Despite All The Media Hysteria, Poll Reveals What Americans Really Think About Trump After Capitol Hill Siege

( Exclusive) – If you were to only listen to the hysterical headlines of the mainstream media, you’d think that President Donald Trump has never been less popular among the American people.

They paint a picture of a president who has lost an election in disgrace, refused to accept the results, and then personally invited a violent mob to invade the Capitol Building on Wednesday.

Of course, this couldn’t be further from the Trump. President Trump has been calm and collected since the highly suspect election, systematically pursuing every legal avenue possible with his powerhouse legal team and pointing to cold, hard facts when it comes to allegations of voter fraud.

As for Wednesday, he called only for a peaceful protest and immediately denounced the violence firmly and unequivocally, urging his supporters to go home peacefully as the violence was still being quelled.

This is the exact opposite of inciting violence—it’s a bold and literal denouncement of it.

While the vast majority of Republicans are turning their back on the man who has brought new life to an establishment party that was failing to stand up to the ruthless Democrats, it appears that the general public isn’t as easily convinced.

You’d think that, amid new calls for resignation and impeachment and accusations of the literal incitement of violence, the public would be starting to turn on Trump, but no.

Yet again we’re led to believe that Joe Biden got more votes than any presidential candidate in U.S. history when reality seems to deem this incredulous.

According to a Rasmussen poll, one of the most accurate polls of voter sentiment, President Donald Trump’s approval is actually rising following Wednesday’s events.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Nancy Pelosi.

President Donald Trump enjoys a healthy 48% approval rating even as he is banned from Twitter and hatefully scorned by the Beltway establishment.

A source close to the polling firm told Newsmax that the rolling survey saw his approval rating soar as high as 51% on Thursday night.

Overall, his approval rating has been up overall, rising from 45% just before Christmas.

“Americans are disgusted that cities burned for months and Washington and the media did nothing,” the outlet’s source told them.

“But they still like Trump.”

Can you blame them?

The events of the past week have been chaotic and confusing at best, but one thing is certain: it has become clearer than ever how consistent the interests of the Washington D.C. establishment is with the will of the American people.

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Copyright 2020.

Prayer for President Trump


  1. Why do so many people think that if Biden is sworn in as President that our country will not survive? Biden is too far gone to even know what day it is. Any person that has a brain should know that if Biden is given the Presidency our country will be lost. Kamala Harris is a communist and will destroy our country. I hope that all the people that want this will be happy living under communist rule.

  2. The democratic establishment in DC is totally ignorant to the facts that the American Patriots are solidly behind President Trump. The democratic politicians say the election went as planned and was the fairest election in history. Anyone with a small percentage of intelligence knows this is an out and out lie being promoted by the Democratic Congress and the Americans are fed up,,,,hell is going to come home to roost and the DC congress should be aware of the danger they are placing people in front of,,,,they spout irrational and insane lies simply to push their agenda of a complete takeover of this country and to commit totally to a socialistic form of big government and a poverty ridden nation,,,well,,wake up scooter, the gates of hell are about to open and you will rue the day you became a democratic politician,,,,run Forest run!!!!!!!

  3. On the riots at the Capitol Building. There is video I have seen that shows police inviting people into the building & showing them around like a tour, then turning on them once they were in. How did they find these different offices? They were led to them. Also another video shows the police leaving the building while all this was still going on. What’s up with that? Too many questions not enough investigative truth or answers. People we need the answers!!

  4. Trump now knows who his enemies are & who stands with him. He is going to release this all very soon & crack down on the traitors. It’s a matter of timing. Keep him & his family in fervent prayer!

  5. I appreciate this forum still existing, and pray that the anit-Trump Machine does not find a way to manipulate, cancel or otherwise edit, block, eradicate or nullify this one [I hope of many] platforms still accessible to the truth, and the honest, truly patriotic, and honest citizens of our blessed Republic.
    Isaiah 5:20-21 says “20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!”
    Those who are abusing power against Trump and Conservatism are digging their graves, whether they realize it or have even the faintest concept of what they are asking for as they are trying to impeach Trump for the second time to satisfy their own personal and political ambitions — there will be a day of reckoning that will amaze and horrify and humble and destroy them when God has his say in all of this
    So with that being said, his is my take on the recent events in DC and what I believe should occur eventually:

    “[on Wednesday Jan 6th, 2021] the Capital Building of our country was under attack by what many believe and assume were a mob of disgruntled Trump supporters gone amok. I would suggest that perhaps it is entirely possible that no one who is an honest, patriotic and sincere Trump supporter had anything to do with that mob of insurrectionists. Many believe that probably members of Antifa, BLM or some other radical individuals infiltrated and assimilated themselves amongst the Trump protesters in order to bring perceptively inaccurate identified responsibility which labeled them all as Trump’s faithful in order to accuse Trump for inciting what occurred. Their broad brush tactic is gleefully being used and exploited by the liberal media to further poison the public perception of wrongdoing by anyone who stands with Trump and believes the election was stolen, fixed, manipulated and controlled by the radical left. And despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they have decided once again to use the flimsiest of associations of his words against him, despite the fact that nothing he said can be taken literally as marching orders to do the illegal entry, mayhem, damage that the radicals were able to accomplish to smear Trump and his intentions, in order to justify their equally illegitimate effort to impeach. I do hope this possibility can be discovered and verified so at least true supporters of Trump can be vindicated.

    They began the assault we witnessed when they saw the opportunity, knowing full well they were misrepresenting Trump and his true supporters’ intentions. It therefore gave the liberal media spin machine one more excuse [ammunition] to point a biased accusing finger at President Trump, enabling them to give further unwarranted justification to the left-wing media and the Biden bunch to discredit any legitimate efforts we may still have had to nullify the illegal, unconstitutional, devious tactics that led to Biden and Harris being credited with way more votes in key states than they legitimately deserved or actually got.

    I was anticipating the main events in the Senate to center around the testimony of Ted Cruz, who was as far as I was concerned was the keynote speaker who was supposed to be spearheading the effort to have multiple evidences of voter fraud revealed, election irregularities, tampering of votes, including voting machine manipulations, and who knows what else we may have intentionally been prevented from hearing about since the November 3rd election. I also wanted to hear from the others who were likewise planning to offer supportive testimony.

    When things got rolling about 2:30 or so, Mitch McConnell spoke for 5 mins, then Chuck Shumer, and they were heard in entirety. Then when Mr Cruz was allowed to speak, the media muted and effectively muzzled him by going to their commentaries while he was speaking rather than allow America to hear what he had to say. As it turned out he was campaigning to have a special investigatory commission to hear all the evidence regarding the election issues before finalizing the electoral college results, but due to the illegal actions of the mob it skewed any hope of taking that effort seriously, and some of the Senators who were intending to raise objections wimped out, even though it was probably destined to not be approved, as it ended up being defeated 6 to 98 when they voted on that proposition.

    Also, no other speakers who were on the side of Ted Cruz were permitted to be heard, up until the time of the disturbances, which postponed the proceedings until after 9PM.

    FINAL POINT –DOGMATIC but valid perspective on the radical media:
    The liberal mainstream media propaganda machine typically and despicably has taken every opportunity to discredit, malign, mis-characterize, distort, oppose and smear Trump and his honest, sincere efforts to get our country on the right track since even before he was elected or sworn in, relentlessly, nearly every waking moment of the last 4-5 years. They have been influential beyond reason instigating, perpetuating, encouraging and orchestrating with devious precision their narrative to nullify any hope of Trump being perceived as being the best choice to lead our country, and are complicit in the effective obstruction of justice which has prevented the election issues to be considered.

    If the evidence that does exist is never allowed to be fully disclosed in a court of law, which could and would very well nullify the illegitimate election victory of Biden and Harris, every court, judge and media cohort who has been unwilling to entertain the evidence, should be legally held accountable for obstruction of justice and removed from their positions at the very least or appropriately charged, convicted and imprisoned.
    The results of the election should still be accurately finalized by excluding ALL illegitimate votes that were counted with the rest, and fully investigating every Dominion voting machine for fraud and irregularities. I hope that somehow with the legal efforts of Jay Seculow, Rudy Julianni and others that we will be able to pursue that after Biden takes office, or we are doomed to have any legitimate elections in the future.

    Unfortunately, the swamp, the Deep State, the political establishment that has its evil clutches firmly around the throat of truth, transparency and freedom of speech will continue to get worse before it gets better, effectively suppressing and muzzling the truth with their propaganda machine at full tilt — fake news on steroids —

    We are now at the mercy of the radical, liberal left, perhaps worse than before Trump took office — God help us

  6. Trump has always been a couple of steps ahead of these guys. Antifa started breaking in while the rally was still going on & he was still speaking. Some believe Trump had some idea something would happen so he started late, went long……too much video of what happened if there’s any kind of trial. There’s the rip, no one has let our side/his side be heard yet….Senate Rules ought to do it, have to have a trial, probably not enough Reps to make that super majority but…….he’s out of office by then. Impeach a private citizen? Dems are swimming against the tide of the majority of voters, acting like everybody hates Trump…..fight now, fight all the way but we should take the House. It’d be appropriate if the U.S.A. were brought up on some kind of abuse against it’s citizens for Censorship. On the new party thing, I’m leary of that, we won more seats & looks like better people in the House, we aren’t far away from getting control. A new party sounds good, like the Bullmoose Party or whatever Ross Perot ran as, Independent maybe. It just queered the later of those elections & handed a win to the first of these radical America haters, Bill Clinton….I did like Perot though but that’s would a move like that would probably do. We’re so close to the majority, I’d say not now, don’t do that now.

  7. When we have a bunch of arrogant Democrat Mayors and Governors that wont allow him to help and instead offer appeasement to these bast–ds and get laughed at by them. Trump, by law cannot act without the approval of state and local government ! Tell me HOW THE HECK IT IS TRUMPS PROBLEM ?

  8. I truly hope that what comes out of this is mainstream GOP either get primaried out or a new party (Tea Party?) forms. I am not for violence. Police got killed. They were doing their job. There should be prosecutions. But 99.9% of those that went were peaceful. Many had left. Now we see the left accelerate their plan to rid the world of Trump and his supporters. These RINO’S won’t do it because they get paid the way dems do. It is time to head off and become a party that rides the world of the McConnell’s, Murkowski, Collins, Romney, Sasse and a host of congressmen. They only want power and to line their pockets.

  9. The scripture refers to ones who backslide as dogs returning to their vomit. That’s what the majority of voters did in the national election and the Ga. State elections the dogs returned the demorat party to power. Democrats are vomit.

  10. I am Behind President Trump 100% as well. However I’m sceptical as to HOW we – PATRIOTS will ever win anything in any election in the future? A future full of DOMINION voting machines, not just in “battleground” states, but throughout the country. My friends, the DS fix is in and they have won the battle of our votes. Still a bit stunned as to how we go forward with the knowledge that in every corner, every democrat & republican turncoat and every bought/ threatened judge will simply DO NOTHING to maintain the DS status quo.

  11. I believe the left and Rhinos are all in fear of Trump and what he represents If the country had investigators that weren’t in fear they would see that the Clintons Obama Pellosi Shumar and a variety of Rhinos are tied in with foreign collusion I also believe Epstein was snuffed out because he was the letter opener to all the corruption This is much larger than we can imagine

  12. It is the human being itself that not to be trusted
    Labels do not matter whether it is Republican, Democrat, Rino, etc.
    The souls of the humanity is what will be judged
    The truth is money is the god, Real God is not in the picture
    That is why the scripture speaks of the gates
    Wide is the gate…narrow is the road to that entrance…
    It is humanity’s choice of what they want in order to survive on this Planet called “EARTH”
    Humanity was destroyed many times in the past with few remaining
    This time we may not make it…?????

    • Oh, we’ll make it- it just won’t be in any way, shape or form of how you as a freedom-loving human being would want
      to live your life.

  13. it is simple. President Trump brought prosperity to more people and the return to law and order after a lawless 8 years . Now we will have the lawless return, and it will be a Godless administration.

    • Most Republicans dont have backbones. They don’t really stand up for principles or ideals. As soon as the Left and the MSM turn up the heat, Republicans back down and compromise their positions. That is why the Republican Party must he replaced.

    • Proverbs 28:10
      Those who lead good people along an evil path will fall into their own trap, but the honest will inherit good things.

  14. All 75 million Trump supporters need to leave their respective parties and join the Tea Party. We need to become a viable party, not as a third party, but as a replacement for the Republican Psrty.

  15. I joined the Tea Party in 2008. I love my president. I will stand with my President. Hopefully we can gather Patriots together and fight (non violent) against the establishment. We need our voices to be heard

  16. when are our “duly elected” republican officials going to grow a backbone and speak out against the Left’s socialistic agenda and stand with Trump aside from Ted Cruz who has been there for president since day one?

    • Sadly Debra Never….majority of them lining their pockets with deals they are making in China. Both Democrats and Republicans. Americans have been sold out for 30 years to China by these greedy thieves and as people watched their businesses burn to the ground by BLM and Antifa they all did nothing. Only when their premises was breached by alleged Trump supporters did they have a shit fit. They make me sick.

    • Most Republicans dont have backbones. They don’t really stand up for principles or ideals. As soon as the Left and the MSM turn up the heat, Republicans back down and compromise their positions. That is why the Republican Party must he replaced.

  17. The swamp are RINOs and conservatives must remember them in 2022, hope the tea part/ MAGA patriotic start looking for authentic conservatives republicans to vote them out in the primaries. There are republicans who fought this president with the soul less demrats every step of the way and we need to stop putting them back in office. They don’t care about working class citizen, they are all about the special interest lobbyists and the financial gain for them. Pray for President. Trump and his family, this president don’t know who to trust in his party, so many back stabbers, Judas who kiss him on the cheek and then betrayed him, haters and liars. It does not matter how hard he works to get a lot of them, the judases still betrays him. Take Kelly for GA, what did she do, all talk and fake she vote against requesting an audit for the electoral college certification. Now these same Rinos joining with the demrats to prepare a second article of impeachment, when President Trump only have 9 more days in Office.

    Pelosi wants Vp Pence to invoke the 25 amendment to remove him from office, the only humane person in the White House. These people full of so much hate for president because they could not buy him, intimidate him and he change the status quo of doing business in Washington swamp.

    You have my support 300 percent President, the very best President to grace the White House in my life. Now the crooks are all lining up to pillage the country again. God help us because they want to silent all conservatives, in their platform and now they are going after alternative social medium platforms that give conservatives and outlet to vent. This is dangerous time for us Trump supporters but we will not stop fighting and this MAGA movement is not going anywhere.

  18. We are supposed to forget Madonna saying she thought about blowing up the white house ,That comedian holding a severed head of the President , leftists attacking a federal building for days on end ,’peacefull demonstrations all Summer all while buildings burned ,looting occurred ! A autonomous zone in Portland lasted over 100 days ,while shootings were happening and Rapes occurring ! But you have one incident in washington DC , now all Republicans are RIOTERS !! Even though they have been condemned by every Republican ,tell me how many were condemned last year !! Democrats refused , saying it was peaceful, while buildings burned, lives ruined ,and people murdered or severely beaten !! There is one set of rules for Democrats ,they need no proof to make accusations ,look at Russia hoax ,4 investigations, no affidavits given ,only un named sources ,and still no proof of anything ! Tell me did Twitter put a warning then that that content was not proven ,like they did on election fraud stories ! When Democrats hold protests, they are called peaceful and their right ,but when Republicans do the same thing, they are called a mob ,violent and anti American ! Look how they reported on DC incident, we were told that Trump supporters attacked the congessional building ,did you hear all Summer that Biden ,or Democrat supporters were rioting, burning, killing in the big cities ? No it was reported that they were mostly peaceful ,exercising their constitutional rights !!

    • Seems like just yesterday when obama weaponized the IRS , DOJ , and Comeys FBI .

      Trump would never stoop this low . He’s to honest .

  19. Yes I am among those who are 100% behind him in the wonderful things he is doing for the American people. It is time for us to pray not be in fear but be filled with faith as we wait and see God’s mighty intervention for the United States!

  20. WE LOVE President Trump, he was the best President we ever had. His is good and honest. Most of the people in DC are crooks they are out for themselves. Just a handful of people in DC care about this country, so sad for the American people. Now we have a crook about to be President, Biden is a loser, in 47 years he did nothing to help this country.

  21. Its not about who is real to you face , its about who is loyal behind your back. Always will be behind your back, you are real 2021 president

  22. Totally a 100p% President Trump supporter.
    Tired of having behind the scene scenes puppeteers holding up the vandalism creating chaos to bring more lies, confusion and deceit.
    We Trump supporters and US Constitutionalists will prevail. Our voices will continue to echo. We should have gone deeper cleaning the swamp and put more controls on the fake media outlets.
    Half of the American people have ben and are being brainwashed by the puppeteers controlled media. It is insane. There is no worse blind person than the one who doesn’t want to see.
    The Left is taking advantage and making changes very fast.
    These are very dangerous times. This sequence of events have all been masterminded. Soros, Obama, the Deep State, Antifa, BLM and Company have set up the scenario and moving the punts.

  23. THINK ABOUT IT, The mainstream Media and the Trump haters were all over the Media CHEST PUMPING and gleeful that the Presidents SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS were shut down, THEY MISSED the entire point of this decision by THESE MEDIA GIANTS,For the first time in our country we the people had direct access to the leader of the free world, and it does not matter whether you supported or hated DONALD TRUMP, You had DIRECT ACCESS to him to express your opinion and when the SOCIAL MEDIA GIANTS blocked his account they also blocked your access and your freedom of opinion, So those of you that are CHEST PUMPING and RAISING YOUR ARMS IN VICTORY about their decision take a few seconds to stop and think, They just silenced your voice as well. Its not BIG TECHS decision to determine what you are allowed to say or whom you have direct access to on your SOCIAL MEDIA, If you are gleeful and happy about the President being silenced, REMEMBER THEY JUST SILENCED YOU AS WELL, Folks its time to THINK about removing some of the 230 protection benefits these SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS NOW ENJOY, They are WAY TOO POWERFUL and Have way too much influence in our country its time for CONGRESS to act.

  24. It’s time for President Trump to declare martial law and have the military arrest all of these communists trying to take over our country! The impossible national debt imposed on the American people has ruined our country. No one can “pay back” more of something that never existed. The debt just keeps being transferred to the younger generation. Money has to be created by work, not thru some banking scheme that requires more deficit spending by the government.

    • Supposedly the laptop computers that were taken out of the Capital Building during the riot are implicating all of the crooks in government. That’s why Pelosi and company want to impeach and demand Trump’s removal from office with less than 10 days to go. The pandemic, and any other government business, isn’t important to the thieves in Congress now. Only removing Trump! Why???

  25. For decades congress has been indifferent to the The People of America. We have been ignored until it was time to court our vote. That process is no longer necessary with the process of getting elected with the votes of the dead , and other venues of illegal votes that justice desires to ignore know and recognize let alone perform their responsibility of providing justice.
    The Truth is President was not part of the pretend crowd. Pretending to serving the people while serving themselves. Few in Congress, very few did not have this low level of character , but again they are very few.

    President Trump is hated by the democrats and the pretend republicans and after Wed. when domestic terrorist, posing as Trump supporters, played the rolls they were paid to play and every good weather republican without roots in mature integrity jumped ship and became part of the phony “servants” of the people.

    President Trump was and is hated to such a degree that those that have hated him have become mental cases of illness that is beyond rational reason.

    President Trump was and is hated by the swamp dwellers because he did the job better than any of them. He was and will continue to be a blessing for the America that the Constitution intended . The same constitution that was violated during this election, and the phony people in the justice department and in congress choose to pretend did not happen. The reality that they have to control our former free speach and censer our words is the evidence of their insecurity and vindictive nature that is classifying them as worthless. Theft, lies and deceit is the democrat’s and the phony republican’s stock and trade. They have stolen this 20 20 election and are getting away with the crime just as they did in California in 2018, a practice session for their voter fraud schemes because they were not confronted and stopped.
    They want a “Peaceful transition” HOW CAN WE PEACEFULLY ACCEPT THE THEFT OF OUR COUNTRY. It is not a transition, it has been robbery and in political worlds a coup, a take over of AMERICA by the evil that has been allowed to reside in America.

  26. I can’t wait until Almighty God answers my prayers of Supernatural Divine Intervention!!! On behalf of President Trump and family! And against the left,Democrats, Pelosi and Schumer!!! And it’s in God’s timing!!! We’re all behind President more now!!! Dems are crazed!

  27. Every one wants to get in on the anti Trump band wagon parade. Now we know who are the clowns, they are the ones in the parade making fools of themselves thinking they are wise.

  28. President Trump has been a blessing for America. The democratic leaders have revealed they are lawless and insane and Americas greatest enemy.

  29. If ANY of you lying, propagandists in msm think for one minute that we, meaning Trump supporters, are going to abandon him,,,, heed this fact. This just augmented our faithfulness to him.


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