Disgusting New Billboards From Planned Parenthood Will Make Your Jaw Drop

January 8, 2019 11:03 am  

(TeaParty.org) – Freshly empowered by a pro-abort majority in the House, the abortion mill Planned Parenthood has put out a disturbing series of billboards along the lines of “Shout Your Abortion.”

A campaign in Iowa declares “I had an abortion and I am not apologizing.”

This has become the pro-abort rhetoric, based on the strawman that pro-life advocates demand apologies for abortion, rather than beg for the ruthless slaughter of millions of American infants every year to stop.

This comes just a few weeks after the founder of the “Shout Your Abortion” movement appeared on a kid’s YouTube channel to push her ideology on youngsters.

Planned Parenthood’s version is “#SayAbortion”, they explain in a press release.

“Planned Parenthood is launching the #SayAbortion campaign to capture and reflect the energy of Iowans speaking out against the state’s dangerous, unconstitutional 6-week abortion ban that is currently blocked by a court injunction. #SayAbortion is rooted in the fundamental facts that access to safe, legal abortion care is central to reproductive health, and that bodily autonomy is critical to achieving full equality.”

Reproductive health is the health of your reproductive system. Murdering an infant that has been conceived within is not health.

Additionally, a court injunction does not mean the six-week abortion ban is “unconstitutional.” There are restrictions across the nation on how far along in a pregnancy a woman can be before she can no longer have an elective abortion.

The ban Planned Parenthood is referring to is the Heartbeat Protection Act, which was signed into law last year and prohibits physicians from performing most abortions once a fetus has a detectable heartbeat. This is usually around six weeks gestation, the Des Moines Register says.

Before signing the bill into law, Gov. Kim Reynolds shared her reasons for doing so, the Register reports.

“I believe that all innocent life is precious and sacred,” she explained.

“And as governor, I have pledged to do everything in my power to protect it. And that’s what I’m doing today.”

Compare this to a statement released Friday by Dr. Jill Meadows, the medical director for PPHeartland, on the abortion giant’s new campaign.

“Planned Parenthood envisions a culture where abortion access is understood as a basic human right, an essential part of health care and a normal part of life,” Meadows says.

“At Planned Parenthood, we’re here to provide nonjudgmental support and factual, medically accurate information so that every patient can make their own personal decision about a pregnancy based on their own values, desires and needs.”

“With the #SayAbortion campaign, we are putting a stop to the extreme anti-choice interest groups speaking over our patients. We are amplifying the voices of real people who have had abortions, we are talking about abortion care out loud, and we are shifting the narrative so all people can talk openly about abortion with sensitivity to the complexity of real-life individual experiences,” the statement later adds.

Attacking “anti-choice” from the people who think no one has a choice of whether or not to be born.

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