Here Is The Democrats’ Pathetic Plan To “Take Down” Trump For The Next Two Years…

November 9, 2018 6:19 pm  

( – As promised, the Democrats have wasted no time after winning back the house on plotting how they can take down POTUS Trump.

And again, as promised, they’ve set their sights on the President’s tax returns.

They certainly haven’t given up on the Mueller investigation, but they definitely needed another drum to beat for the next two years instead of actually, you know, getting anything done in Congress.

As the Washington Examiner reports, they’ve already gotten the ball rolling, too.

“Rep. Richard Neal of Massachusetts, the top Democrat in the Ways and Means Committee who is poised now to become chairman, has said that he intends to formally request the president’s tax returns,” the Examiner explains.

According to the Examiner, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said he will be reviewing requests of this nature through the department’s general legal counsel.

The Examiner also reported in October that the law allows chairmen of tax committees in the House and Senate to make requests for the tax records of individual taxpayers, but that there are limits on the public release of these records. This, the Examiner explains, is to protect “taxpayer privacy – even the president’s.”

Someone should probably tell the Democrats, as their whole intention is surely to make the President’s records public.

The President has consistently refused to release his tax returns, and directly addressed the question during his news conference Wednesday.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked him if he would bloc the Democrats’ effort to obtain his returns, to which the president responded with a reiteration that he would not be releasing the records as long as he remains under audit by the IRS.

“They’re under audit. They have been for a long time,” Trump explained. “If I were finished with the audit, I would have an open mind to it. When that happens, if that happens, I would certainly have an open mind to it.”

There’s a good chance the Democrats may be seriously overestimating the concern of the general public over the contents of POTUS’ tax returns.

It’s been said before and it will certainly be said again–if we can’t get a solid birth certificate for Obama, why do we need Trump’s tax records?

It might be worthwhile to think about the use our tax dollars are being put to in this ridiculous witch hunt.

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