“Do Not Lose Hope,” Arizona GOP Chairwoman Offers Encouragement, Slams Crooked Fake News

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – While the crooked media has prematurely and falsely crowned Joe Biden as “president-elect” the truth is that currently there is no “president-elect.” States have yet to certify their election results and that, as the chairwoman of the Republican Party of Arizona pointed out, is what determines the winner of an election.

Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward, issued an update Monday morning regarding the election in Arizona and reassured viewers that the “election is far from over.”

Arizona is one of the contested states of this election and though it seems like nothing is happening for the benefit of President Trump, Dr. Ward urged viewers to be patient and not to “lose heart.”

She talked about all of the negativity from the media which she aptly referred to as “the fake news” and said that her state is “100 percent in the fight.” Though it may seem easy to get discouraged right now, it’s so important to block out the lying mainstream media and their biased propaganda.

Their goal is not to bring the news to viewers but rather to corrupt the minds of Americans and convince them of things that are simply not true. The biggest lie and charade of all is that Joe Biden is “president-elect.”

The media has also completely taken off any filter when it comes to their disdain for Trump supporters, something that Dr. Ward pointed out, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has a habit of doing on Twitter.

Dr. Ward pointed out that Hobbs has referred to Trump supporters as neo-Nazis in the past, and asked if that sounds like someone who is unbiased? Obviously, it does not.

The most disturbing part is that so many liberals around the country actually believe that Trump supporters are “neo-Nazis.” There is absolutely no basis for such an accusation yet because the media says it, lockstep liberal drones believe it.

Ward then explained Arizona is going into the “canvassing phase” of the election and that means that the state will be “assuring that the votes cast are cast as the voter intended and counted appropriately.” She also stressed that there are many questions that must be answered.

She said that she and her team are working closely with the Trump campaign to ensure that Arizona elections have integrity. Something you would think both sides of the aisle would be concerned with but shockingly Democrats are not.

In closing, Dr. Ward encouraged viewers to “stay strong. Stay firm. Understand that this election is far from over.” She also pointed out that America does not have a president-elect at this time as it’s not up to the fakes news to declare someone the winner of the election.

Ward has expressed confidence that Arizona will end up delivering a second term for President Trump in a formal statement which the Arizona Republican Party hopes to accomplish by a hand recount that they filed for last week.

The hand recount would involve recounting the votes by the 175 precincts rather than the 748 voting centers.

As of Monday afternoon, Joe Biden led the state with 10,377 votes.

Dr. Ward is right, we have to remain patient and block out the negativity and fake news the mainstream media is pumping out right now. President Trump won this election by a landslide but it does us no good to know that without being able to prove it. Truth will prevail.

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  1. Interesting, VERY interesting. I checked with the John hopkins covid web site and found that the increase the governors of democratic states that are instituting greater lock downs do not have any more cases than non-lockdown states. I compared North and South Dakota, Two governors of the republican party but obviously not of the same mind have similar results, although the open free state, not on lock down has a declining case while the lock down state has similar line graph but no declining of cases reported. It is apparent that the virus is a political ploy for control as this ploy is destroying lives and businesses ,yet the democrats continue to ignore the long known aid for the cure for thousands is denied to the people. . . hydroxychloroquine. Interesting, VERY interesting. Now the dems have used this ploy to steal our freedom of the vote.

  2. I listen to the Biden dribble and watch with a sadden heart as democrats and the left are willfully and blindly pursuant to destroy this country’s foundation, denying the authority of the People and the Constitution. I wonder why the many who mimic Biden’s words do not see with their mind’s eye the track record of this group who call themselves American democrats but demonstrate they have NONE of the qualities or character of Americans which is founded on the Biblical principles of God’s word. These people walk through life with their eyes closed.

  3. Biden is reportedly putting together the gaggle of the most corrupt minds for his administration. This would be an administration from hell.

    • I just was reminded that the Senate would not allow any Biden gaggle to be confirmed, but the Biden gaggle has falsely announced him “president elect” I guess they can try as force a square gaggle through the round Senate. The democrats have demonstrated themselves to be lawless and without a mature conscious or any kind of conscious for that matter.

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