Disgraced Former Deputy FBI Director Says Trump Calling For Peace Is ‘Coded Language.’ Guess What He Says It Really Means…

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is officially joining the crazy conspiracy theory crowd, awaiting his new authorized tinfoil hat, after stating that President Donald Trump’s video message calling for peace and denouncing political violence is actually “coded language” and is an actual call for violence.

McCabe is sounding really dodgy here, don’t you think? Are these people really so desperate to hate the president that they’ll just grab junk out of thin air and attempt to paint him up in a negative light? Isn’t this a symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome? Why would anyone take this guy’s word for anything when he admitted to having it out for the president during his time at the FBI?

According to Gateway Pundit, President Trump has made repeated calls for peace and has denounced the use of political violence as a means of protesting against alleged claims of voter fraud. But no matter what the man says, the radical left in this country will keep right on skewing his words to make him the bad guy.

“I want to be very clear: I unequivocally condemn the violence that we saw last week. Violence and vandalism have absolutely no place in our country,” Trump stated, very clearly, in a video message posted on Wednesday. “No true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence. No true supporter of mine could ever disrespect law enforcement or our great American flag.”

McCabe was fired from his position at the FBI after he lied under oath on multiple occasions to federal investigators. And yet we’re supposed to believe him when he says that Trump’s calls for peace are actually calls to violence?

“President Trump is a master at coded language and the use of dog whistles. And there is no question that that statement included some of those same references…he sends a signal to his folks to fight on,” the disgraced former FBI official said.

President Trump has been blamed nonstop by every leftist in the country for the violence that took place last week at the U.S. Capitol building. However, the FBI has now confirmed that the attack was planned days before the protest took place.

How can the president be accused of causing this if it was planned out days before? You can’t.

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  1. It seems that those who have a grudge against Trump are so angry that they can’t think. As I have observed in the last four years that Trump would not put up with much. Lying is one of them. McCabe lied and really wasn’t a team player. Trump had to toe the line because it was only way to get things done. Doing business the Washington, DC way was not going to work. I don’t think Trump could stand for usual, which was to get a job done and go on. He wanted it done right. Therefore, there are a long list of angry people.

  2. Andrew Mc Cabe is actually inciting a riot. He has no proof, just a belief, I guess that is all that is needed today! This coming from the former FBI director who should know better. Maybe he needs to be investigated further for his disdain of the President his commander in chief, there is an FBI and DOJ problem that has not gone away. When you have powerful people get away with murder quite literally dismissed by the FBI and a release from the DOJ you really have to wonder just whose side they are on? I know I would not stand a chance of going up against them. How about you?

  3. He’s an idiot since his lawyers probably told him to keep his mouth shut. Oh well, he’ll have plenty of time to think about it in prison with his friends Comey, STRzk, et. al.

  4. Hahahaha Mcabe comment about trump is disputed by this site because no facts given so he has been banned by all social media because he can’t provide any facts about his comment being true about trump sending mental waves to supporters. He lost his job and now the guy is a conspiracy nut!

    • McCabe is more of a dirty ,dishonest cop who was FIRED for lying like his superior Jimmy Comey ,another dirty cop . Little wonder Obama himself was involved with these two criminals…

  5. Nothing new here. Same old “orange man bad” slop being dished out by failed FBI traitor whores who are looking for an under the table paycheck.

  6. maybe he thinks this because this is what the Obama administration, the dnc and msm did for 8 years under Obama and 4 years trying to undermine President Trump. Think about they call for a peaceful demonstration and its all out rioting, looting and burning. I think he had a freuding slip.

  7. Let me get this straight – a member of the same party that has been calling for and condoning violence for over 6 months now is claiming that calling for peace is actual a call to violence. This guy doesn’t need a tin hat, he needs a padded cell!

  8. Whether you hate DONALD TRUMP or love him he must be given credit if not for one thing and the SWAMP RATS should be grateful, He did not use his authority to go after them, Although looking back HE SHOULD HAVE, But he made one mistake he appointed Prosecutors with NO BACKBONE OR COURAGE, Had he done so many of them would be serving prison terms.

  9. Let’s get this straight.. McCabe’s wife took in over 700k from the DNC for a failed attempt for a state senator seat in Virginia… no bias ..right !

    McCabe and his superior Comey spied on Trump .. no bias ..right !

    McCabe dismissed for “ cause “ , for lying through his teeth TO Congress and the American voter .

    He’s a lair and a criminal democrat !

  10. God bless America and Donald Trump !
    The globalist coup plotters and their accomplices have spit on everything that the majority Americans have more precious: freedom as the supreme political value and its collective memory, honor, free and unadulterated elections, the sovereignty of the people and the constitution of the founding fathers!

    Remember Alamo!
    In this war, prisoners are NOT taken. Stop with the law and the constitution in hand!

    The best thoughts from Romania !

    • I hope that, once the octopus of the globalist occult in America is removed, Romania will be able to get rid of the puppet government of the globalists in Bucharest, the faithful executors of the new Moscow in Brussels.


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