Did A Corrupt County In Michigan Just Get Busted Trying To Suppress Votes For Trump?

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – This presidential election is definitely one for the record books. There’s never, ever before in the history of this nation been a presidential election where fraud and cheating has been committed so openly by the Democratic Party. Folks on the left are so desperate to get rid of Trump they will sell their souls to the devil in order to make it happen. Whatever it takes is the motto they seem to live by.

Well, except move back to the political center. They’ll never do that. Even though that’s the one step that would all but guarantee them the victories they crave.

There have been a number of irregularities in the vote count happening in and around Detroit, Michigan. However, even areas in the state that are supposed to be GOP controlled are seeing votes for the president being suppressed. I guess nothing should be surprising at this point.

Benjamin Wetmore, in a report written for the Gateway Pundit, says, “Jay Deboyer is the County Clerk for St. Clair County, which is currently 2-1 in favor of Trump, and blames hitting the “wrong button” for causing President Trump’s totals to be a significant number of votes off. This mistake is critical in Michigan where its critical 16 electoral votes are separated by 80,000 votes statewide according to the New York Times.”

“Michigan has 83 Counties, and St. Clair County has 163,040 people according to the Census, as of this past August there were 127,963 registered voters in the qualified voter file, the “QVF”. The County today reports 134,248 registered voters, of whom 92,670 voted in the November 3, 2020 election,” Wetmore continued.

State Rep. Shane Henandez is the one who happened to spot the vote discrepancy that was being reported in his home county of St. Clair, which is up in the northeastern “thumb” portion of the state. Hernandez then contacted his County Clerk about the discrepancy in the precincts of Marysville 2 and 3. In this area it showed there were no absentee ballots for the president. The clerk fixed the error and updated the vote totals.

“I saw that there were missing votes in the County and worked to find them, and realized the absentees were missing,” Hernandez stated. “Activists need to check every County for votes like this, this was a complicated election and the Presidency might very well come down to a few thousand votes. I was able to find these problems just sitting at home, I hope everyone looks into this and finds and fixes any problems.”

So the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not this was a mistake or evidence that more tampering is being done with the election results? Either way, the prospect is terrifying. We need to preserve the integrity of our election system, and that means we need to find better ways of ensuring every legal vote is counted.

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  1. Oh, one more thing Bob, tell your commie friends: Gore thought he was President for 40 days in 2000, I voted for Bush. Then guess what, Supreme Court said get back to bed, you are not! Hence, President Bush. That is how our Republic works. Contested elections go to court, Supreme Court if needed. Supreme Court could even say, House and Senate decide. Each state, 1 vote to party line. 12th Amendment, read it…Trump is and will be your President! This is why you cried when we got Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett, they told Gore in 2000 to take a hike!

  2. Hey Bob, Obama hates America even more than Biden. We had the worst 8 years under Obama. If you are too ignorant to acknowledge that, I pity you. Maybe you don’t have a job or never did. You have much to learn. As for your threat to Trump supports. I am ready for you and your evil minions. I dare you to come find me pathetic wimp. Mom, Latina, Veteran, Patriot.

  3. Until Trump disposes the Alphabet departments Barr or not one other Republican has the balls to hold anyone accountable. Trump will need a complete new team around him in order to actually drain the swamp. If these criminals are not held accountable they will continue to go after Trump until they finally find something to get rid of him. Go Trump MAGA 2020. Patriots better be locked and loaded after all the fraud is discovered and Trump is rightly declared the winner.

  4. When Biden and his son get arrested for corruption, will will be stuck with Cackling Kamala…Even worse than the criminal, believe it or not.

    • Sadly the evidence has been in for some time now and nothing has been done, no charges filed. Just wait for it and nothing. It would appear as what would be best described as honor among thieves. The his is a black day for the Republic as it teeters on the edge of the abyss of communism of the new world order. Those that are sworn to enforce our laws and defend our nation appear to be part of the coup against our President Trump as he alone has from day one been restoring the Republic and defending We the People.

  5. How can we integrity in our elections when we have progressive liberal filth counting the votes ?
    Better question, who believes democrats have any integrity ?

    • Not a threat, a simple statement of fact. Better start running now, because we’re coming for you and all the others supporting Traitor Trump and his failed court coup attempt against our duly elected president Joe Biden.

  6. I believe we are headed for a civil war, soon.Its hard to believe there are enough Dumm
    people in this country, that voted for a Crook and who doesn”t know where he is half of the time. This is going to be a very sad time for this country.
    Where in the hell is the DOJ and the FBI.There is enough crime in the democrat party to put them all behind bars.
    You people in poverty, get use to it. The demarats have no plan to help you out of your misery.They most likely will add few more million.
    Trump was the best president we ever had, for the people.

    • Yep , today’s progressive liberal trash want to return to their norms of corruption and Biden is the perfect criminal for that .

  7. In my opinion:

    They also played on emotional coherence with the back drop to Trump’s campaign ads. Blue is for Democrat not Republicans. So new voters waiting in long lines & bandwagon voters would mistakenly vote for the wrong guy.

    This is how fishermen catch bass with brightly colored lures.

    They also declared Biden the winner before all the ballots were all counted.

    It wasn’t a people’s vote, it is a clear scam with a tired old man who could barely read a teleprompter on his own through the foggy morning.

    The post office was actually being overhauled by the Trump administration & many postal workers fear loosing thier treasured jobs to streamlining & efficiency.

    So we have to trust the post office to deliver ballots? Lots of ill will in the hands of emotionally biased people.

    Mail voting makes it convenient to erase the votes of the highest risk COVID19 individuals (boomers) too.

    That seems to be the case here.

  8. Why should we concede when it is clear, out in the open, the election was stolen with voters required to use magic markers when it was known the machines would reject the ballot, the pre election day prepared ballot dumps, the dead voting, signatures of registration and on the ballots not matching, and the postal workers who were told to back date the ballots?

    The theft is a theft and cheating is not a win !

  9. There is one thing that is obvious this election has been a shameful disaster and that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WINNER OR LOSER, There isNO EXCUSE for these states to be in such a mess when it comes to counting votes with all the technology availabe and there is NO DOUBT that it has been caused by MAIL-IN ballots another MESS promoted by DEMOCRATS which proves beyond doubt they have NO ABILITY to legislate or govern and the next four years will be a disaster. Those of us that support President Trump need to accept the fact that we have lost, I personally Still believe America needs a strong President like Trump and BIDEN is not that person. But some good news we still have the Senate which will block some of his NONSENSE. We as a nation got through eight years of OBAMA the worst president in american history we can get through any thing OLE JOE can try and shove down out throats have faith folks ALL IS NOT LOST.

  10. When is is clear with the verified evidence that someone has lied the majority of the American people cannot accept the lie. When some one steals and it is clear and verified that the property was stolen, we cannot accept the thieve’s ownership. When is is clear that in 2018 California produced thousands of fraudulent ballots showing up in the middle of the night we knew that cheating was done, but we had to swallow the crap. Now that the democratic party has taken their overt voter fraud of denying citizens their vote with felt pens and hiding valid votes on top of dumping thousands of ” so called mail in ” manufactured votes in democratic controlled states, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT this Biden and Harris scam as president. It is a stolen election and cannot stand. The democrats would not accept the LEGAL election of President Trump in 2016 and manufactured a coup for 4 years with verified fraud, we will not accept the fraud substituting as a valid election in 2020.


  12. Chris Wallace has lost his mind and credibility along with the other media idiots who are flim flamming this election process. We have seen it coming for two years and all the fraud appears to be where the democrats have the control and power. “FNC’s Wallace: ‘There Doesn’t Seem to Be’ Any Hard Evidence of Fraud” He is a joke to try to tout this piece of cognitive garbage. He is like Indiana Jones when he climbed down into the pit with thousands of snakes, but Indiana Jones has the advantage because he knows the hundreds of snakes are there. Wallace is a joke and shames himself.

    • Wallace’s lack of credibility puts him in the category of Obama who declared there was not a smidgin of scandal in his administration……….Obama’s administration was total scandal…..no good governance at all.

    • The inverse applies as well. Good has always hated evil as well, and with a death toll of 230,000 under his belt, it’s safe to say Traitor Trump is the evil one here.

    • Bob, it is nothing new to have mentally corrupted people in the world, and you prove that truism. We are just sorry that you are so willing to stay in that category.

  13. This needs to be posted again. People such as Bob, if he is a real person or a idiots computer program, makes it clear that this country is on a fragile foundation in that cheating , stealing, violating laws out in the open where all can see the crimes are accepted and accountability in this life is not forth coming. To the fool, such as don, it is foolishness to their ear and mind that there is an accounting and no second chance to redeem their life actions and rejection of the values that benefit man kind. Deception and thievery are not going to be rewarded and eternity has no end. They do have a choice now as John 3: 16 clearly tells us, but again to the foolish mind that is all foolishness.

  14. Donald Chump and his delusional base are just sore losers who can’t believe Americans don’t want another term of systemic racist fascism. Get ready to run, because when Nevada and Georgia get called for Biden, it’s open season on all republicunts! BIDEN-HARRIS 2020!!!

  15. When they said “tampering with eLections” , “Bob” thought they said “eRections” and he volunteered to tamper with every eRection in town…..

  16. Tampering with election statements is a violation
    This is NOT A MISTAKE
    This was deliberately done all over
    This is a good prelude to a civil war like the Lincoln times
    It is already seem to be set for one especially now that the exposure of the DS and others like Biden who has a mafia crime elements in the closets
    Time soon will break the dam open …just one more straw

  17. Accidentally hitting a wrong button – when pigs fly to the moon. Are their any honest, lawful Democrats left in this country? I doubt it.

    • The last decent democrat was assassinated in November 1963 . Today’s progressive liberal trash do not know who is or what he stood for .
      Now ,we’re potentially facing Obama part 2 …disgusting indeed .

  18. remember when they gave hillary xtra time on her emails, smashed computers hard drives and cell phones, this is the same when you give demoncraps what they want a little more time they lie cheat destroy and cover up

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