Joy Reid Uses Rush Limbaugh’s Death To Hurl Twisted Racial Smear At His Long-Time Friend And Producer

( Exclusive) – Lots of liberals have been having a gleeful time this week assaulting the legacy and reputation of conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh who died earlier this week due to lung cancer at the age of 70. However, as we all know, liberals are a disgusting lot that aren’t content with just being disgusting to a person they despise, but must also spread the festering hatred to others who are connected to that individual.

A report from BizPacReview says that deplorable left-wing media figure Joy Reid decided to use the passing of Limbaugh to launch an assault, complete with a vile racial slur, at the radio host’s long time friend and producer Bo Snerdley.

The New York Times so hates Limbaugh and anyone associated with them that they apparently didn’t know that Snerdly was an actual person.

“Unlike Howard Stern, Don Imus and other big names in shock radio, Mr. Limbaugh had no on-the-air sidekicks, though he had conversations with the unheard voice of someone he called ‘Bo Snerdly,’” the liberal rag wrote.

This didn’t sit well with many of Limbaugh’s fans.

During a rant on Wednesday, Joy Reid stated that the reason the general public in America hated Obamacare was due to racial hatred that was all due to Limbaugh’s rhetoric, which she also claimed was allowed because he used his friend Golden, or Snerdly, as a “cover.”

“He called the Affordable Care Act ‘secret reparations’ and racialized something that had no racial undertones to it other than it definitely lifted people of color on average more because black and brown people had less healthcare. But he racialized it. He got white Americans to hate the Affordable Care Act,” she said.

Yeah, there’s no way it had anything to do with the fact that under Obamacare many middle-class Americans had to drop their insurance because of the absurdly high premiums they had to pay. Or because they were promised they could keep their doctor and that proved false. No, Americans disliked Obamacare because of Limbaugh.

Insert eye roll here.

“He called President Obama ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ and used his black sidekick as a cover to be able to do like that kind of outright racist stuff. If any person other than Donald Trump would have been president, it would have been him, because he basically was president for the last four years,” Reid continued.

“On March 19th, 2007, writer David Ehrenstein penned a column for the Los Angeles Times in which he used the archetype of the so-called magic negro to describe the then-Democrat presidential candidate,” BPR reports.

“While speaking about Ehrenstein’s column later that afternoon, Limbaugh sang the words “Barack the Magic Negro” to the beat of “Puff the Magic Dragon.” Shortly thereafter, a conservative satirist recorded an official “Barack the Magic Negro” song that Limbaugh then repeatedly played throughout the 2008 election,” the report added.

As you might imagine, this caused a fair bit of controversy and launched more than a few accusations of racism at Limbaugh, though Golden himself would have stated that the whole thing was just part of his non-PC sense of humor.

“The comedy is what his many enemies and half his own side missed: Rush took politics seriously but not solemnly,” Rush’s friend Mark Steyn wrote in a tribute to the radio legend published Wednesday evening.

“In the early years of the war on terror, he introduced an Afghan version of himself ‘with talent on loan from Allah’ and sold Club Gitmo merchandise for those seeking a tropical retreat from jihad,” he went on.

“When Brokeback Mountain was in the news, the show ran trailers for Return to Saddle-Sore Canyon: ‘It’s John McCain and Lindsey Graham as you’ve always wanted to see them!’” He said.

Then again, we all know the left has zero sense of humor, so yeah, shouldn’t be surprised that these folks lashed out at Limbaugh. They are the most unfunny lot in existence.

Sadly, no one on the left will hold Reid accountable for her racial slur toward Golden. You know, because double-standards and stuff.

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  1. Joy Reid-true racism. Most major American cities since the days shortly after MLK have been run by black or white dems predominantly supported by the black communities. People responsible for making equality, making the black communities, stronger, safer, prosperous, EQUAL. Millions of dollars have been dumped into the black communities and the only return is rich black and white dem community “leaders”. For the cost-benefit, we have complete chaos in the black communities and always want to blame those that are not responsible. White males graduate high school at almost twice the rate of black males. In almost all crime categories crime is committed equally among black and white. Welfare population for black and white is almost equal at about 35%. Whites shot by law enforcement is about 1.9% greater than black. Police brutality, when blacks commit crime at almost 4 times the rate of whites? How is this even possible when whites and blacks go to the same schools? How is this even possible when the black population is about 13% and white population approximately 62%? How is this even possible when blacks and white dems are in charge and running inner cities? Why do blacks get so many government benefits (free college-if they graduate, government fee waivers for government programs, reduced interest rates and credit score waiver for government loans, etc), how is it that whites don’t get these benefits? Equality, Racism…right. Wonder why there are more blacks incarcerated than whites? 73% of black babies born out of wedlock, 67% of black children growing up in single parent homes. Joy Reid is right!!! Lets give them another hand out, hell lets give them reparations, This will fix everything. It’s all the fault of the white man, It’s all the fault of Pres Trump. Income inequality… whites will always make more money because we have to work twice as hard to support the black inner-cities. In turn for the reparations and another hand-out we should all be able to claim the blacks as a tax deduction.

  2. Dummies … CNN dummies are political hacks, liars, and pure stench. This Reid is not the ‘icing’, but she does resemble a pile of dung.

  3. Is it me or does this azzclown look like that old KKK poster of COCO the clown…….hey crazy do you ever look at yourself in the mirror before you leave your house, DAMN!!! The white man doesn’t care if you make fun of other blacks, you just look like a racist and bigot.

  4. Why is her name joy she is the most racial woman I’ve ever seen her and al sharpton would make a good couple notice how they turn everything around so they look good (they think)

  5. HEY JOY, Want to see a true RACIST what one really looks like? Take a long look in a mirror, You will see one starring you directly in your face.

  6. Typical. Those who see racism everywhere should look in the mirror. A little research by these morons might make them realize the absolute stupidity of their “beliefs” , but probably not


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