DISGUSTING: Lawmaker Just Launched Dangerous Move To Outlaw Homeschooling, Calls It ‘Child Abuse’ … Patriots Are Furious

November 13, 2017 12:04 pm  

(TeaParty.org) – The New Hampshire legislature passed a bill five years ago that made it easier for parents to homeschool their children. Today the New Hampshire legislature are looking to roll back those changes and downright make it a crime for parents to take a personal interest and hand in their children’s education, reports WND.

One legislator, Rep. Porter, crossed the line and blasted homeschooling as child abuse. Another legislator, Rep. William Marsh, a Republican and clearly a RINO hack, took offense at that remark since of his four children who have already been homeschooled, all four were accepted into top-tier universities.

So in what universe do liberals live in that gives them the delusion that homeschooling is abuse? They have their own faulty reasoning …

In their world, the very concept of homeschooling is abuse because they claim students are expected to learn at a faster pace than public school children, who generally learn at the pace of the class’s slowest students. Typical Democrats, always punishing success and subsidizing failures as poor oppressed victims.

Also, since homeschooled children are not indoctrinated by their liberal teachers, they are forced to think for themselves rather than parrot the propaganda shoved down their throat in public schools. How dare Americans object to the left-wing brainwashing in children’s concentration camps?

They fallaciously claim that these factors put the homeschooled student at a severe disadvantage.

Here’s what they don’t want you to know: that when a home-schooled student run into a problem, they can actually use their brain to find a solution rather than going along with the failed liberal practices. Homeschooled kids will have learned morals from parents who love them rather than from teachers who bow to the altar of Political Correctness.

From Parentingscience.com:

Achievement testing, and the results

How did these groups compare?

To find out, researchers administered a 45-minute achievement test in the children’s homes. The questions—which were borrowed from the popular Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement—covered seven distinct academic areas, including reading comprehension, science, and mathematics.

Overall, the structured homeschooling group performed much better than the public school group. And the margin was pretty dramatic.

In 5 of 7 test areas, (word identification, phonic decoding, science, social science, humanities) structured homeschoolers were at least one grade level ahead of public schoolers.

They were almost half a year ahead in math, and slightly, but not significantly, advanced in reading comprehension.

Imagine that.  These students did better than their publicly schooled peers – and that’s with abusive parents.

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