Devin Nunes’s Latest Comments About Impeachment Should Have Joe Biden Quaking In His Boots — Especially If Republicans Take Back The House!

( Exclusive) – Rep. Devin Nunes recently delivered a statement that will probably make Joe Biden beg for his blanky tonight when he goes to bed and will likely give him nightmares for the next year or so.

A report from WND says that Nunes pointed out that impeachment is now becoming so commonplace and overused that it’s likely that if Republicans end up taking back the House, they will be under pressure to impeach Biden. And there’s likely precedent for such a thing too.

Nunes recently sat down for an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on his evening program where he talked about the possibility of a GOP majority following the 2022 election and said that it’s a pretty strong one.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen to Hunter Biden’s laptop. We don’t know what’s going to happen with the Durham investigation. But I could see pressure would become great for us to actually have to impeach Biden,” Nunes told Hannity.

United States Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion probe is currently ongoing, as is an investigation into the abandoned laptop of Hunter Biden, which was handed over to the FBI and includes messages that completely obliterate Joe Biden’s claims that he didn’t know anything about his son’s foreign business deals.

The evidence on the laptop seems to indicate that these deals were actually built on having access to the then-vice president and there was also a piece of the financial pie set aside for our current president too.

In order to convict Biden, the Republican Party would need to secure some very large gains in the 50-50 Senate, which requires 67 votes.

Nunes then went on to clarify that he doesn’t want to impeach the current president, but also said that “you’re going to have people that are going to say that.”

Well, to be fair, it looks like there’s potential grounds for impeaching Biden beginning to take shape already and he hasn’t even been in office for a month. If the Durham investigation digs up some dirt on the president that proves he and his former boss, Obama, were aware of illegal spying against then-candidate Donald Trump and worked to undermine his chances at victory, well, he needs to be booted from office.

Same goes for the results of the investigation of Hunter’s laptop. If Biden abused political authority for financial gain, impeachment is the only option.

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  1. The only Party, that can saved Average Americans is, The Citizen Taxpayers Liberation Party, because no governances have any power except for the monies that citizens taxpayers give them or they steal!
    Without control of our taxpayers monies, that which we are now experiencing will become our collective destiny!

  2. We hear a lot of talk coming from the Republicans in Congress, But when push comes to shove they seem to always be the ones geting shoved, That is why i left the Republican Party, If we ever get Republicans back in Congress with some backbone and courage i will return. Bidens corruption goes back many years and nothing has ever been done about it, Why should we expect it to happen now?
    Impeachment is now being used by the left as a political tool and it is VERY DANGEROUS but they dont care they see a chance to gain more political power and authority over our lives, It may come home to haunt them, But based on the performance of the Republican party i have serious doubts, Its time for another Political party in our country the two we have now is a disaster one party is destroying our country taking away our freedom and liberty while the other party sits on their hands and is doing nothing to stop the behavior of the other, They all run to the nearest MEDIA CAMERA proclaming how unjust each other are but when PUSH COMES TO SHOVE only one party is getting shoved, ITS time to move on America find another party with leadership that has courage.

  3. I have been posting points of interest a lot lately simply because the low lifes are so generous with the scum they have float to the top of their swamp. Not only has their attacks, including heir Russian twisted creative reality and the botched Schiff translation of the Ukraine phone conversation has been public revealing of their dishonesty, putting it mildly, character now their attempt to impeach a FORMER president after China replaces him, via voter internet fraud, with the odd squad mafia group but their public demented mental break down does not seem to have an end.

    It is reported that NY is going to rename a park from The Donald Trump Park to some other to be determined name, a park land donated to NY by Donald Trump.

    The democrats are not able to grow up. They are stuck in the terrible twos .Their performance for the past two months has been so offensive and distasteful not only to the American people, but to their co congress people. They not only have violated and erased the authority of the Constitution but have disgusted everyone else. Their fellow congress people have been walking out on their pathetic scripts of altered reality, altered testimony and altered filmed cut and repasted together”evidence”.

    Now I understand why the criminals revealed of the Obama administration/ mafia were not prosecuted. They were saving them to come back in charge in the crime industry of the Biden administration.

  4. It is reported “Report: ‘At Least a Dozen’ Republican Senators Walked Out of Impeachment Trial”

    Well, that is to be admired. We have had to put up with the falseness of the democratic created reality of slander, manipulated facts to the point that it is disgusting. It is worse than junk food for the mind. The American people were also able to walk our and did turn their channel and watch more interesting viewing. We watched the old Gun Smoke where the good guys are recognized as good guys and the scum of the earth are not given a podium to spew their caustic slime.

  5. But we do know Biden and family are as corrupt as Obama himself . These are facts that cannot be refuted .

    It’s time for trials and executions .


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