Disney Parks To Sell Rainbow Gay Pride Mickey Ears As They Continue To Promote Left-Wing Values

(TeaParty.org) – Nothing like some good old fashioned youth indoctrination, which seems to be Disney’s primary goal as of late.

Look, this is America, and it’s one thing if you want the government to stay out of your bedroom and out of your life.

But it’s quite another for so many major corporations and government agencies to work so very hard to make sure little boys and girls everywhere are directly taught that being gay is a-OK.

You might think that being gay is a-OK and that’s fine. But do you really think millions of Americans deserve to have their faith so severely undermined by taking God, prayer, and the Bible out of public schools and promoting the homosexual agenda in school?

Disney is a perfect example of this stunning culture shift, and, as Andrew Breitbart always said, politics is downstream from culture. Disney being the cultural powerhouse as it is, it is not hard to imagine what kind of influence they’re having on society as a whole by working so hard to normalize homosexuality and deny the basic biblical values this nation was founded on.

Over the last few years, they’ve been pushing hard to insert the homosexual agenda in everything, from gay characters in the live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to gay preteen kisses on TV.

Their movies and media are already a buffet of every intersectional theme, so it’s only natural that this year in their parks, as they put an end to a long-held tradition of an annual Christian music concert, they’re rolling out the rainbow mickey ears.

World Net Daily has the story:

Exclusive to Disney World and Disneyland shops, “Mickey Mouse Rainbow Love,” selling for $17.99, can be customized with the wearer’s name in rainbow embroidery at an additional cost, according to the website Hornet, reported Christian News.

A social-media post with a photo of the Mickey Mouse ears said: “Disney World got gay ears and I need to get them just to [vulgarity] off old religious people.”

A Disney representative told the Huffington Post the company offers “a wide range of merchandise items that appeal to guests of diverse backgrounds.”

“Diversity”, to corporate cultural fascists like the folks at Disney, clearly means “everyone but Christians.”

We should definitely keep an eye out for a Mickey hijab, no?