Disgruntled Democrat Volunteer Returns To Party Headquarters And Destroys Building In Massive Fire

(Gateway Pundit) – Police arrested a former Democrat volunteer Matthew Egler for torching the Democrat Party headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona on July 24th.

Local Democrats blamed the arson on Republicans before the arrest of the disgruntled Democrat Party volunteer.

The Democrats let Matthew Egler go so he burned their headquarters to the ground.

Egler then bragged about it online.

KTAR reported:

Investigators say they also tied Egler to the crime using surveillance video from the scene.

The footage showed a man matching Egler’s description arriving alone at the building on Central Avenue just north of Thomas Road in a Pontiac Vibe, authorities said.

The suspect broke glass doors and then set the fire before fleeing in the vehicle, authorities said.

Phoenix Fire Capt. Rob McDade told KTAR News 92.3 FM that the perpetrator used a chemical that made the flames especially potent.

“We can tell you it’s a dangerous accelerant and this person knew what they were doing,” he said. “When they put that accelerant out there they knew that it was going to quickly cause a lot of destruction, and that’s exactly what it did.”

The fire department quickly responded to the scene just before 1 a.m. and put out the blaze, but the damage was done.

“Fire investigators were there 15 minutes after that fire started. … Early on into this event we knew that this was arson,” McDade said.

The Pontiac, which had out-of-state plates and was registered to a family member of Egler, was located after it was abandoned in Chandler.

Video: Arizona Democratic Party Headquarters Fire



  1. Oh my… they arrested an arsonist.
    What about all those peaceful arsonists
    on camera that destroyed businesses?
    Most still have not been arrested.

  2. TeaParty I love you guys and am happy about the your content that does not get presented anywhere else. However, is there really NOTHING you can do about these spam comments that show you how to work from home? They are literally on every article you post and sometimes are the only comments listed. Is there no way to delete that crap? It’s annoying.

  3. So…..the democRATS can burn, loot and destroy ANY property they want. And get away with it. But this guy burns one of their buildings. And he gets arrested. By what they’ve been saying, what this clown did to their HQ was only a “peaceful protest”. So….why did he get arrested ?????

    • ED, I guess after they accused Republicans even though they had NO FACTS OR EVIDENCE to back up their claims and when it was determined he was one of their own they had no other choice but to arrest him, Of course he will probably just get a slap on the hand and turned loose.SWAMP RATS cant prosecute other SWAMP RATS because if one goes down they all go down they all swim in the same cesspool.


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