Deranged Chuck Schumer Calls On VP Pence And Cabinet To Demand Trump’s Removal

( Exclusive) – The corrupt establishment swamp is really letting America know who’s boss. They aren’t wasting any time moving on President Trump after the Capitol building incident Wednesday which was likely a staged event designed for the very purpose of destroying President Trump even further.

The Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is calling for the “immediate” removal of President Trump claiming that he incited “an insurrection against the United States.”

He went on to say that President Trump “should not hold office one day longer.”

It’s absolutely absurd how driven the establishment is to completely and utterly destroy President Trump. He has already been defeated by the fraudulent election and the objections promised by members of Congress never stood a chance.

That isn’t good enough, however, for the depraved swamp creatures of Washington DC. They want to make an example of President Trump for anyone who might ever dare to stand up against them again.

Schumer called on Vice President Mike Pence and the President’s Cabinet to remove Trump from office by invoking the 25th Amendment. He said if they fail to act immediately “Congress should reconvene to impeach the president.”

CBS News’s Margaret Brennan reported that there are talks within the highest ranks of the Trump administration to actually move forward with invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump but that “This is not about to happen. It is, however, being discussed right now.”

In a completely sensationalized, ridiculous post by The Washington Post, they confirmed talks were ongoing to remove President Trump and went on to say that it was essentially an imminent matter of safety to remove him claiming that there are fears “Trump could take actions resulting in further violence and death if he remains in office even for a few days.”

The Washington Post claims that President Trump spent Wednesday night “raging” about the growing list of people who he believes have “betrayed” him.

While there is most certainly a growing list of people who have betrayed President Trump, and the American people, he is likely not “raging” about it. He probably saw it coming just like the rest of us should have.

The DC swamp creatures could never be trusted and we doubt President Trump had any disillusions about that.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf has implied that President Trump incited the violence that took place Wednesday but that is absolutely untrue.

It’s also really ironic that all of these officials are so outraged by President Trump supposedly inciting the violent riot at the Capitol building, which he didn’t do, but for the whole of 2020 and even the last four years, no one has even so much as batted an eye when Democrats have excused and even celebrated violence.

They are all such hypocrites.

President Trump had nothing to do with what happened at the Capitol on Wednesday and those of us outside of the swamp and not brainwashed by the mainstream media know it.

What is happening to President Trump now is absolutely sick.

Copyright 2020.

Prayer for President Trump


  1. Impeach Trump?! Biden is a DEMONSTRABLE crook, child and woman groping pervert, liar, plagiarist, and racist ( remember ” racial jungle” anyone? ) .
    Impeach Trump?! Schumer and Pelosi need to be committed into a leftist loony bin !

  2. Schmuck is a typical WILLFULLY IGNORANT LIBERAL and Democrap. That WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER that overflows their otherwise empty skulls allows for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to grow especially TRUTH and working ideas. He like Nutsy spew IGNORANT S**T every instant their Pie holes open. He lead the Senate part of Congress in their UNCONSTITUTIONAL act of trying to conduct business in SECRET. The Capital Building belongs to all Americans and is to be open any time corgis is doing Business l would say fod the American people but for at least the last 60 years all they have been doing is pad their wallets. They can’t even do single task they are required to do under the CONSTITUTION. Instead of doing their job and passing the 13 budgets to fund America they waste their time passing DO NOTHING IGNORANCE then pass a OMNIBUS spending bill. To HIDE their THEFT of the Election they VIOLATED their oath of office to count the FARCE of Electoral votes. All the Democraps and the COWARDS both in CONGRESS and the Supreme Court who did NOTHING to stop the THEFT of the Election all should be booted from their jobs and banned for life from any and all public offices elected or appointed.

    • Conduct what in secret? Congress is always on CSPAN and last 8 days it has been on about 40 channels every time it is in session. Mitch McConnel wanted the Omnibus Spending Bill, not Schumer; and as the Majority leader he got what he wanted. As for corgis doing their business in the Capitol, they should be taken outside to shit and piss, not do it inside. Personally they are stupid looking and you should get a real dog; but whatever.

  3. Just shows what an idiot Schumer really is. And people vote for him? Wonder how much he has stashed in overseas bank accounts?

  4. The one thing that amazes me the most is that suddenly all alternative media outlets recognize that the left is deranged. Ive got news for you, theyve been deranged for quite a long time and the right in Congress are a great bunch of actors. They protect their agendas and goals and have for a long long time. Every once in a while they throw us a bone to help keep the play going. But they have not changed in many years. Some of them are just better actors then others. If they were for real…they would not still be in the swamp. And the whole place has become rotten to the core .

  5. The Democrats are in a hurry, because they know that they are about to be swept up in mass arrests of insurrectionists by U.S. Special Forces. They are in a full-blown panic, and for good reason.

  6. Why can’t they all be Arkansased? Tell the witch that they plan to stab her in the back and testify against her. Problem solved.

  7. Pretend. . . That is what Barr and the others that have betrayed their own country do. Barr pretended to be a upright judge, but did anything to curb the corruption come out of his office. These people are great pretenders. Their oath of office, the constitution and the law are props for them to hid the evil they intend to do. No Durham report no prosecutions for the treason committed. They just kept stalling and enabled the corruption to continue to take hold. They have permanently soiled their name and thrown away any credibility they pretended to have.

    They will rewrite history making the lie palatable, But Trump won the 2020 election that is clear and the democrats have revealed their treason for all of us to see. God knows!

  8. Its a shame barr proved he is one of the deep state. he had the opportunity to clean house on the corruption and chose to look away. one person pleaded guilty out of the cast of characters who tired to commit a coup against a duley elected President. there is speacial place in hell for all these lowlifes.

  9. It is amazing to watch the democratic leaders such as Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Shifler and so many others who remind me of vultures. Their behavior and character are kin to the vultures flying circles over the farm, some in small groups others in tight crowded circles. Democrats are scavengers, meaning they eat those they perceive as easy victories , other wise they just circle looking but do little it any other benefit. We know when there is trouble because the vultures come out of their hiding and begin to circle. But the political vultures attack to kill and wound those who threaten their power and influence. The wake republicans only reveal themselves when they think they can advance phony image. Groups of perched vultures/republicans and democrats are called a wake. Imagine them mourning over something with their heads hung down, picking at their opposition only when they think they can get some flesh to advance themselves. They serve no one except themselves.

  10. Talk about somebody who shouldn’t be in office …Chuckie will have his corrupt hands busy dealing with AOC when she runs against his lying a$$ .

  11. Deranged …. ? Yes, and one of the biggest stooges around. A punk whose time is almost over mouthing lies and subversive talk.

  12. I like to believe he is merely deranged. However I think this is all extreme cunning and a lust for more and more power.

  13. if they do this it WILL BE ALOT OF DEAD IN THE STREETS and some my be politicians, America is not a 3rd World country with DICKtator rule like you waste of space low life septic tank sludge want


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