Dennis Rodman Asks Trump To Be Special Envoy To North Korea

December 11, 2017 9:45 am  

(Political Insider) – No American has a better relationship with North Korea than Dennis Rodman, the basketball star turned accidental diplomat. The man has traveled to North Korea on numerous occasion, being granted rare access to the authoritarian communist state’s leadership, and even held Kim Jong Un’s daugher in his arms on one occasion.

While no fan of Rocket Man, President Trump has previously praised Rodman’s efforts to engage North Korea. It’s unknown whether or not Rodman has ever carried any messages on behalf of Trump, but the former Celebrity Apprentice candidate would like the opportunity. He heard the words “you’re fired” while on the show, but hopes to hear the words “you’re hired” when it comes to serving as a diplomat.

According to the Washington Examiner,

Rodman wants President Trump to give him a diplomatic assignment to North Korea, and promised he could make progress with dictator Kim Jong Un if given a chance.

“I’ve been trying to tell Donald since day one: ‘Come talk to me, man,’” Rodman told The Guardian. “I’ll tell you what the Marshal [Rodman’s nickname for Jong Un] wants more than anything … It’s not even that much.’”

“If I can go back over there … you’ll see me talking to him, and sitting down and having dinner, a glass of wine, laughing and doing my thing,” he added. “I guess things will settle down a bit and everybody can rest at ease.

Rodman says he wants to organize a basketball game between a Guam team and a North Korea team to ease tensions with the rogue country.

It’ll be interesting to see what this “secret message” Rodman has from Kim Jong Un for Trump is. It certainly would be unexpected if it were a reasonable comment or request, given the insanity of the North Korean regime.

When Rodman visited North Korea back in 2014, he was accompanied by journalists to tour the “hermit kingdom.” You can see a rare peak into the off-the-grid nation below:

Do you think Trump should appoint Rodman as a special envoy to North Korea? Tell us your thoughts below!

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