLOW the MONEY as usual!

  6. I reckon numbskull, nutty Nancy doesn’t have anything better to do with her life! I could conceivably make a few suggestions, but I won’t in the interests of propriety…LOL!

  7. And the hypocrites will all fly there (and probably bring their family, friends, etc. with them on the taxpayers dime) and be driven around in SUVs like they are everyday while telling everyone else to reduce their carbon footprint.

  8. Senile Nancy is simply a moron who does not know what she is doing. When the DUMMICRATS finally realize she has led them into a dead end alley way, they will turn on her like a pack of wild dogs. It is not going to take them long for them to realize she cost them the 2020 election.

  9. A do nothing idiot congress woman who has never done anything for country only filled her pockets with money by way of thievery. Now she wants to join a child that know nothing about life but yet is trying to tell the world she knows everything. I think not most children including teens don’t have a clue about life as yet and need to be nurtured so that in the future they are able to cope with the things that happen in a world such as Pelosi’s dream which is to destroy the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  10. That’s exactly what the caption said due nothing Pelosi. Ask yourself one question what has due nothing Pelosi done for America and its citizens? Absolutely Nothing.

  11. They can’t do the jobs they are supposed to be doing, supposedly because of the impeachment hearings and yet they go galavanting to Spain to attend a summit, which they have no voice in on our tax dollars. Wow! She just can’t stop her unlimited vacations on us can she. I wonder how much her bar bill is going to cost us this time. Maybe all travel should be cut off the budget for the time being – at least until they do their job! Once again we have a stop gap budget – they need to spend more time working for the people and less time trying for a coup to get rid of Trump. If I were her (and thank God I am not), I would concede that with the way our economy is going and our unemployment and trade deals (which she said couldn’t be done this year because they were too busy) that Trump would be re-elected and use their war chests to gain seats in the senate and get in position to run a serious candidate for the 2024 election. But hey, what do I know,
    What I do know is that even Costa Rica, a lovely country, but very poor, is able to mandate voter ID (national card that has status printed on it and gets renewed every 5 years or less, depending on the status) – and the internet is not reliable and very slow. If they can do it and most people in rural areas (most of the country) take buses – don’t have cars, then the dems are blowing smoke up our arses when they say having it in our country would keep people from voting. Yes, it would – especially those who are not entitled to vote such as non citizens and the dead.

  12. Very noble of Pelosi as one retard will be able to support the other. No good will ever come of it but that is surely not the point of it all. Perhaps they are planning to start a new club, probably called the Naivety Club. If they do, there is a whole Congress full of them who will be worthy founder members. The Dumbelina Cortez squad will of course assume leadership positions there. Donations of soap will be requested to wash out their foul mouths.

  13. Pelosi maybe you should stay home and take care of the peoples business, or stay and see to it that your farst impeachment is finished before taking time off for what is no more than an undeserved vacation at the taxpayyers expense

  14. THE DNC should be considered/classified a terrorist group!! Everything they do is wrong and bad for the US!!

    The DNC is no different than cair, hamas, muslim brotherhood, hezbullah, aclu and naacp!!

    • Yeah, the naacp and dnc are KNOWN terrorist groups. Obviously you’re not dealing
      with a full deck. The democratic house has continued with the peoples business since
      being elected. You might wanna check with Moscow Mitch, who has allowed no votes
      to be taken. Even on bills that were backed by republicans. But you wouldn’t know
      that, as a Trump “zombie.” Do some research before you post here. You’re so blinded
      by Fox “News” you can’t see your hand in front of your face


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